Financial Budgeting 101 - Index of Upcoming Posts

I've had a lot of response and traffic to my budget post of a family living on $40,000 a year.  I realize that this is an area that we need more help in and though I'm not a financial expert, I sure know the way to deal with your finances is by following Biblical principles.  I hope to make this a series worthy of your time and may you be able to gain insight in bettering your financial future.

I will be linking to these as I go through the series over the next week or so, this will serve as in index of these posts:

  1. Our Financial Story - here I will tell you our family story and how we learned the hard way financially
  2. The Why and How of Budgeting - this is where I tell you why you should budget and how to do it
  3. Our Family Budget - I will show you our budget in percentages on how we divide our money
  4. Budget scenarios - I will share with you various financial scenarios on varying incomes/expenditures
  5. Summary - this is where I sum up the entire series up and share printables for you to utilize

*After this series, I do plan on doing a "Living Debt Free" series, which will give you ways to cut back, save and make your financial dreams a reality!