Blooms, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Food and Funnies

Spring has sprung!  Our Bradford Pear tree is in full bloom almost and the daffodils of course had already been but they're starting to say their goodbyes.

And of course you know we've been hiking!  We took a mini-vacation down south and did some hiking and horseback riding and yes, even I braved getting on a horse. 

Here are some things I've been cooking lately and I added the link to the recipe - Southwest Chicken Potato Bake (yes, it is as good as it sounds! Recipe is below); Granola; Baked falafel and I had it broken up on a bed of spring mix salad with yogurt/hummus sauce and balsamic vinegar and then lastly, the granola after it was baked on top of my soy yogurt.

I don't know the author of this recipe and I can't find it anywhere online because I had downloaded it many years ago:

This is the state of the world and the church today:

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Lastly, here are some funnies and some sad truths today:

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Image credit unknown