Celebrating 15 Years of Christian Homekeeping!

In 2007, I felt led to start a blog for women.  Even I, had a lack of older women that wanted to mentor me and teach good things.  Most were teaching anti-children rhetoric and definitely not displaying what it meant to love your husband and or even how to properly be a keeper at home.  There I was, 27 years old, definitely not what the world considers an "aged woman" but I was reminded how in the time Paul wrote Titus 2, that women didn't live as long as they did today and "aged" very well could have been what we would consider very young today.  However, it couldn't mean just because a woman is old in number, because that doesn't account for spiritual age or maturity.  How could a 60 year old woman who just became a Christian, be qualified to teach the younger, when she herself has no instruction?  She needs to be taught by "aged" or older women in the Lord, hence those spiritually mature; and they very well may be way younger than her in physical age.  I also didn't consider myself to be at the height of spiritual maturity but I did know how to love my child(ren), my husband and keep the home and it was obviously needed for others to have this mentor.  And I felt that's what I was called to do and looking back, I definitely see that affirmed.

The world isn't so kind to the woman that adheres to the New Testament covenant, and quite frankly, the Church-world isn't either!  We live in an age of Biblical error, or in modern terms, Biblical misinformation.  I hate error.  I grew up in Biblical error and came out of it and then to see it happen slowly in the churches I was in over the years, disturbed me incredibly.  When it comes to what God has set forth in His Word pertaining to women and our life and behavior, it is even more disturbing to see how it is greatly disdained today.  It isn't popular in the blog world to stand by the Word of God.  You will be called a Pharisee for simply obeying God's Word, by women who do the exact opposite of what God directed.

I grew through this blog.  I suffered from this blog.  I was criticized by those around me from this blog.  I stopped a few times.  I cowered and whimpered in the corner a few times.  All in all, it worked in me, a better me.

God used this blog to set people free.  God used this blog to fight against the anti-children rhetoric.  God used this blog to help people I knew have children.  God used this blog to help Christian women see error.  I can't deny God used this blog.  Even if no one ever told me these things, I still knew I was following the Spirit's leading.

So, I celebrate the 15 years of this blog and all the glory be to God with what He has done with it, will do with it and how He will grow us ALL!  May the women of the world learn to recognize Biblical error, and start following God's true way for women - the only one that will bring you true satisfaction.  Thank you to those readers that have stuck with me from the beginning, those that just joined and all those in between.  My hope is always to inspire, encourage and challenge your thinking and to direct you to God's true Word and away from the error that is so prevalent today.