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What Makes Me Happy At 34 vs. 24

I know that 34 is not old but I feel older with more wisdom than my 20's for sure!  I've been really happy lately and I was thinking on how I love the life that God has given me.  What makes me happy at 34 is different than what made me happy at 24.  When I was 24, I was a new mom of a 1 year old but I was self-centered.   I spent a lot of time and money on clothing with matching purses and shoes, exercise (2 hours a day!) and anything else that was about ME .  Looking back, I wish I would have been there more for my daughter instead of spending so much time on foolish things that don't really matter in the end. Being a decade older now with a 1 year old, I feel I'm much better prepared for this as I've learned contentment and what is really important in life .  I cherish the moments with my son as I know how fast they go by and I cherish moments more with my 10 year old daughter as she grows into womanhood in coming years.   I'm completely happy with being

Budget For a Family Living On $40,000 a Year

A good modest income in the area that I live in is around $40,000 or $20.83 hourly wage and most families make less than this.  For a typical family with children, this gives you an estimate of $35K after taxes, so you need to budget for that amount. I did figure in a state income tax since most states have it and also figured in the tax return and/or deductions/credits for children. Always give God his 10% first!   I'm estimating costs here and these may vary depending upon location and other factors.  This is just to show you an average budget for a family living on this amount a month with no debt. *This is not my family's budget or income, I'm simply providing estimates for the average, lower-income family. Budget - $35,000 = $2,917 a month Monthly Budget for $2,917  (after taxes) Tithe -$334 Offerings - your choice but estimating $50 Savings - $100 Housing Rent - $730 Renter's Insurance - $15 Utilities Electricity - $100 Water - $25 Garbage - $2

Can God Provide For Housing?

In our area, several years ago, you could find a decent 3 bedroom for under $900 but as the years went by, the rent went way up.  Now, it would literally be a miracle if you found a 3 bedroom rental for under $1100.  Families with more than 2 children, have to have a 3 bedroom because the laws in our area deem it so with rentals.  It is either 2 per room or if you have a boy and a girl, they each must have their own room.  This means that most families with children NEED a 3 bedroom home to meet the law and live comfortably.  Some landlords ignore these rules and allow more in a 2 bedroom or a boy and girl to reside in the same room but most do not. The recommendation from financial experts is that your housing costs should be less than 30% of your gross income but Dave Ramsey recommends it only be 25% of your take-home pay.  So let's do an example of an average one-income family who has a modest income of $40,000 a year.  30% of that would be $1000 a month that you can afford f

Our Family Diet - What We Eat

When I write of diet, I'm speaking of diet as in a noun, not the verb form that so many people think of which pertains to something you do to lose weight.  Diet is simply what you eat and EVERYONE has a diet or else you wouldn't be alive for very long. Diet - the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. (Google dictionary) We ate a certain way before I was pregnant because I had the time to make just about everything homemade.  Then came my pregnancy and bed rest with a husband who can't cook - enter take-out and processed foods.  We ate this way through my pregnancy and also most of the time throughout the first year of my son's life because it took me a while to get used to having him around and to get over the tiredness!  We are now in a position that I'm better suited for this new life of juggling and I'm ready to return to a mostly-homemade food plan.   *We recently made a no-fast-food commitment to eliminate it from our

God Can't Provide If You Have Another Baby

Want to hear how ignorant our world is today?  Not even the "world" but some Christians are even effected by faithless talk.  One of the things is the "danger" of having too many children or even any at all!  Have you ever had anyone say any of these things to you? Don't have them if you can't afford them I can't afford any more children Children cost too much I'd rather have pets than children, they are cheaper I want a house, so no kids for me I find it very alarming that today's Christian can think that God couldn't provide if you have a child(ren).  Sure they can have faith for all other things but when it comes to children, faith is out of the picture because God just can't provide for too many little rugrats.  They just aren't important enough for God to provide finances for, so don't dare have too many or you will end up on the streets with God shaking his finger at you telling you "I told you so."