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Part 1 - Fighting God's Will

Shortly after getting saved, my husband was told he was called to preach, however, he never received such a calling for himself personally from God.  However, he did what he was told and he preached over a few years many times.  To me, it was very evident he could preach and with ease, and there were even people that would only come when he was preaching.  He preached in love and it was a very special kind of preaching that I still cherish the memories of.  I was convinced he was called, whether or not he believed it, he just needed to be forced into this thing, right?  And force I did.  I pushed him to go to Seminary against his own will.  That is something that I deeply regret and something that taught me to never choose for my husband what God wants him to do as it didn't end well, but that is another story in itself. My husband sat at the Seminary for years after we dropped out after only completing 18 weeks.  I decided I wouldn't force my husband to do something outside

Why I Disappeared for a While

I know that I had an abrupt closure of my blog last June but I had received a warning about a group of women who were bent on ridiculing homemakers online.  I heeded it as from the Lord and quickly closed everything up and cowered in fear over in the corner.  I'm ashamed of that now but I believe God used that to help me get over fear, to some extent, not that I've conquered fear but I'm no where near where I was last June. June was also the month that God told my husband to start a church!  Yes, in the middle of a pandemic no less.  God is funny.  That is going very well and it is honestly the best church I've ever been in and just what we needed. I had to come to the place, at least mostly, that I knew who I was and I knew what it was God wanted to do with me; in regards to this blog and the podcast.  I wrestled constantly with the Lord over this because I did NOT want to do it.  I just wanted my happy, drama-free, peaceful spot away from the criticism, mocking and to