Sunday, November 29, 2015

What Today's Youth Need to Hear

The President of a Christian University wrote this to the University's students and I'm sharing some of the quotes but go read the whole thing - it is that good!!

This past week, I actually had a student come forward after a university chapel service and complain because he felt “victimized” by a sermon on the topic of 1 Corinthians 13. It appears that this young scholar felt offended because a homily on love made him feel bad for not showing love! In his mind, the speaker was wrong for making him, and his peers, feel uncomfortable.

I’m not making this up. Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic! Any time their feelings are hurt, they are the victims! Anyone who dares challenge them and, thus, makes them “feel bad” about themselves, is a “hater,” a “bigot,” an “oppressor,” and a “victimizer.”

.........Oklahoma Wesleyan is not a “safe place”, but rather, a place to learn: to learn that life isn’t about you, but about others; that the bad feeling you have while listening to a sermon is called guilt; that the way to address it is to repent of everything that’s wrong with you rather than blame others for everything that’s wrong with them. This is a place where you will quickly learn that you need to grow up!

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Sharon said...

Excellent! I'm making several copies. Thank you, so much!

Bev said...

Awesome! Thanks Sharon!

DeNiece Barnes said...

Hello Bev, I pray you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgivings. Be on the look out there is mail coming your way dear friend.

Bev said...

Thank you DeNiece! :-)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Wow!!! It is a messed up world. I couldn't agree more that kids and even now adults are so self absorbed. I am sorry to say this I often find it pretty severe in not just "worldy" people but in "church" people. I have been guilty I am sure. Sad. May we wake up and look beyond self!

Bev said...

It is easy to fall into ourselves but thankfully with God, we can realize it and stop! Thanks for the comment Chrissy!

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