Real Life Becomes Before & After

Yesterday, I took pics of my house and how horrible it was because I had planned to blog about living with chronic illness.  I was going to show the reality of it all and how my house has been looking for a long time because I've been physically unable to clean, pick up, etc.  I woke up this morning and felt good - which is not normal LOL!  I ended up, along with my husband and daughter, being able to do a clean up and I was amazed at how much we got done and so I decided to take some after photos!

I will start with the living room - things everywhere and toys as usual and the after after my daughter vacuumed and we all picked up and folded the throws.  Yes, I'm aware our ADT yard sign is IN the house, we hope to eventually get it in the yard.

The kitchen is usually piled with dishes but the after photo was actually worse than the before LOL - well, can't win them all!

The dining room is where we also homeschool and I do the budget, computer work, etc.  It is hardly ever clear as my son likes to leave toys or his water there and I leave my laptop there unless we have company.

My daughter vacuums the entire house once a week and does the trash.  I'm usually the one that has to pickup most of the stuff but my daughter does pick her stuff up and cleans my son's room every night.  He likes to dump his toys out on the floor every morning - no idea why but I guess he can't stand it too clean - ain't that like a man!!

Some things that have not been done in probably about 2 years are the blinds, curtains, walls, behind stove/fridge/washer/dryer and any other type of deep cleaning.  No idea when I will be able to do it but we are surviving despite it!  Amazingly, the dirt stays there till you get to it.  Meanwhile, I'm doing the important things since my time and abilities are limited - I'm loving my husband, trying to cook good food and homeschooling and playing with my kids.  Those are things that I won't put aside but the blinds!?  Seriously, they can wait - I have to snuggle with a very special toddler.