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I Never Lost My Hope, Joy, Faith and Praise!

I loved this song but couldn't say that I've never "lost" my hope, joy, faith and praise but then I began to understand the song as it was meant - never having lost these things completely .  Then, I could sing the song because truly, I never lost my hope, joy, faith and praise no matter what has come my way in life.  God has been faithful and good! I've lost some good friends Along life's way Some loved ones departed In heaven to stay But thank God I didn't lose everything I've lost faith in people Who said they cared In the time of my crisis They were never there But in my disappointment In my season of pain One thing never wavered One thing never changed I never lost my hope I never lost my joy I never lost my faith But most of all I never lost my praise My praise still here My praise still here I've let some blessings Slip away And I lost my focus And went astray But thank God I didn't lose everything I lost pos

When a Married Woman Works...

What does a married woman do, cause, violate.. when she works on a job? Direct disobedience and rebellion to God's Word Usurping husband's role of provider and head Placing herself under the boss; another man's (or woman's) headship instead of just her husband Denies her husband the help he needs from a wife (mothering his children, keeping the home, meals, joyfulness, vitality and needs being met) - she should be all about HIM and helping HIM be successful Defies her role as a woman, domestic and feminine Abandoning children by not being "there" and available to them If she is barren or simply despises having children and chooses barrenness, etc. - then refusing to take in orphans or help the many parent-less children Shucking responsibilities of raising and educating/teaching children to someone else Causes the Word of God to be blasphemed - giving a place for others to speak evil by her rebellion Teaches younger women to rebel and sin against Go

My Daughter's Test Scores

We haven't done a standardized yearly test since 4th grade.  When I tested my daughter then she was several grades ahead and I just never saw the use of testing every year and it wasn't required.  I decided to go ahead and test and see how she was doing as she is starting high school you all!  Well, she did awesome and I don't know why I ever worried it would turn out any other way - God + Education + Love = Success! Math was her best subject and always has been so I knew she would do well, however, I didn't know she would do THAT well LOL!  She scored 99th percentile in math and college level!   That is the highest possible score. English has always been her worst subject and I was just hoping she would actually pass.  Again, I was surprised to see she scored well above average and 11th-12th grade level !  She scored at college level in reading! God makes the difference!  He WILL bless your homeschool!!

When God's People Struggle Financially

I wanted to write this after my last post to make sure my readers know that I'm not saying if you do everything like God said, you will not have financial problems.  The rain falls on the just and the unjust the Bible says, but what is different about the Christian that is doing God's will in all areas of their lives, is that you can rest knowing that God will take care of you.  God WILL work it out as you have FAITH for Him to do so!  Faith is the missing piece today in the Christian world, it is sadly, a rarity. Pray to God for wisdom and knowledge , do you actually ever pray for that?  I started praying for those 2 things several years ago and let me tell you - God delivered, just not in the way I had thought I would gain more of each.  I had to go through some things but came out the better and the wiser.  If you face a financial problem, pray and ask God for wisdom and knowledge about it.  Pray and believe in faith that God will answer.  Don't fret, worry and let a

Financial Problems or Results of Rebellion?

I keep reading articles and seeing books being written about how bad it is financially right now for Americans.  From the talk of it, it is so bad with the "common family" that they can't help but live on the streets and in vehicles.  They can see why those on drugs, prostitution and other crimes live in these places due to their lifestyle choices, so why can't they see that it is the same for others as well? Since when do people think they can go against God and His roles for each gender and the family unit and still turn out blessed?  Since when do people think that they can live a life of covetousness and it never come time to pay?  Since when is our mind so skewed that "poor" is when you can't live in a 2500sq ft house with the latest gadgets? The married woman that works on a job instead of staying home is rebelling against God.   Rebellion IS as the sin of witchcraft!  1 Samuel 15:23   She sold out her place for vain glory and covetousness.  Sh