Real Misinformation

God loves to confound the wise of this world as we are now seeing.  Those that cried 'stop the misinformation' are now being exposed as the very ones that peddled the real misinformation.  The SCIENCE is now showing what a farce the vaccines truly were, as study after study keeps pouring out across the globe just how ineffective they are.  Following the science has been a roller coaster of a ride that the public should have never had to be on.  Science has debunked science time and time again.  The only truth that is steady and never changing is the Word of God and yet the world won't relish in its pages!

People's lives have literally been lost according to the facts in the VAERS system shows, people have been disabled and maimed and healthy, young people are dropping dead leaving doctors and experts in bewilderment. 

The vaccine pushers have been exposed and I think it is something that we should all take note of just who they are; or rather WERE.  Those around me that thought I should be locked up in a concentration camp for being unvaccinated, are now screaming that the vaccine doesn't work as they and others are hospitalized for COVID despite their savior - the thrice vaccine - has failed them.  If you fell to this, pray God protects your body from the effects of this toxin.

This is what happens when you rush to take something that hasn't been tested for years and when the makers won't release the adverse reaction data.  You can clearly see they are hiding something and now that the court has ordered the release of these documents, that is fact - they were definitely hiding a whole lot!  Fear drove the masses.  Fear caused people to turn against others.

Sure, we have a very small chance of dying from COVID and we could die but Christians aren't in bondage to the fear of death!  The world is in bondage to the fear of death:

Heb 2:15  And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage

Those around you that persecute you over a vaccine, tell them to get BORN AGAIN and then they won't be in bondage to the fear of death any longer!  That's what this world really needs, still...

The media loves to jump on the next unvaccinated person dying of COVID but they ignore the ones that die of COVID being thrice-vaccinated!  They lie.  They propagate a lie to scare those who can't see through the deception.  If you have the Holy Spirit, you could definitely discern this but these lies were so obvious that even a sinner without God could surely see through it all.

The real misinformation was a campaign of lies to incite fear in the public - for what?  It's all about the money and always has been, for God said that the very ROOT of ALL evil is what?  The love of money!  (1Tim. 6:10)  The ones that got wealthy off of a pandemic that only killed 0.2% are mainly the health leaders, the politicians, drug companies and hospitals.

People lost their jobs over these lies!  More almost lost their jobs over this from a President who is trying to go against the Constitution and force a workaround to control us, but thank God for a just Supreme Court; at least somewhat.  

America shines as a beacon of freedom to the oppressive countries and dictators around the world that relish in their power and pride and use witchcraft to control people.  May God deliver them all from the hands of evil men and give everyone a breath of true freedom to live as you wish.