Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jealousy versus Envy

I was listening to a clip from Dave Ramsey today and it was awesome so had to share!  Here are 2 good definitions that describe the difference between jealousy and envy:

Jealousy - I want what you have

Envy - I want what you have but I don't think I can ever have it, so I don't want you to have it.

WOW!  That just about sums it up!  The mentality of envy goes something like this:

I don't think I can win, so I want you to lose.

He even talked about the "Spirit of Eeyore" that is so prevalent in our society today.  Listen to the mp3 clip here.

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candy said...

Envy is such an ugly thing. Its one thing to want what others have but then NOT to want others to have it is just awful!
Jealousy and envy is one of my biggest pet peeves in people. Yes, it is very prevalent in our society today, sadly!

Christian Homekeeper said...

It is sad and its one of my pet peeves also. I know a bunch that get mad over the Pastor having something, they would rather him live in a shack I guess. They are not only bitter but full of envy. Thanks for the comment Candy! :)


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