My Bread Recipe with Hard White Wheat Berries

I've shared my white bread recipe on my blog before that is very simple and easy.  Recently, I purchased a NutriMill to grind wheat berries and make my own freshly-milled wheat flour.  I was wondering how would it work in my recipe using hard white wheat as opposed to store-bought white flour.  WOW!  I'm hooked because not only did it work great with my recipe, it was way better than even my white bread!  However, it did take more flour for some reason until it licked the sides of the bowl in my Bosch mixer, so I think I used about 7 cups of the freshly-milled flour (4 1/4 cups wheat berries), whereas I normally just need 6 cups of the store-bought white flour.  I'm thinking that's because the store-bought is more compressed and my freshly-milled flour was just milled and fluffy and I sifted it some too with a whisk beforehand.  It also rose way faster than my bread usually takes, and I had to cook it quickly before it got enormous.  I'm guessing that's because of the freshness of the just-milled flour because my yeast wasn't that fresh.

Bread-making is easy and I think a lot of people make is so hard!  You only need one rising when you use a Bosch mixer, yet you will find people on YT using 2 risings and doing all these things that are simply not needed and complicate the process.  Grinding your own flour is better for you and there's no oxidation of your flour and loss of nutrition like with store-bought flour.  I recommend grinding your berries right before making your bread for the best possible nutrition and the NutriMill makes that super simple.

Also, with the signs of the times right now, will you be able to even find and purchase flour in the future?  And if so, at what cost will you be paying?  Wheat berries store 20-30 years if you keep them in your humidity-controlled home in a sealed, gamma-tight bucket!  Flour on the other hand, is constantly oxidizing and going bad and can not store for long.  I think we have neared the times where you will not regret spending money on these things now to save money in the future and besides, it's healthier for you and your family!