Why Don't You Just Shut Up!?

The world, society and Satan all say the same things these days: "Why don't you just shut up?"  On the one hand, the world and society do not want to hear about God and what is right and wrong.  On the other, Satan doesn't want you to share it with anyone.  Both of them want Christians to just shut up!

Don't push your religion on me.  You think you are holier than thou because you go to church every week.  It's not your business who I marry.  Keep your opinions to yourself.  America isn't a Christian nation anymore.

Are you being told any of those things?  If you are an ambassador for Christ, a representative of God, then you no doubt get your share of the "won't you just shut up" phrases, no matter how they are worded.  No one wants to hear it anymore.  They don't want to hear that homosexuality is sin and perverse.  They don't want to hear that you should live right.  They don't want to be told to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, they don't need "organized" religion after all.  They sure don't want you spouting that America was founded for freedom to worship God - they want to change our history to mean something totally different than God-blessed.

So why don't we just all shut up now and please the masses?  Why don't we keep all of our beliefs to ourselves.  Don't witness to the person next to you at the store - just shut up.  Don't share with the mom you meet in a mother's group about your church.  Just shut up and keep it quiet because you are being way too loud!

Romans 1:16

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.....

Well, I got news for Satan - he can't put me on mute!  He can throw things my way, take things from me, send false accusers and liars to trash my reputation but he can't shut me up.  You see, when you take a stand for what is right in a world that is wrong, you will suffer for it.  So does that mean we should just shut up?  Should we cower in the corner and hide who we are and what we believe because we don't want to 'scare' away anyone?

The next time the devil tells you to refrain from witnessing to someone else or standing up for what is right, just say to him, "why don't you just shut up!?"