On Women's Rights, Pants, Careers & Abortion

I just completed a study on women's rights AND the history of clothes.  You may be asking why study both of those together?  Well, because the one begat the other.  The women's rights movement brought about the acceptance of women wearing men's clothing; pants.  It also brought about bobbed hair, cut short like a man and women doing men's jobs.  The push for women's rights in essence was the push to be what its' heroines called "equal" rights with men, when in reality it was to become just like men.

However, becoming like a man or as they say it, "equal" to men, didn't bring ENOUGH satisfaction.  They had to be above men and to take the reigns from man, so to speak.  Truly the phrase, "she wears the pants in the family," was indicative of women who domineered over their husbands and something so very much desired by the advocates of women's rights.  It was never about being equal, it was about being out from under man's headship set up by God.  

Genesis 3: 16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. 

Notice in Genesis that the curse for Eve was to be under subjection to her husband, he was to have the rule over her.  She was also supposed to suffer pain in childbearing.  That was woman's punishment for the sin she committed and for the one she got her husband to partake in.  Both subjection to a man and pain in childbearing are two of the things that the women's rights movement have successfully freed women from.  In essence, they have conquered the curse of God for women and are now relishing in their rebellion.

Women could now do men's jobs and so they decided to dress the part as well by cutting their hair short and putting on men's garments - pants.  There was no longer a need to stay home and raise children either because with these 'rights' in place, women also wanted to prevent any obstacle to their new-found womanhood.  The birth control pill worked, but only some of the time and they needed something more fail-proof because how dare these children hinder their life and careers and put them back in the chains of the home.  They wanted the right to kill a baby in their womb and as you know, they won.  Now, women can do what men can do, wear his clothes, look like him by wearing her hair short and cut off the last thing that differenced her from the man - being a mother.

Can I ask you woman, what are we left with now?  We live in a culture that is over-sexualized, demoralized and whose children aren't even sure what gender they really are!  A society that says that we don't need marriage anymore, we have birth control and abortion, we can just have a good ole' time with anyone we want without consequences; i.e. children.  A society where those seeking marriage rights are of the same gender.  A society where girls grow up with low self-esteem because they don't have the perfect bodies or looks like all the Hollywood starlets.  A society that would rather have pets than children.

Where has "women's rights" brought us?  Divorce.  Suicide.  Bullies.  Gender confusion.  Atheism.  Sin.  Yes, it really has brought us far.....far away from the fabric that held this country together - the woman.  Just as in the beginning, woman has destroyed what God has set up, but this time, the world has partook of her fruit.