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On Women's Rights, Pants, Careers & Abortion

I just completed a study on women's rights AND the history of clothes.  You may be asking why study both of those together?  Well, because the one begat the other.  The women's rights movement brought about the acceptance of women wearing men's clothing; pants.  It also brought about bobbed hair, cut short like a man and women doing men's jobs.  The push for women's rights in essence was the push to be what its' heroines called "equal" rights with men, when in reality it was to become just like men.

However, becoming like a man or as they say it, "equal" to men, didn't bring ENOUGH satisfaction.  They had to be above men and to take the reigns from man, so to speak.  Truly the phrase, "she wears the pants in the family," was indicative of women who domineered over their husbands and something so very much desired by the advocates of women's rights.  It was never about being equal, it was about being out from under man's headship set up by God.  

Genesis 3: 16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. 

Notice in Genesis that the curse for Eve was to be under subjection to her husband, he was to have the rule over her.  She was also supposed to suffer pain in childbearing.  That was woman's punishment for the sin she committed and for the one she got her husband to partake in.  Both subjection to a man and pain in childbearing are two of the things that the women's rights movement have successfully freed women from.  In essence, they have conquered the curse of God for women and are now relishing in their rebellion.

Women could now do men's jobs and so they decided to dress the part as well by cutting their hair short and putting on men's garments - pants.  There was no longer a need to stay home and raise children either because with these 'rights' in place, women also wanted to prevent any obstacle to their new-found womanhood.  The birth control pill worked, but only some of the time and they needed something more fail-proof because how dare these children hinder their life and careers and put them back in the chains of the home.  They wanted the right to kill a baby in their womb and as you know, they won.  Now, women can do what men can do, wear his clothes, look like him by wearing her hair short and cut off the last thing that differenced her from the man - being a mother.

Can I ask you woman, what are we left with now?  We live in a culture that is over-sexualized, demoralized and whose children aren't even sure what gender they really are!  A society that says that we don't need marriage anymore, we have birth control and abortion, we can just have a good ole' time with anyone we want without consequences; i.e. children.  A society where those seeking marriage rights are of the same gender.  A society where girls grow up with low self-esteem because they don't have the perfect bodies or looks like all the Hollywood starlets.  A society that would rather have pets than children.

Where has "women's rights" brought us?  Divorce.  Suicide.  Bullies.  Gender confusion.  Atheism.  Sin.  Yes, it really has brought us far.....far away from the fabric that held this country together - the woman.  Just as in the beginning, woman has destroyed what God has set up, but this time, the world has partook of her fruit.

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Linda said...

Super good article, Bev. Thanks for sharing! The women's rights movement did much harm but I had never seen it in the light of rebelling against the curse placed on women.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Linda, I read a lot of books and even a feminist book! It was probably the best one to see where they came from and what they desired. One thing I came across after posting this from Matthew Henry's commentary:

"Those wives who not only despise and disobey their husbands, but domineer over them, do not consider that they not only violate a divine law, but thwart a divine sentence."

How did Satan convince Eve in the beginning to take the fruit? He tried to tell her that God was withholding something from her. Same is true today, his lies still work sadly.

Tricia said...

Great post! I just read an article over the weekend that some universities are now accepting preferred pronouns of gay/lesbian/transgendered students. Instead of being referred to as "he" or "she", students can opt for "they" or "ze", and some other terminology. Wow, it left me speechless on so many levels! Feminism was and is Satan's plan and you're right, we are seeing SO many residual effects, and none good! It is a blessing to find blogs like yours that show me I am not alone in following God's plan for women!

Anonymous said...

That is so creepy!!! What are you? I'm a they. LOL

I can tell you that my research really opened my mind to a lot of things and made me depressed even to see where we are now in such a SHORT time!

Anonymous said...

i loved reading your post today. Thank you for not being afraid to share your thoughts and beliefs. What i don't like about todays world is how if you do not believe in something another does then you are labled/called things that are not true. Like when you believe a marriage is between one man and one woman people who have the opposite belief then you call you (now i cant think of the word sorry). Just because i have different views and beliefs than many in this world i hate being labeled that i hate others or that I'm predijuce towards them for what they believe. Its not true. Not sure if what i tried putting into words made any since. Sorry if i just confused you.

tealady said...

Very powerful article,my son had to an essay on the most important women he admired,( bless him he choose me) the most,it was a class in college on women's rights.My view's are very much the same(I wear pants) as yours.Let me tell you that it caused a huge debate!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Yes, I totally understand what you are saying. We are called bigots if we state what the bible says about homosexuality. We are called a hate-group if we preach against it, etc. The world is backwards for sure these days! Jesus was hated and despised and rejected, so what makes us think that we won't, who bear his name as a CHRISTian? It comes with the territory as they we have to fight and realize, they aren't fighting US, they are fighting GOD!

Tealady - I'm sure that made for some interesting discussion lol. When anyone stands up for the biblical model of a woman in a college - watch out! The colleges of our country are infiltrated with these teachers of rebellion and it is no wonder that we have youth today that just don't get it. They are kept dumbed-down because IF they could grasp the truth - then things would be different. Truth isn't popular and never was.

Sharon said...

Unfortunately, other than someone asking my opinion, I avoid this topic (verbally) as much as possible. Only because it saddens me greatly to know a revival may be the only means of reversal and I cannot envision one in my lifetime. Not when you have people believing "it takes a village" to raise a child....or searching for their "purpose driven life" to justify their sin.
The root of this problem stems from the institution they call "public school." A place that a child spends more time with then family. A Muslim teaching, Koran-following, evolution cramming, family-destroying institution that Americans so embrace with open arms on a day to day basis.
But then the gap becomes more narrow as some "good" people seek the truth, but end up in a pew of a Calvinistic church that "allows" such sin and translates scripture to suit their worldly desires.
People are taught that they can become like God through effort and religion so as to be acceptable in His sight. That is exactly how Satan tempted Adam and can be like God, you are like God, but you don't need God to save you.
When Adam and Even became aware that they were naked, they covered themselves. Many feel this was right because they felt humility. What one does not understand is that God, Himself must cover them if it is to be meaningful.
The Jews thought if they could be Godly and have a Godly appearance if they obey the 613 rules found in the Law. God called them "white washed tombs" because they appeared to be Godly on the outside, but in fact, were very wicked. (Matt 23:27)
A tax collector and a Pharisee went to the Temple to pray...the tax collected saw his desperate need for God to have mercy on him; the Pharisee gloated as to how good he was in front of God...the tax collector went home justified, the Pharisee remained in his sin. (Luke 18)
There are many, many more examples like this in the Bible. In each instance, the same people that go to church on Sunday and claim to be Godly, yet live such a sinful life day to day even to the point where they feel they don't need God's mercy anymore.
People are taught, "If the wife is better at finances, let her control the money."
"If the wife makes more money because he is more educated, let her contribute to the income of the home."
This, is taught in Bible-believing churches everywhere. So, if competing with the world is not enough, try competing with your own church's beliefs.
Tricia, I read that very same article you speak of and that alone, if nothing else, would be a good enough reason for a God-fearing Christian to keep their child out of the public school.
Just this week, four....that is the number 4, and that is within 7 days, the top stories in the news AGAIN are of athletes, Olympians, movie stars, having a "coming out." As if it's "cool." The more society worships this as acceptable, the more there will be heterosexuals wanting the attention, thus embracing the he/she gender's cool. God has a place in the Lake of Fire for these folk.

Bev, sorry for the ramble (the reason I don't, here on your blog:-) I could write 100 paragraphs on such topics you bring up. Thank you, for your blog, and your willingness to speak the truth without apprehension. Even when people like me, push the track lever and start heading off in all directions. (Be glad I don't have your phone number! haha!!)
P.S. I'm not even going to re-read this, so please forgive my's non-existent in "rant" form;-)

Anonymous said...

Sharon, no need to say you are sorry, I enjoyed your "ramble!" :-) That was really good, thank you so much for sharing! Thankfully, I do attend a church that teaches the proper role of women and submission to husbands, etc. However, there are still some things taught that I personally do not believe are correct but I figure that they got the core doctrine right and I can't find any other church that has it right in so many areas as this one. You can find a holiness churches but then to find one that teaches the women to be at home........well, good luck with that one! Sometimes you have to stand......alone. Most people would rather please other people than God, so they go with WHATEVER comes along - no black/white, just living in the gray areas. Hell will be full of people that lived in the gray area. Ones that thought it was ok to watch fornication on the TV as long as you didn't do it. Ones that thought it was ok to steal from the government food, medical, etc. and then spent their money on luxuries.

Something else I noticed in my studies that I just remembered because you pointed out is public school. Yes, it was also a product of women's rebellion. Up until then, only boys were taught by Godly men and girls learned to read at home and do all the homemaking things. Then came the "rights" and then they had girls' schools and then they joined them together and created one of the greatest vehicles for the destruction of our society, God and morals - public school.

However in this dumbed-down society, people will laugh at you if you train your own children. They will think they are "unsocialized" and if Sally isn't fornicating, she is weird. I've even had people say that my daughter needs to sin it up first before she gets saved - that that was "normal." HA! Man, I feel so sorry for her that she got saved BEFORE sinning it up and getting all beaten down and tattered with immoral sin. What was God thinking? I'm thankful for what my pastor preached yesterday morning about children growing up in church and getting saved early and missing out on all that sin! That is the plan and if you raise them right......God will do the rest! If you hand them over to Satan, then he will do the rest.

Anonymous said...

you don't have to post this question or your answer if it is to personal but i was wondering what ladies who are skirts/dresses only do for nighttime when you are unwinding from the day but not bedtime yet. I love wearing comfy pj bottoms but i am wondering what is another alternative that will keep you warm and comfy? thank you for your help

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - I think you can wear anything for nighttime in your house. If I was staying as a guest at someone else's home, then I would wear a long skirt nightgown. However at home, it is what you feel comfortable in around your children.

Rain San Martin said...

Women are more exhausted than ever before too. We are equal in the eyes of God yet the different roles give us strength. Homemaking eases the burden of the husband, children and wife. Interesting take on the pants. Do you suppose there are circumstances when wearing pants would make sense? Morning powerwalk for example?

Anonymous said...

Rain - very true what you said. On the pants, I can tell you that most women when they truly search their hearts, don't feel feminine in a pair of pants but rather masculine. Given they were a man's garment exclusively, according to the Bible, God thinks of women wearing a man's garment as an abdomination in Deut. Also the modesty issue arises and we all know that most women don't wear pants loose but rather form-fitting and the shape of their buttocks is alluring to men, when it should only be so in the bedroom. Women were treated like women when they looked like women, nowadays they are treated with less respect and chivalry because they are wearing the masculinity garment and it takes away from a woman's delicacy.

Wearing pants to exercise outdoors isn't needed as I've walked and done many things in a skirt since I was 19 (when I first started wearing dress/skirts exclusively). I wear some stretchy spandex leggings under my skirt to help with any chafing but you can do it in a skirt! If I choose to portray a woman by wearing a woman's garment for Biblical reasons and for modesty - then wearing something else (in public) in certain situations would only make me a compromiser or in other words, a hypocrite.

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