Organization - Storage Containers

You may remember how I said in my pantry organization video that I wanted to get a container for my medicine.  It has been in a cardboard popcorn box for years and I always forget about it until I need medicine and realize that I still haven't replaced it.  The cardboard box was ok, but it was hideous to look at and the medicine got a coating of dust.  I found some storage containers that I liked and they met several of my wants - big enough, easy to open and close and visually attractive.  I love it!

I bought more of these to consolidate a lot of clutter that was left on the laundry room shelf.  One for batteries, one for the tools and miscellaneous bits and pieces (some people have a junk drawer but we have a junk box) and the other for cleaning odds and ends (swiffer refills, lint cleaners, etc.).  I like the black and white zigzag design and they were cheap!

See that empty shelf?  That is going to be the home of our mail system that I'm going to try out.  We have a horrible time with incoming mail but I'm going to try out a system with shelves for each category and hopefully I can blog on that when I get it.  My husband likes to keep his shoes here rather than in the bedroom, so I got rid of an old shelf that was falling apart and used the bottom 2 shelves of this bookcase for shoes.  (I threw out 2 bags of stuff by the way!!)  I keep my 2 pairs of flats and then flip flops that I use to go check the mail, take out trash, etc. along with my daughter's flip flops for that purpose as well.  The top shelf is our towels and bedding.

I also redid my pantry since the last time I did so was in September.  We did our bi-yearly order with Azure Standard and I had to reorganize things to get it all to fit.  I bought some plastic food-safe jugs to store - mini chocolate chips, cornmeal and Cheerios and then I had an older container that was empty, so I filled it with popcorn.  You can see my medicine box on the top shelf, it looks so much better than that old cardboard box I had for years, love it!!