Out With the Old...

In with the new!  I've been replacing a lot the past year seems like because a lot of things are definitely due for a replacement.  My former living room rug doesn't look too bad in photos but in person it was wore down to nothing almost and really impossible to clean because there was no height to it.  I bought the rug when we moved here 5 years ago for $28 at Walmart, so I think I got my money's worth out of it!  To replace it, I wanted something that was black and white and modern looking and better quality and thankfully found a very nice Safavieh Dallas shag rug that is so soft and vacuums well for $74.

I also have this Safavieh Dallas shag rug in my bedroom in a different color. I don't think I shared that with you all on this blog yet.  I got a rug finally for my bedroom earlier this year for my birthday and I absolutely love it still!  It looks better now than this photo when we first unrolled it.  It vacuums and fluffs so nicely.

If you do get one of these Safavieh shag rugs,  you will want to air it out maybe for a day or so in the garage to get rid of the strong chemical smell that first comes off it when you first open it.  Then, roll it out and then roll it the opposite way and turn it over and lay it down, scoot walk across it with your feet and fluff with your fingers throughout to lift the shag.  Then vacuum it.  That way the ends aren't curled up and you un-matt the shag.  It will take a few days to lie completely flat sometimes it says.  The one in my bedroom laid flat immediately but my new one in the living room has a lot of ripples, I'm hoping will eventually lay down.  The bedroom one is a rough feel but the living room one is very soft - but they are the same rug, so can't promise you will get a soft one.  I don't mind the rougher one because it is so beautiful to see everyday, and I'm seemingly the only one that thinks it is rougher than should be.