What's Been Cooking

Not a lot of recipes to share this week because we were on a trip, but I do have a few things.  I made Sesame Honey Chicken over rice and it was a keeper for sure!

Then I made Pasta with White Beans, Cauliflower and Kale and it was good but with some issues.  One, the beans hardened in the oven so much we had to pick them out and throw them out!  Thankfully, I had more freshly-cooked white beans on hand to just mix in with the pasta.  Next, the kale needed more cooking than the recipe calls for.

I tried out a spice cake recipe and it was ok but not a keeper for us, except for my son, he raved about it and ate most of it lol.  It was just too much for me in the spice department I guess or maybe the molasses??

I tried a new recipe for banana bread, this one added in chocolate chips and it is MY FAVORITE now!