The Spirit of Never Enough - Series

On the heels of my recent podcast, "Stop Chasing It", I am starting a series on "The Spirit of Never Enough."  This is reaching its height in the richest nation on the earth and I know it has to be turning God's stomach.  What America needs IS a reality check and we may very well be experiencing that right now.  It is much needed as we are surrounded by complaining on every side, of people so full of covetousness and their wants, that they don't even appreciate that their needs are met beyond what most people in the world today could ever dream of!

My husband let me know today that he is going to be doing a podcast shortly.  I'm so excited about this and I hope it will be a blessing to you all as he shares what is on his heart and mind with my readers/listeners.  We need to hear a man's side and I'm confident that my husband will be one of the greatest assets to this series.

This may change as I go along but here is the outline of what I plan on talking about in this series and some of you that listened to my podcast may see an overlapping on some posts:

  1. Defining the Spirit of Never Enough
  2. Living a Life of True Contentment
  3. The Law of Blessing From Obeying Gender Roles
  4. Holiness Living is Conducive to Making It
  5. A Lesson in Thankfulness
  6. Why Tithing is a Sign of the State of Your Soul
  7. Practicing Frugality to Tame This Spirit
  8. Teaching Your Children to Prevent Generational Curses