Stress Relievers that Work!

Below are things, that I've found through my own experiences, that relieve stress and stop life from taking its toll on you:

  • Prayer - cast ALL your care upon Him!  
  • Meditation - meditate on God's word, even just one verse
  • Pilates - I do a combination of Pilates/yoga with Denise Austin's Mat Workout
  • Hot baths - light the candles, close the doors and play soft music if you want or just sit in quietness and relax!
  • Deep Breathing - close your eyes and do several deep breaths and then normal breathing and keep your entire concentration on each breath
  • Reading - read a novel or something non-stimulating
  • Nature Walks - take a walk and enjoy all that God created!  Notice the birds singing their songs, take note on the design of creation
  • Fellowship - hang out with friends or family for a night of fun; just relax and laugh and enjoy each other's company.
  • Vacations - I've found that I NEED these!  Even just a weekend getaway has rejuvenated me and helped me return home refreshed and feeling positive.  My favorite is a cabin in the mountains by the river - would be almost perfect if not for the mosquitoes!
  • Sleep - don't skimp on it!  Also try and keep your routine regular with same time going to bed and waking up
  • Keep Life Simple - simplifying has helped me have less to do and less stress!  I'm still working on this and constantly getting rid of things and the more I purge, the better I feel!  Organization falls into this category too - eliminate the stress of trying to find something by having "a place for everything and everything in its place"