Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mind-Body Connection - Deliverance is Yours for the Taking!

I was suffering with incredible back pain for about 10 weeks and couldn't even load the dishwasher without pain.  My doctor had reached the point of basically saying, I could get shots every month or surgery, or live off of ibuprofen.  I came home so depressed and desperate and called out to God for healing or to direct me in some way of why these things always happen to me.  It was then that I came across a 20/20 video done on Dr. Sarno.

After watching that video, I got Sarno's book "Healing Back Pain" within hours.  Within 30 minutes of reading the book, I was in tears because it was explaining my entire life since childhood.  My brain was trying to "do me a favor" and direct my emotional pain from past abuse to different parts of my body - which medical records, hospitalizations from the past 23 years prove.  I missed a lot of school growing up and even had rare illness' in my early 20's and went from doctor to doctor.

As I was reading his book, I realized what was happening in my body.  I couldn't deal with the emotional pain of abuse and thus, my brain did only what it could to help me - put the pain somewhere else in my body.

Only after 3 hours of reading the book, my back pain completely disappeared!  I told my brain to stop it and then told it that it had to deal with things and stop using my body as the means to divert me from the pain of my past.  It cooperated and for the past 11 weeks I've been illness free!!!  I don't remember a time in my life that I have gone so long being free of sickness or some injury, etc.

God is helping me and I'm finally dealing with these things........its been quite a hard road but without Jesus, I'm not sure where I would have been!!  I had no idea that I never dealt with things, I just subconsciously pushed them back in my brain and never DEALT with emotions.  It has been very hard to deal with things in my mind now, but its keeping my body pain and illness free!  I know so many people who have been abused or went through things and they are suffering with pain that pills and even surgery won't help - and only if they would realize what their brain is doing, they could have deliverance.

I'm writing a letter to Dr. Sarno to tell him what his book did for me and my life story as well but I wanted to let you all know what a life change I have went through the past 11 weeks and even close friends have told me that I'm like a different person.  Thank you God for this man and the wisdom you gave him and remember the Bible itself tells us:

Proverbs 23:7
For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he

I've been reprogramming my brain and learned behaviors (extreme perfectionism, low self-esteem, etc.) that developed from past abuse and its been hard work but my life has been changing and I feel like a new person. Just wanted to share and I know I don't get this personal a lot but I was ready to come forth to tell you all what a major life change I have experienced the past 11 weeks!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That is amazing! I never thought of our past emotional pain as causing problems in our body... makes me rethink my medical history.

Anonymous said...

I never knew either and I was skeptical but desperate and now I'm living proof this is for real lol! ;-) It is amazing once you get in tune with your body, it is a daily learning for me now on the power of our mind/body connection.


Linda said...

Most interesting. I knew the mind controls a lot, including pain but I never thought to this degree. I am so glad you are feeling so different now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Linda! :)


Anonymous said...

I must admit to being a tad bit skeptical, but as I have nothing to lose and LOTS to gain, after showing the video to my husband he and I decided to get the book and give it a try for my on-going back pain. I've been suffering on and of again for years but the last year the pain has been pretty much constant.

Thanks for the post! (o:

Anonymous said...

I was too (skeptical) in the beginning but then it was like an ephinany and I haven't been sick in so many months now I've lost count!

This doesn't apply to everyone but if it is a mind connection then you will know. Either way, hope your back pain resolves!


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