Summer Recipe Reviews #2

I tried out making whole wheat biscuits, which I don't think I've ever made and they were absolutely delicious!  They were fluffy, soft and to perfection in my opinion. We had them with gravy and turkey sausage.  I used whole wheat pastry flour for this recipe that I ground to flour in my Nutrimill using soft white wheat berries.

This Turkey Meatloaf is probably THE BEST I've ever had of any kind of meatloaf!  We all loved it and the leftovers got eaten quickly the day or so after.  We had it with mashed potatoes and a side of broccoli.

Next is Chicken Spinach Pasta and I found this in an old cookbook I got at a library book sale.  I tweaked the recipe by a lot to make it something that would feed all of us and it turned out to be very good.  I used 12 oz whole grain rotini pasta, a bag of frozen spinach, 6 garlic cloves, ginger instead of nutmeg and a pound of chicken breast.  I simply cooked the pasta and in another pan I sautéed a tablespoon of olive oil, the garlic and bite-sized chicken pieces, then later added in the microwaved-spinach and broth.

Lastly, is an old recipe I had on my computer, Rice Bean and Veggie Casserole, and it was delicious and packed with loads of veggies!