Defining the Spirit of Never Enough

What exactly is the spirit of never enough?  It has also been called covetousness for all time but in our modern terms we can simply understand it as the drive to "get" and where it is never enough.  First, let's define what covetousness is:

covet something: to want something very much, especially something that belongs to somebody else (Oxford)

covetousness: the feeling of having a strong desire for the things that other people have (Oxford)

- practices greediness (Greek)

- an over eager desire of the wealth of this world, envying those who have more than we (Matthew Henry)

- The covetous man is ever running out into futurity with insatiable desires after secular good; and, if this disposition be not checked, it increases as the subject of it increases in years. Covetousness is the vice of old age. (Adam Clarke)

We have all seen it, those whose main goal in life is to get, get, get and will do anything to gain riches.  It's all they think they about, it's all they do, it is what their entire persona is encapsulated in.  However obvious it may seem, there is a spirit that has infected a majority of people in this country, of which they aren't even aware for the simple fact that it is the norm.  

The spirit of never enough is all around us.  From the lowliest man on the street doing anything he can to get the next fix, to the homemaker who has to have everything just so, to the CEO of the largest corporation who just can't seem to ever be satisfied.  It's in every state, in every city, in every town and in every neighborhood.  How could this be?  How could those in the richest nation on the earth still be chasing and never finding enough?

God said our fight isn't against flesh and blood, no - we are fighting demonic entities!  We are fighting a warfare that we can't see with our human eyes but we can definitely see with our spiritual ones; if we will lift the lid of our denial.

Turn on any news broadcast, social media platform, blog, vlog, podcast and what do you find?  Complaining and murmuring that having our needs and many wants is just never enough!  Sadly, it is even entering the pulpits across this land.  Yet, we all have a roof over our heads, food on our tables (and then some!), medical care, running water, clothing, electricity and even... *gasp for the Europeans* - AIR CONDITIONING!  But see, that isn't enough for an American - and it will never be enough because the majority of us are unthankful.

My hope in doing this series is to shake you up, wake you up and help you establish your reality again in what you have and how privileged you are before you will discover it in the past tense.