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Full Summer Bloom Hike

We had a few hikes this week and I took some pictures of God's beautiful creation.  My son calls this a summer cave because when we walk this path in the winter, there is no covering over the trail of greenery. We also saw something we've never seen before outside of a zoo - an owl!  It was huge and was flying around but I managed to capture a few pics of it: Then we also saw a lot of deer, which we normally do but these weren't at all afraid of us: I did some close ups on the flowers in the fields: Then we came across this large butterfly, who let me capture him eating his dinner:

Ocean Fun!

Our family vacation last summer was to the Atlantic Ocean in the Outer Banks, NC.  We would go here almost every summer growing up but I hadn't been since then.  My kids had never seen the Atlantic Ocean and my son, had never seen any ocean ever. Then on the way back we stopped by our favorite cabin in Amish country and did some kayaking and relaxing!

Lovers of the Truth

I've learned that one thing in this Christian life is for sure, you will be hated by many.  Those in darkness can't stand the light.  When we are rejected by the world and even those we used to call friends, we realize it isn't necessarily us they are rejecting, it is Christ.  We are truly a partaker in His sufferings and afflictions!  If you obey God, don't be surprised that your friends are few. A great preacher said many years ago that we must seek those that are also lovers of the truth and make those our friends.  It has stuck with me and I realized that is exactly what I look for because even in the church, it is hard to find those that truly love the truth.  Most claim Christ but they don't love the truth.  They only want salvation from hell, they don't love God for if they did: Joh_14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments. Joh_15:10 If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in hi

July Happenings

An arborist told me over 3 years ago that our Rose of Sharon tree was dead and wouldn't bloom anymore, but every year, it still blooms!  It reminds me of how doctors proclaimed I was sterile and couldn't bear children - but God!  It teaches me that "experts" don't know everything and God can make anything that has been dead, come alive again! We replaced all our blinds, except the master bedroom because they were newer.  I decided to try out faux wood blinds and used Dave Ramsey's promo to get 25% off.  There was a lot of imperfections with the blinds and 2 of them were so bad that I had to get replacements.  I'm not entirely happy but I think I was spoiled because the previous owner had real wood blinds and I loved those until they broke. I also found a yellow console table for $60 and I love it!!  Love all the color, makes me feel so energized. More hiking... I tried out a recipe to make cobbler in the instant pot and it was so good!

Women and Pants - Podcast

Pants (or breeches in Bible times) were and are a male garment. Even the Bible produces no woman in all its history wearing this male garment. God thinks it's an abomination to cross dress (Deut. 22:5). Satan loves that he has blurred the lines so much in our modern culture that even "Christians" are destroying God's clear distinction of the sexes. In this modern world today, everything is suddenly permissible that was understood not to be so for hundreds of years - we know better now they say. Just as women wearing pants were widely accepted in the 70's, we now have many other perversions and abominations being accepted in some churches. Christians should keep God's clear distinction of male and female in appearance (dress and hair), in deportment and behavior (masculinity and femininity), as in opposition to the abominations that the world continually accepts.