Monday, August 30, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request

UPDATE - Katie's fever has broke without medication and she is down to 98.6!!  

I don't normally do this but my daughter, Katie, is very ill and not recovering.  She will be having more tests done either tonight if she worsens or in the morning.  She has been sick going on 5 days with a 104 fever and severe head pain.  They are not sure what is wrong and I'm trusting it all in the hands of God but I have to admit - its stressing me out and I'm getting sick because its my child!  Please pray for her and lift her name up to the Lord.........thank you,


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's Happening at Cambridgeshire Academy?

We are getting ready to start back up with our new homeschool year - 1st grade!  Katie is so excited and so am I!  We were scheduled to start this week but my daughter has been very ill for several days now, so we will be postponing our start date.

Katie's 1st Grade Curriculum 2010-2011
1st Grade Schedule
Story of the World 1 - History Schedule
Homeschool Shelf (photos)

We hope to be blogging each week what we are doing if time permits, so be sure to bookmark our homeschool blog or subscribe to our feed!

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Free Printable October, November, December 2010 Calendars

Free Printable October 2010 Calendar

Free Printable November 2010 Calendar

Free Printable December 2010 Calendar

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Turn Back to God

One place I would have loved to have been today was at the Restoring Honor rally in DC.  Here are some video clips of the message proclaimed with thousands lined up to hear and support:

In a speech Friday night, Beck said he feels like "God dropped a giant sandbag on my head. My role is to wake America up onto the backsliding of principles and values most importantly of God. We are a country of God."

The niece, Alveda King, of Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke:

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Self Checklists

I posted this back in 2007 but felt it would benefit along with the previous post. Start your week by asking yourself these questions to keep your priorities in check.  

God: Am I......
- Actively choosing God and His ways at every decision, word, moment, thought and step each day?
- Consistent in my quiet time?
- Daily spending time with God in prayer and Bible reading?

Husband: Am I.......
- Praying for him DAILY?
- Being a help meet to him?
- Preparing for my husband daily?
- Spending time with him?
- Positively responding to him?
- Noticing, regarding, honoring, preferring, esteeming, praising, admiring and loving him?
- Bending or bucking with submission?
- Being predictably happy?
- Giving away to others what I haven't given first away at home?

Children: Am I.....
- Spending quality time with them?
- Praying with them daily?
- Teaching them to follow God by my words and actions?

Home: Am I managing my home effectively. ....
- with finances and budgeting?
- with housecleaning? (Managing it instead of it managing me?)
- with planning meals and shopping wisely?
- by taking care of needs at home?

Others: Am I......
- Loving others correctly?
- Serving others?
- Preferring others?

Self: Am I......
- Growing in my walk with God?
- Eating properly and exercising?
- Making sure I am healthy and give myself rest when needed so I can be what my family needs?

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It's All About ME

I've noticed an alarming trend in many circles of women lately - the seemingly increasing levels of selfishness.  No longer do women desire to be mothers or even wives for that matter but rather they want ME time and ME to-do lists and ME care and all the other ME's out there.  They start by throwing their children off on someone else for a night and then next thing you know they can't bothered with the nuisances and always going around screaming for their ME time.

Next thing you know, they resent time with their husbands and homemaking.  They spend all day OUTside of the home and before long they are not any different than the women who works on a job.  Actually, sometimes, the women working on a job does a better job at mothering and being a wife than some homemakers do.

The more you feed the selfishness, the bigger it grows.  The more you think you deserve time to yourself, your desires, your hobbies and so forth and push your children and husbands off of the priority list - the more you get full of your self.  Usually selfish people do not even see that they are - but others notice it in how they talk about their children, husbands and duties as a homemaker.

Not only does the one doing this hurt themselves but they also injure their husbands, children and the all around spirit of their own homes.  The husband finds something else (or someone else) to engross himself in since the wife can't be bothered.  The children act out with being disobedient yearning for attention because mom is too busy with her wants and desires.  The home is forsaken and becomes a den for filth, laziness and clutter.  All the while the mother/wife is sitting idly in the corner checking her myface and glorying in her self at the expense of her God-given duties.

These behaviors don't happen overnight, rather they are gradually introduced into your life one at a time.  You get used to and start liking being without your children.  You get used to and start liking not having to tend to or serve your husband.  You get used to and start liking updating your myface 10 hours a day and letting the house go to waste.  However, there is a remedy - its called repentance!

God first, others second and ME last.  Take care of your walk with God first.  Take care of your family second and then what's left is for you.  This is the true source of personal happiness and peace within.  It is also the way you can turn your chaotic home into one of a loving environment to where your children and husband will rise up and call you blessed.  Oh yes, let's get back to FULL time roles of mothering, wifery and homemaking for the gospel's sake!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Agents of Ideological Indoctrination

Another great article from Albert Mohler about professors at colleges and universities across our nation. They have an agenda and its one of ripping morals and Christianity from your children's minds.  The quotes from these professors are startling and what's even more alarming is that they openly admit their agendas.

Here are some quotes from the article:
“We need to encourage everyone to be in college for as many years as they possibly can,” this professor wrote, “in the hope that somewhere along the line they might get some exposure to the world outside their town, and to moral ideas not exclusively derived from their parents’ religion."

"... loyal dittoheads will continue to drop off their children a the dorms. After a teary-eyed hug, Mom and Dad will drive their SUV off toward the nearest gas station, leaving their beloved progeny behind.”

Then what? He proudly claims: “And then they are all mine.”

And then they are all mine. That’s right, a significant number of professors are happy to have parents spend 18 years raising children, only to drop them off on the campus and head back home. These professors are confident that the four or so years of the college experience will be ample time to separate students from the beliefs, convictions, moral commitments, and faith of their parents.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

IKEA Storage Bench

I'm highly recommending this to my readers! It comes in different colors for the front box - green, pink, white and I think blue.  I had no idea how BIG it was till hubby put it together! I'm very impressed. It's a desk, window seat/bench and storage box (that has wheels). Katie loves it and so do I. It definitely is simple and a space saver.

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August/September Freezer Cooking Day Video

Instead of pictures, I decided to just do video clips as the day went along.  Hubby decided to make an appearance and get a bit irate at 7:32 lol.  Enjoy! ;-)

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Menu Layout - Day by Day

This is our tentative schedule of meals and sometimes changes if we have fellowship, go out to dinner or something like that.  I started with Saturday so I can show you how we use casseroles to last 3 days.

Saturday - Casserole (Chicken Divan or Lasagna; salad)
Sunday - leftovers
Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - Spaghetti, cheesy bread
Wednesday - Sloppy Joes or Meatloaf, home fries or vegetable
Thursday - Mac n' Cheese or Beans n' Rice or Chicken Taco's
Friday - Homemade Pizza, salad

You can see that Fridays is our pizza day - we have it every week as well as Spaghetti.  Sat-Mon is a 3-meal casserole and that makes our weekends so easy!  Wednesday and Thursday is really whatever we feel like but I do like having a meat meal on Wednesday since Tuesday is spaghetti without meat.

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Batch Cooking - Baking Plan

Here is my plan for tomorrow for batch cooking/baking.
  • 6 loaves of dough in Bosch; set aside 2 loaves for cinnamon rolls
  • Make cinnamon roll frosting while doughs are rising
  • Bake bread/cinnamon rolls; frost cinnamon rolls
  • Make 24 pancakes on griddle; freeze by 2's
  • Make grape syrup; refrigerate 16oz, freeze the rest
  • Assemble bean dip, refrigerate
  • Muffins - assemble, bake and freeze
  • Scones - assemble, bake and freeze
  • Pumpkin bread - assemble, bake and freeze
  • Granola bars - assemble, bake and freeze 
  • Cookies - assemble, bake and put in pantry 

While bread/cinnamon rolls are baking, I do the pancakes. While the pancakes are on the griddle (6 to 8 at a time), I'm preparing the grape syrup on the stove and assembling the bean dip. Muffins and scones bake together along with cookies that bake at 375. Pumpkin bread bakes with cookies that bake at 350.  Granola bars are usually alone.

The goal is to be doing something all the time - do something when the dough is rising, do something when things are baking, do something when items are cooling - nonstop doing something.  You can get things done very efficiently, if you PLAN!

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Freezer Cooking Plan

I've already layed out my menu here. Here is my prep and plan for freezer cooking today. Someone gave us a brand new 5qt crockpot on Sunday, so now I have 3 and they are perfect for once-a-month-cooking because I can have one making the chicken tacos, the other doing the pintos and the small one for sauces to keep warm, etc.  The house is like an ice box thanks to the air conditioner, so let the cooking extravaganza begin!

Prep work
  • Make ketchup 
  • Make 64oz spaghetti sauce
  • Shred 2 cups cheddar cheese
  • Shred 2 pounds mozzarella cheese
  • Make 3 cups bread crumbs
  • Cook 2 cups brown rice
  • Steam 2 cups broccoli
  • Bake 4 chicken breasts; shred
  • 6 chicken breasts in crockpot
  • 3 pounds of pintos in crockpot
  • Make creamed soup
  • Cook al dente 16oz dry macaroni
  • Chop 2 onions
  • Brown 2 pounds ground beef
  • Cook al dente 2 boxes of lasagna noodles
  • Meatloaf - combine all ingredients, form balls, top with ketchup & bake
  • Mac n' Cheese - make sauce and pour over macaroni, top with bread crumbs
  • Chicken Divan - layer ingredients, top with sauce and cheese
  • Lasagna - layer ingredients, top with cheese

I've already finished the sloppy joes and froze those last week.  The spaghetti sauce is already made, so I just had to make the sauce for the lasagna.  I need to make the pizza sauce but will probably save that for Friday.  The chicken tacos are so easy - you just throw 6 chicken breasts in the crockpot with 2 cans of diced tomatoes/green chilis and cook on high for 5-6 hours and freeze.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Stop the InSTUFFity!

Our society is so bent on stuff that I say its high time that we stop the inSTUFFity!  ;-)  Even in my own life, over the past year, I reached the place of true contentment and found that it wasn't material goods that gave it.  I grew up in a family that bought stuff to feel good.  They showed love for you by buying you stuff and my dad's favorite phrase was "I bought it because I love you Bev".  Now, in part that was true - buying others things is a selfless act and according to the Bible we SHOULD want to give good things to our children, but at the same time - money can't buy love.

I grew up just like my family, feeling that we need stuff to be happy.  Even after salvation, I thought we must have stuff.  My husband is totally opposite for he grew up in a very frugal family and could wear shoes out till they are literally falling apart lol!  So God putting the 2 of us together was pure genius!  However, over the years I only became a burden and millstone to my husband by using all his hard-earned money to buy myself "happiness".  Time and time again he would let me spend, spend, spend, only to find that it never made either of us truly happy.

It took me YEARS to come to the realization that I had to stop the inSTUFFity!  This past year has been transitional for me and life changing.  God has really done a work in my life through the school of hard knocks and life's experiences teaching me.  I needed this.  I needed the hard way because it was going to take that to reprogram my brain from the way I had been raised.

It actually started back in 2007, when God stopped me dead in my tracks and I spent 13 days in the hospital.   It was then that it really all began but this past year it was finalized.  I can now say in all honesty, that I'm truly content and happy and it isn't because of stuff.  I found out what I truly value and now see through the consumeristic fix for what it truly is - an endless pursuit of happiness that is never satisfied.

Now, when I purchase things and bring them into my home - I have to find how they will be useful.  With my daughter, I let her buy what she wants with the money she earns but also try and teach her to value things but she is a kid and can't seem to grasp that yet lol.  I've also purged our home and am always continually purging what has no value, use or that I don't have a love for.  I'm still struggling to let some things go, but day by day, God is helping me.

We went to IKEA yesterday and years ago if I had gone there, I would have walked out with a house full of things on a credit card but now its just a few things with money I saved being frugal in other areas.  This time I walked out with just a few items that will serve a use in our home.

I can testify to you all right now that living simple is the way to go!  You have more time to LIVE LIFE and less time taking care of your stuff!  The more stuff you have, the more TIME you spend maintaining it.  Now, I only clean once a week and have more time to do things I love and to spend with my family.  You make time for the things that YOU think are important.  I think my husband and child are important - so I make the time to homeschool my child and to meet my husband's needs.  I don't love stuff more than them.  I don't need stuff to fulfill me.  THANK GOD, I'm not that shallow anymore!!

There are numerous stories online of people that have reached this epiphany in their life that I have.  You may remember my dear friend, Candy's story here.  Then, today I came across this story and here is a quote that is so true:

People matter, not stuff, and your house is nothing more than a closet — just a big place to store all your stuff.”

People should read that quote, frame it and put it on their shelf to remind them of this great truth!  Our society is so fixed on stuff to the abandonment of their own families that its sickening!  I was one of them but by God's grace he has lead me to a better way, and for that, I'm forever grateful.

This is only the beginning of my journey.  I got my heart and values in the right place and now its time for action.  I hope to chronicle my journey as I go and already have blogged on a few of them, such as getting rid of my desk and going without cell phones.  I still have a LONG way to go because we still have too much stuff!  More on that in another post.........

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Curtains for Katie's Loft Bed

So, I found a fabric I loved and Katie did too - it was all different colors of pastel hearts on a white background to make the curtains for the bottom of her loft bed.  Then we came upon some curtains and she would not let it go - she loved them and how they felt, you could see through them and the hot pink color.  I was dead set against them because after all - they don't match they way I wanted her room to look.  She cried but tried to not second guess me and as I was walking away, I thought to myself - she wants those hot pink curtains and its her room, so why shouldn't she have it how SHE wants it?  So I went back and got them and she was so overjoyed!

Not only did it save me about $12 but also time because they already were curtains!  I bought some shower curtain hooks to fit in the slats on the bed and hold the curtains.  She loves it and that is what matters! ;-)

She has her little hideaway under there - her giraffe chair, princess couch that pulls out into a bed, table and chairs, etc.  It is her "hang out" spot and she loves it.

We also got the window seat but hubby will not be able to assemble it till Tuesday but I will be sure to post pics of that when its done! ;-)  It's awesome - its a window seat/bench, desk and storage box all in one!  The only thing left to get for her room is the bookcase cabinets but that will have to wait a few months.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Home Fries Recipe

I was using a recipe for Italian home fries but ventured out and tried them a few different ways until we settled on what we love - seasoning salt home fries!  I serve these with sloppy joes or burgers.  This feeds all 3 of us with leftovers.

3 large or 4 small/medium potatoes
2T olive oil
seasoning salt

- Preheat oven to 425.
- Scrub/wash potatoes and then cut in half and slice into thin strips (not too thin, we like ours on the thick side).  Place strips in bowl.  Add olive and oil and toss to coat evenly.  Shake seasoning salt to your liking while tossing.  Spray cookie sheet with baking spray and lay strips out evenly over the pan.  Sprinkle more seasoning salt if desired.
- Bake @ 425 for 15 minutes.

Serve with homemade ketchup and enjoy! ;-)

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Homemade Ketchup Recipe

We had tried out this recipe for homemade ketchup and it was ok but my daughter didn't like it.  After experimenting several times I got it just right and she loves it now and says it is the best ketchup ever! ;-)  Here is how I made it and this is enough to fill up our 28oz jar and then some.

18oz tomato paste
1c water
6T vinegar
3/4t dry mustard
3/4t cinnamon
1t salt
1/4t allspice
1/4c brown sugar

Mix all and whisk till smooth.  Store in the refrigerator.  

Notes:  I add salt till it tastes right.  Sometimes we only add a tablespoon or two of brown sugar because we like our ketchup less sweet and more salty.  This is personal preference - so start small and add as you go to your liking.  

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Friday, August 13, 2010

August/September Meal Plan

Gearing up for my once a month cooking and here is my plan for this month and its pretty much the same but we are trying out 2 new dinner recipes.  I already made enough jam for the next 5 months because there was an awesome sale on organic strawberries! ;-)

To Make
  • Bread
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Muffins, scones and pumpkin bread
  • Cookies
  • Pizza sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Bean dip
  • Pancakes
  • Granola bars
  • Grape Syrup
Here are our choices this month for breakfast, lunch and snacks.  Most everything below is natural and organic.

  • Muffin, cinnamon roll or scone, fruit
  • Oatmeal, fruit, almonds
  • Eggs, jam, toast
  • Pancakes, fruit
  • Tuna melts, carrots, fruit
  • PB&J sandwich
  • Egg sandwich, carrots, fruit
  • Popcorn, string cheese
  • Carrots & hummus
  • Yogurt & almonds
  • Rice noodle soup
  • Tortilla chips, bean dip or salsa
  • Fruit or veggie
  • Granola bar
  • Meatloaf x 5
  • Pizza x 4
  • Spaghetti x 4
  • Mac n' Cheese x 2
  • Sloppy Joes & Home Fries x 4
  • Chicken Divan x 3
  • Beans & rice x 3
  • Lasagna x 4 (new recipe)
  • Chicken Tacos x 2 (new recipe)

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Nothing is too Hard for the Lord!

God has performed a miracle for our family!!!!  My insurance has been fighting to pay our bills lately and denied a large one that was about $18,000.  I filed an appeal and then I sent in my appeal letter.  We all gathered around and put our hands on the letter and prayed and claimed it in the name of Jesus and mailed it off.  It's been about 3 months and I have to admit, at times I was worried but reassured myself that NOTHING is too hard for the Lord!

I got home a little while ago and got the mail and I saw it.......the answer.  I opened it up outside and then saw that I had won my appeal!!!!!!!!  I shouted and jumped all around and my neighbors were outside and probably wondering what in the world was going on but I couldn't help it but to praise my Lord!!!!

God is so good and we are so thankful to have this off of us!!!  NOTHING is too hard for the Lord!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Daughter's Room - Before & After

We have had a lot of changes the past few weeks - one being my back injury to where I basically sat for 6 weeks and couldn't bend fully.  However, Sunday night I started feeling great after praying for healing - I'm able to bend fully and do daily tasks FINALLY!  My daughter got a new bed - a loft bed.  Seeing how I couldn't organize or move anything - hubby had to put all her toys in a pile on the other side of the room to set up the new bed.  I finally was able to start cleaning/organizing it last night and it took me 2 days but its basically done.

There are still a few more things we are going to get before her room is how I want it - a window seat, and 3 bookcases with doors so you can't see all the toys - but I won't have it all done for a few months so here are the before/afters so far.......

Related: My Daughter's Room in Jan 09

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Free Printable Home Management Cover Pages 2

Free Printable Home Management Cover Pages 2

I wanted to make another set of cover pages for the Home Management notebook, made these a bit more colorful! ;-) I'm no graphic designer but its so fun to make these!

You can see my first set of Home Management cover pages here.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Free Printable September 2010 Calendar

I've been doing a lot of my planning today, so I went ahead and made September's calendar, enjoy! ;-)

Free Printable September 2010 Calendar

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IndoctriNation Video

Seen this on several blogs today, very moving and I'm anxious to see the film.  Here is a summary of what IndoctriNation is about:

“IndoctriNation” is a new documentary film that explores one of the most controversial issues in the Church today.  Told as a road movie, the film follows Scottish filmmaker Colin Gunn and his homeschooling family in a big yellow school bus across America on a quest to uncover the origins of our modern government education system.

What he discovers is a master-plan designed to replace God’s recipe for education with a man-centered program that has fragmented the family, destroyed the social systems of our nation, and undermined the influence of the Church.

This film is a challenge and an encouragement to millions of Christians who need to know what history, experience, and the Word of God have to say about one of the pivotal issues of our time: the discipleship and training of the next generation!

More Videos:

I honestly believe that one day, homeschooling will be the norm for Christians.  We may endure ridicule now and all the stinging comments from others but just stay strong and train your children up the in the way they should go because they are something we can take to Heaven with us! They are also important enough to devote our time to training! ;-)

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ~Proverbs 22:6

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Homekeeping Schedule

When we get back to homeschooling, my homekeeping schedule gets a bit more rigid.  I feel very disorganized, chaotic and mentally stressed out if I don't have a conscious understanding of what needs to get done and what my priorities are.  So here is my homekeeping schedule and I have been following this up until my back injury but will return to it when we return to homeschooling.

Monday - dishes, wipe counters
Tuesday - 3 hour cleaning marathon; ALL laundry
Wednesday - dishes, wipe counters
Thursday - dishes, wipe counters
Friday - dishes, wipe counters

As you can see, every day but Tuesday is just washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen counters.  I've learned, if you clean the whole house one day a week, that is sufficient.  Unless of course, you are a slob lol!  Also, I set rules for my daughter that she can't bring any toys or papers, etc into the common areas unless she asks permission and then cleans up afterwards.  That way I don't have toys, papers and the like strewn all over the house!

My Tuesday 3-hour-marathon cleaning is where it all gets done.  I've done it this way up until I injured my back and it works.  I do both bathrooms - toilets, counters, floors, mirrors; Vacuum all floors, sweep and mop all others; Dust; straighten.  While homeschooling during the day and through the evening, I do all the laundry and then fold Tuesday night.  I can tell that Tuesday night is the most rewarding feeling when its ALL done!  ;-)

For fall and spring cleaning - those things take me a week of cleaning everyday and I have yet to do my fall cleaning and hoping I will be able to but if not - honestly, the walls and under the stove, etc. can wait till spring.

My daughter cleans her room and I only go in there twice a year (every 6 months) to organize, sort and go through her clothes.  Like for instance, every fall and spring I go through her clothes and shoes and store whatever doesn't fit anymore and do an inventory of what she needs.  Next month we will be doing all that, so maybe I can share a bit more on that later.

Weekends are when I do extras I may want to do and I also take a glance at what's ahead for the homeschool that coming week.  Weekends are our families - whatever days.  We are busy with church activities and yard work.

As far as meals go - I can tell that you from April-July I only cooked 3 times!  That was thanks to my freezer/batch cooking.  I used to cook about 90 days during that time and to go from 90 to 3 - whew! Gotta love that once-a-month-cooking!  I'm planning to do my next month's meals next week and even want to try sometime this winter, doing 2 or 3 months worth of freezer meals to get ahead.  I just got 2 new OAMC cookbooks and going to try some new recipes.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

2010-2011 Homeschool Weekly Schedule

We are excited about new changes to our homeschool this year and one being our weekly schedule.  Last year we did 4 days with 1 day off for errands, etc.  However, I find that we can easily do just 3 and leave the projects for the 4th day and then have another day for errands and such.  Here it is:

Monday - Homeschool
Tuesday - Homeschool
Wednesday - Homeschool
Thursday - Errands, Library
Friday - Projects/Crafts Day; Art; Music

I talked it over with my daughter and she is ecstatic about the new schedule for 1st Grade! ;-)  She loves projects for history and science but really loves having a day set aside just for crafty stuff!  Also, this year she is trying to decide between Violin or Piano lessons - I'm trying to get her to go with the piano because its cheaper but I want her to choose so we will see if she can pick just one.

I will post our full schedule, curriculum and all that when time permits.

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Homosexual Judge Rules Gender not Essential to Marriage

Yesterday, a homosexual federal judge declared that gender is no longer an essential part of marriage.  Marriage is between 2 people, not 2 genders.

“Gender no longer forms an essential part of marriage; marriage under law is a union of equals.”

He overturned the PEOPLE'S vote on Proposition 8 and it alarms many that a federal judge could overturn a vote of the people of a state.  He himself was not elected by the people but rather appointed by former President Bush.   This man had so much power that he could rule over the public vote in such a great matter.

I recommend all to read Albert Mohler's commentary on this ruling.  Here are some alarming quotes from this homosexual federal judge's conclusions:

Religious beliefs that gay and lesbian relationships are sinful or inferior to heterosexual relationships harm gays and lesbians.”

Children do not need to be raised by a male parent and a female parent to be well-adjusted, and having both a male and a female parent does not increase the likelihood that a child will be well-adjusted.”

“The gender of a child’s parent is not a factor in the child’s adjustment. The sexual orientation of an individual does not determine whether that individual can be a good parent.”

If you think this won't affect you - YOU NEED TO WAKE UP!  This is the foundation of your children being required to be taught that marriage is genderless and that homosexuality is normal.

People have shut up for too long and its time that God's people cry out for Him to heal our land!  It's time we train our children up in the way they should go and not let others do this!  It is time we don't put them under FALSE teaching but guard their minds from such immorality!

Maybe this can serve as a great wake up call to the sleeping Christians - I sure hope it doesn't take more than this to awaken some.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Would You Still Be Called a Christian?

Would You Still Be Called a Christian?
by Barbara Cagle Ray

Would you still be called a Christian,
If others could hear every word you say?
What if they read your inner thoughts,
And saw the places you go every day?

If others saw how you treat your parents,
Would the word "honor" come to mind?
And if they looked at the books you read,
Would you be ashamed of what they'd find?

How about the movies that you attend,
Could you ask the preacher to go along?
What about the kind of tunes you sing,
Is your character echoed in the songs?

Could the world see Christ in your life,
When with misfortune it was overrun?
If others could see inside your hearts,
Would you still be called a Christian?

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Physician's Prayer

My doctor, who is a DO, has this on his wall and had to share.  I'm not sure if this is the exact one but it was the closet I could find online - next time I'm there maybe I will write it down - it truly brings tears to my eyes of thankfulness that my doctor looks to God to help him!


O Lord, in Your wisdom and power and love, you heal the sick when all other help has failed and restore men to life after life itself is done.

I pray that You will light my mind with thorough knowledge and remedies for my patients ills and touch my heart with deep compassion for their sufferings.

When I stretch out my hand to minister to the sick, let me heal them with a portion of Your wisdom and Your power.

And when they are not to be healed, let me help them to a deeper faith and resignation in Your love.


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What Will You Sacrifice?

I noticed this news story today and then continued to read more of the article on the dailymail from the UK.  Emma Thompson, a well-known actor, is declaring to women everywhere that you can't have it all - a career and family.  She was interviewed for an article in Good Housekeeping and she says of course you could hire someone to do things for you at home but she said she could never do that and trying to juggle it all - something has to give.

Here are some quotes:
"no woman can have the perfect career and be a faultless mother - at the same time"

"Her intervention comes at a time when the idea of 'having it all' is under attack from working mothers who find themselves run into the ground as they chase an impossible dream.

Even its most ardent cheerleaders such as novelist Fay Weldon are thinking again as they see the effects on family life."

"You can't be a great mum and work the whole time necessarily; those two things aren't ideal.

'We have an awful lot to work on and to debate about in relation to our working lives, because it isn't working for a lot of people, particularly for a lot of women."

She even inspired another actor's wife to put more into her husband and do more things for him so that he could be the breadwinner. Listen to what she had to say:

'Emma, you kind of gave me the idea that a part of my life, a part of my mind, has to be devoted to my husband. My mother's generation has been bucking against that.

'But I've just been finding so much pleasure in sacrificing sometimes for my husband - going to where he's working and tidying up his trailer because he couldn't manage to do it, and bringing him things that will make him feel better, and being a wife in a more classical way. It feels really right to me.'

It truly was an encouraging story and one we hear so often nowadays.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

I Changed My Mind.......

Yes, I'm entitled to change my mind lol.  I was uneasy about my post about not blogging till next spring and it bothered me all night and then even when I woke this morning.  I spent a lot of time in prayer this morning and I've decided FOR NOW that I'm going to keep blogging but probably not as often.  However, if I get a bunch of posts in one day - I will post them but I'm going to take any obligation off of myself and only post when I can or want to.  Not that I feel I have to post something this week or day, etc.

So not going anywhere, at least for now.......I think I would miss it terribly because God made me a writer evidently because I get such joy out of it.  I would be miserable without writing but then what is the use of writing if no one reads what you write?  And since others read what I write then it must bring others joy 'eh?  So I get joy from writing and you may get joy from reading so we are both joyful.  =0

If I see within a few weeks that it just isn't going to work then I will just let it go till next spring.  Let's see how this goes.......

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

* Notice on Permissions

My photos, videos and writings, etc are NOT to be shared on forums, message boards, emails, facebook, myspace or anywhere else!  My work is copyrighted and you must have written permission from me to share and even save on your computer for personal use. Simply email me and request whatever it is you want to save for your personal use and I will respond.  You can of course, LINK to a post but you can not copy my posts.

To local readers:

Also, my daughter mentioned that someone took her photo, without even asking our permission.  You do not have permission to take or share our child's photos and especially NOT on facebook!  I have gone to great lengths to protect my child from such exposure and I ask that you remove her and any photos that have me and/or my husband in them as well from your facebook.  We have given no one our permission to put our photos out there!  If you see us on someone's facebook, please let me know so I can talk to the individual to have it removed.

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