Saturday, March 31, 2012

March-June Freezer Cooking Day 2 Video

Day 2 was cut short due to extreme fatigue from being pregnant, but I did manage to get a short video in of what I did accomplish earlier in the day.  I still have 3 more meals to freezer cook and will try to get those done as I can the next few days, they are pretty easy meals so I should be able to muster up the energy!

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Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm Pregnant!

I was keeping this quiet and only telling a few family and friends but my mom made a good point today - why keep it secret when you could tell people and have them all praying for you and the baby?  Mom is right, why keep things secret and worry over miscarriage, when I can just have my friends and family praying for me that I won't miscarry?  So........I'm pregnant and please pray for me and the baby (or babies).

I may actually be almost 9 weeks already or carrying multiples, but I won't know for sure till I have an ultrasound.  So for now, we are going by me being in my 5th week.  I'm already showing and even my friends noticed my belly - it popped this past week and I didn't have this happen with my first child, so this is new to me.  I've also been growing in other places and it is all so fast.  Though I've not gained any weight and don't have much of an appetite.  I'm extremely fatigued and my house is a MESS - no is proof:

You all may remember this was my freezer cooking week, Tuesday midday - I was so fatigued I couldn't finish and since then I've been laying down dead-dog tired and the dishes have sat there waiting for a washer to come along lol!  I drank a chai tea today to give me energy to get the house back in order, but it is high time I teach my daughter to do some dishes!!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March-June Freezer Cooking Meal List

You can see my planning video for this here:

Freezer Meals for March 24-June 22

91 meals total

Tuesdays = Spaghetti
Fridays = Pizza

Sat/Sun = Lasagna or Chicken Divan

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday - 45 meals:
Israeli Dish x 5
Southwest Mac n' Cheese x 5
Chili x 4
Curried Coconut Chicken x 2
Meatball Subs x 2
Hamburgers x 4
Fettucini Alfredo x 5
Salmon Patties x 4
Beans n' Rice x 4
Tuna Casserole x 4
Garbanzo Bean & Veggie Burgers x 3
Biscuits & Gravy
Bacon/Egg/Cheese Sandwiches

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March-June Freezer Cooking Day 1 Video

We did the spaghetti/pizza sauces on Friday and then assembled the lasagnas, but the rest is from today (Monday).  I made a LOT of spaghetti sauce, I wanted extra for next month's lasagna so I don't have to make it then.  I also made extra pizza sauce since I needed to use up as much tomato paste as I could from the 112oz can.  It all stored nicely in the freezer above the fridge with space for more items.  Then, I made 4 batches of hummus and froze one to see how it does in the freezer.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oatmeal in a Rice Cooker

Who knew you could make oatmeal in a rice cooker?  I sure didn't until yesterday as I was looking at some recipes.  I normally cook our oatmeal on the stove and have to stay nearby while it boils and then stir the oatmeal.  The thought of being able to put it in a rice cooker and click the button and walk away and come back and it is done without me babysitting it, was amazing!  I did it today and it worked and we loved it as it tasted better than the stove-top version.  It was less than 20 minutes to make this, and I think it is 20 minutes if you double it for 4 servings.

Since it was just my daughter and I, I didn't use the original recipe that serves 4, instead I cut it in half:

Serves 2

1 cup oats
2 cups water
1T butter
2T brown sugar
1/2t vanilla extract

Place oats and water in rice cooker and cook.  When finished, add in sugar, butter and vanilla extract or any other additions you prefer.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Homeschool Domination

The image was taking too long to load and hogging a lot of my blog space, so I took it off and you can view it here at the original source:

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The Future of Childhood Education

There are so many innovations coming up and I had to share one that I love with you today.  It is called Khan Academy.  I included a video below of the story of how it started and why it is working.  We have used this and our daughter will for years to come in homeschooling.

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Closet Clean-out Video

I finally got around to uploading the video for my spare closet clean-out and I updated the post with the video:

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Freezer Cooking Meal Planning Video

I really tried to video the whole process but life threw me a curve and I didn't get to video everything.  I did however do short clips as I went along doing my starter planning and came up with about 25 minutes of video.  If you have any questions, let me know.  I start my freezer cooking this coming week and will see if time permits for me to do video clips of the prep work and actual process.

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Prayer for my Grandpa

*Update: He is home!  He has a long road ahead, but he made it through this time!  Thanks for the prayers! 

Please pray for my grandpa, he had a brain hemorrhage and luckily it clotted and kept him from dying but his blood pressure is very high right now.  He had fallen on Tuesday outside and passed out, a lady driving by saw him and pulled in and got him to a chair.  He couldn't remember anything but he didn't want to go to the doctor.  Today (Friday), he had problems in his head and he finally said he had to go to the ER.  That is when they found that he had busted a blood vessel in his brain from his fall on Tuesday but it had clotted or else he would have already been dead.

That is all I know right now, my mom is not taking it very well (it is her dad) and they haven't even told my grandma what is going on.  This just isn't a good time in our life for me to deal with this and if he does die now, it almost seems as though it is too much to handle.  However, I know God said He won't ever put too much on us that we can bear it, so I know God is with me no matter what is ahead.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If Not For That 13-Year Old Mattress.........

This past Friday, I woke up once again with neck pain.  I've been suffering with it for a few months now from our mattress that is 13 years old.  The mattress goes down in the middle and then when my husband is laying down, I can't help but roll into him.  I feel like I'm rolling downhill every night and it takes me a long time to fall asleep because I'm so uncomfortable and by morning, I wake up in pain and my neck hurts all day, though it gets better as the day goes on, it returns in the morning.

Katie wanted to call my husband at work and she had it on speaker in the kitchen, while I was laying in bed in pain.  He put his co-worker on the phone to talk to Katie and the man asked her "What did you eat for breakfast this morning?" Katie said "I haven't eaten anything yet because my mom is still in bed."  My heart sank and thoughts ran through my head of what this man must think of this homekeeping, homeschooling mother that is still in bed and whose child hasn't ate breakfast yet.  Then the thought of why I was in bed rose up - the 13-year old mattress that causes me pain!  Then, I got mad at my husband for 1.  Making me sleep on a 13-yr old mattress and 2. Having his co-worker talk to Katie and then me receive this embarrassment.  So what did I do?  Well, not what I would have typically done - I had held my peace about this mattress for way too long and today, my husband was going to hear it from me LOL!

So I called him back letting him know why I was still in bed (neck pain) and whose fault it was (his for making me sleep on a 13-yr old mattress) and told him he had to tell his co-worker WHY his wife was laying in bed with an unfed child!  I also told him that I had had enough, I was going to take money out of savings and buy a new mattress myself.  Needless to say, we both quickly ended the conversation.

Then came the conviction and guilt for what I had done, I probably felt it while I was letting my husband have it but I pushed it aside in my "I'm going to tell him a thing or two" pride.  I knew I was wrong and even though my actions may have had justifiable reasons, they were not what a Godly wife would say or do.  I felt so bad and called my husband to apologize.  He didn't think I needed to apologize but I knew I did!  My husband said he had told the co-worker the situation about our mattress and my neck pain.  Shortly after, the co-worker came to my husband and said "I want to give you all a King-size bed and mattress set."  He was decided on it and wanted us to have it, it was barely a year old bed-frame with mattress set that his grandmother had but she passed away recently and he gets the bed.

I had been praying for a King-size bed for a few years now but my husband had said "the only way we can get that, is if God does it Bev, so just get that out of your mind."  I cried because I was not WORTHY of this!  I didn't deserve this after how I acted and I was overwhelmed by God's blessing to us despite my contentious spirit to my husband.  I'm thankful for God answering my prayer and I learned a valuable lesson with this situation - no, it isn't make sure to tell your husband off LOL - it is to always make it right!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Husband = My Best Friend

Lately, we have been going through some things - not between my husband and I, but outside trials that have tested our resolve in God.  It has been very trying for me and made me really have to reach places in my heart to really trust God fully as we are faced with this test.  Yesterday, I was struck with fear of possible choices that may come up in the future and I was feeling unsteady, unsure of what it is that God wants us to do.  Hubby came home and walked in the door with 18 yellow roses - something that since we met has meant a symbol of our deep friendship.  He also got our daughter a glass swan with a single rose and then gave me a card that just said it all!

Since we met, my husband has been, not only my lover, but my best friend.  There has been a bond from the beginning and one that has grown deeper, stronger and holds steadfast through every storm.  It is always nice to have a gentle reminder such as this from him, to bring to remembrance these facts and give me strength to go forward together in God.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bev's Homemade Salsa - Video

Hubby loves my salsa, although I don't think it is "slap-your-momma" good but he does lol.  I was making some tonight and decided to do a video and hubby decided to do a taste-test and make an appearance.  Enjoy!

The recipe is here, although I do make it differently now as in the video.  You can freeze this salsa but lately we prefer it fresh.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Day in the Life of A Homeschool Family

Found this while browsing youtube and though it was awesome:

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hair Update - March 2012

My last hair post was in April 2010 and then one with pictures of my hair curled in Nov. 2010, so it has been a while mainly because I'm not preoccupied with my hair as it finally reached the place where I wanted it.  It is very easy to manage - just wash and let air dry and comb - that is it, seriously!  Every now and then I curl using water and sponge rollers and sometimes I do hot rollers or a curling iron but that is very rare.

Last I measured it was 32.5 inches long and today it is........38 inches!  So it has grown 5.5 inches in 2 years.  I'm still far away from what my hair used to be at 50 inches here, that was before I got 2 perms that sadly broke incredible amounts of my hair off over the past few years.  However, my hair is now repaired and looking healthy like it used to, though not as thick as it was when I was 25.  For those who may be new readers, I don't cut or trim my hair - last time I did was 1999.

I took some shots today in the bathroom of my hair down, up and then flipped up and over too.  I took a close-up of my strands and also of my ends as well.  My hair is naturally straight and this is after a wash and air-dry.  I may curl my hair, just so I can show you how it looks curled too in another post.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Day in the Life.........

This is a day in the life of me, although my wake and sleep times vary.  Sometimes I wake up early, later or really late.  My normal waking time is 8-9am, though on this morning I just happened to wake up before my alarm at 5am because we went to bed early the night before.  However, my day and what I do is pretty much the same - homeschooling, homekeeping and sometimes exercise.

5 - Woke up and couldn't fall back asleep so decided to start the day early.  Grabbed my Kindle Fire by the bed and checked the morning news, email and my reader.

525 - Make breakfast and eat with hubby

6 - Read Bible and pray and watch the sun come up

635 - Katie wakes up early, she couldn't fall back asleep either, so we watch the sun come up together, snuggling on the couch.  Then Katie has her breakfast.

645 - Music; I play the piano and then Katie does her violin and piano practice

7 - We sing songs to the Lord from Wee Sing and pray before starting homeschool

710 - Katie reads her Bible while I check a pile of math papers that I've been putting off.

730 - We do history, which today is map work and a test

750 - Katie does her cursive and I spend time on my Kindle; We both get a light snack, Katie opts for yogurt and I get a banana

805 - Katie starts her morning reading session, today she is reading "Yo Vikings" which is a funny book that teaches about the Vikings.  I'm still on my Kindle......

820 - I'm back to checking math pages

835 - I finish grading math; Katie is enjoying the "Yo Vikings" book so much, I let her finish the book

845 - We start math with a 5-minute 100 fact sheet

850 - I look outside and see snow; Break-time to go run around the yard in the snow.

900 - Back to math; Katie starts her math meeting and then I teach the math lesson

915 - Writing - today we are doing a story, question/answer and narration

925 - Grammar - we do the lesson and then Katie works on her poem book

950 - Spelling test of Katie's trouble words and a new list of 20 words

1010 - Time for Katie's favorite - All About Spelling!  We do it on the floor.

1035 - I finish my part of homeschooling while Katie begins her independent work which today is spelling workbook, copywork and math worksheet.

1050 - I make lunch; we eat lunch at 11 and I make phone calls, check the mail and run some errands.

1220 - Trying out my new Kindle pens I got in the mail, love them!

1230 - Rest on the couch and read "Help for the Harried Homeschooler" on my Kindle while Katie starts her 2-hour quiet time.

115 - Exercise - I do 15 minutes of cardio dancing and then 10 minutes on my exercise bike followed up with cool down and stretching for a total of 30 minutes.

145 - I have my after-workout snack of pb and chia seeds and rest and make some phone calls

200 - I decide I neglected my blog for long enough so take some time to blog and browse the internet

240 - Katie's quiet time is over; We do chores and today that is: dishes, sweep the kitchen/laundry room/bathroom, straighten the house and clear the table.  Katie does the sweeping of the kitchen and emptying trash.

345 - Start bread, by 405 it is in the oven to rise for an hour and I take this time to get ready for the evening

440 - I bought some organic chicken legs as a treat, as we don't normally eat meat during the week, so I cook the chicken and start some brown rice and vegetables cooking.

550 - Dinnertime at the table as a family.  Tonight we have a history game we are playing from Story of the World 2 - it is trivia but in the form of a game it helps Katie learn while having fun.

620 - I browse through some store ads to see what is on sale this week while Katie does her evening reading.

630 - Throw a load of laundry in the wash

645 - Iron clothes for our evening activities

7-840 - Evening activities: this varies each night with church, family night, etc.  Tonight it is church.

850 - After church, put laundry in dryer and then Katie and I spend some fun-time together playing the Oregon Trail

930 - Snack, spend time with hubby, lay down and read and relax until I get sleepy

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