Preaching, Horses & My 1st Song!

My husband got assurance of his call to preach. He just had to be in the right place, and here we are in the right place, and he is preaching again. It is amazing how God moves and if you just follow Him, you WILL find that place! He preached for 5 years off and on from 2001-2006 but never could remember a place where God called him, he had just been told he was called. I'm glad that he was careful in seeking it out and only doing it when and where God wanted him to and now is the time!

My daughter has put flying planes aside for a while and started horse riding lessons. I can say that I actually preferred the flying over the horses LOL! I'm not an animal person, except for cats and I don't even have those anymore because I can't take the hair and smell. I sure can't stand horses and the smell of the barns. I'm glad that we can give her a chance to explore all of these interests and she's having the time of her life while doing so!

My son is a very precise little fellow. He likes things to be done at certain times, routines and he is gifted as I've mentioned before. He loves to help me cook and be by my side when I work. He is so tall! He made up and played his own song on the piano and amazed us all recently. Every week I'm amazed at something else he does.

I'm doing well and have come a long way. I just recorded my first song in a studio! It is going to be a bluegrass gospel album but the first song is contemporary gospel. It was at the urging of a friend that I did it and I was scared but I did it.  The song was written about me, as the person that wrote it said God gave them the song about me. It was moving to read it earlier this year but even more moving to sing it! I cherish it because it is a comfort and I believe it will also help many others and that is my prayer!

Ohio is still beautiful and wonderful - it is fall now and the leaves are just beginning to change colors because we have been in the 90's up until the past week. Life here is blessed. We've come a long way and its the Lord that's brought us!!