Coming Up: Cutting Our Grocery Budget in HALF!

I'm doing something that I don't think is impossible but is going to be hard, I'm cutting our grocery budget in half for the month of April.  We have been spending upwards of $800 a month lately with inflation.  It gradually crept up until one day I realized how high it had gotten.  We have never spent that much on food in a month that I can think of until the past few months.  I wanted to see if I could in fact, cut it in half.  I've been brainstorming and my daughter and I are working on all the details tonight and I hope to have my plan completed by tomorrow.

I hope to gather a lot of recipes together we're going to be using and share them with you all, along with what we will be eating for breakfast, lunch and snacks.  I'm going to use the money I save for April, to stock up for May because we have a huge change coming in our lives come May and I want to ease any stress by stockpiling ahead of time.  What better way than to use April to get ready for a smaller food budget and get a month ahead possibly as well for May.

I really hope I'm not aiming too low but from what I have seen others online accomplish with families even larger than mine - I'm up for the challenge!