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My New Pantry

I've always stocked up on food but even more so since the pandemic.  We outgrew our pantry cabinet and started using my plant greenhouse wire rack and then that wasn't enough, so we used another wire rack we had in the garage as well.  I covered them with a white sheet to keep them dark and it really bothered me because 1.  it took up space in my dining room and 2. it was unsightly lol! I eventually wanted a pantry built-in to the wall in our kitchen but didn't want to spend a lot, didn't know who to do it and I didn't want drywall dust everywhere either.  So for $60, we were able to come up with something that works and condensed the cabinet and 2 wire shelves and even the microwave cart down to just these 2... Bookcases !  Yes, I love me some bookcases and they didn't fail me this time for food storage either.  Walmart has shrunk the bookcases, so they're now about 25 inches instead of the old 31 inches for the same price of $29.  They only come out about

Part 2 - (No Longer) Fighting God's Will

You can read Part 1 here where I tell about how we finally stepped out on faith and went to the city that God told us to go to.  I will pick up the story from there. The windows of heaven had opened the moment my husband said: "God, I will go!"  It was one miracle after another and I was getting everything I asked for or even wanted.  It was a surreal time in our lives.  From packing our Penske to our arrival in Ohio, there were continuous surprises of blessings.   When we had to pack everything we had acquired since we were married in 2000, we didn't know HOW we were going to fit 16 years of material goods into a Penske truck.  However, God touched the heart of a preacher to show up at our house when we were loading the Penske.  The preacher said God sent him there and by the end of it, we knew beyond any doubts that had it not been for that man, we wouldn't have fit everything!  It was literally packed from top to bottom with no space to the very last mattress and

Choose Your "Success" - Podcast

This is an admonition to women to be careful defining "success" by the world's standard that is outside of the Biblical success God gives us for women.   I recorded this recently and now posting it.  I would like to be able to edit these podcasts and add in an intro of some sort in the future but for now, you get the raw deal.   I'm sorry to my foreign readers that you can't translate the podcast, I hope to write more in the future that you can translate.

The Current Housing Crisis

We follow Dave Ramsey's guidelines loosely, but we used to be totally 100% into his plan.  I had called Ramsey about 5 years ago asking if we should just go ahead and buy a home because we had been renting for 16 years.  We didn't have 20% down but we were completely debt-free and had our 3-month emergency fund saved.  He cut me off and didn't let me speak anymore and went on his usual rant about having 20% down or Murphy will move in the spare bedroom. He didn't take into account that we had numerous medical bills over the years that took any money we could have saved at the time because we were following his get out of debt fast plan and went gung-ho every time we had a medical bill, so we never stopped and actually saved a down payment.  We decided to buy a home anyway and I'm glad we did!  Because today, our home is worth $120K over what we owe!  We actually have an asset and the mortgage payment is parked for 30 years, the only thing that goes up are the proper