What's Been Happening & Cooking

We got our first dog ever as a family, a beautiful Alaskan Husky, the only dog I've ever liked, but it didn't last long:

I got burning eyes from the first time she came in the room and it never stopped. Then, I went on to have burning lungs and my eyes felt like they were doused in jalapeno juice pretty much all the time. We realized I was allergic as I started even having trouble breathing the next day. We had to take her back and I cried for 3 days, no joke!  This was the perfect dog and I wanted to try and be a dog person but guess I'm not LOL! Oh well, there went my hiking buddy.

If you haven't noticed yet, I did a blog redesign and I like this one a lot!

I also redesigned my podcast button:

I made some Falafel burgers that we all love:

Tried making some vegetable egg frittatas in the Instant Pot, I was the only one who liked them:

Made some more of my personal favorite, Pasta Fagioli with baguette bread:

Also in the soup department, I made some pinto stew with cornbread dumplings:

I went to make the tuna curry casserole I've blogged about before, but I didn't realize I didn't have enough tuna.  So, I ended up using canned chicken and it actually tastes way better with chicken!

I tried a new recipe, chicken paprikash, from my IP Bible books and it was sooo good!

And lastly, I've been making egg bites to have on hand as an excellent quick snack.  You only need eggs and cream and salt - they are so easy and so delicious!