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The "Diva" Mentality

From MySpace profiles to show the world how "sexy" you are to malls filled with exposed flesh.......the "diva" mentality has taken the world by storm. Satan has done a wonderful job on getting young people to focus on their bodies and sex rather than modesty, purity and Godliness. Let me commend you, Mother, for the great job you are doing! Not only do you let your child put her suggestive photos online but you join her! What a role model! Kudos to you for raising a diva. For teaching her what's really important in life. Oh Christian woman, aren't you Miss Thang! Look at are so sexy and must let the world know just how HOT you are. Profiles full of ill clad women and men are your friends and you cry "I am a Christian!" --> Please stop insulting God by calling yourself a Christian! It's high time Christians today start sounding off against such FILTH and perversion and cry out for HOLINESS! A Christian woman will n

I just want my Mommy!

-->If you are a single mom and must work, don't take this post offensively! It is not meant for those who are unmarried and have no husband to support them. Growing up there was one thing that I really wanted the Mommy! My mom didn't work till I started Kindergarten. She claimed the reason she started working was because of us (the kids) and that she wanted to buy us "stuff". So off to work she went and it was detrimental to me. All through my school years, I would get off the bus....walk up the long driveway to a quiet and lonely house, anticipating my Mom's arrival home from work. However, instead of receiving her embrace and love when she entered the door.....she just wanted us to go away! She had had ENOUGH of people for one day, she was exhausted......LEAVE HER ALONE was the cry that so often rang through my ears. Complaining ensued of what happened at work and how hard she worked and how she just wanted some rest. I felt like I wa

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Death

What a coincidence! A few hours after I posted my last post concerning bearing children, I get a call from a lady that is doing a political poll. She asked me if I was "Pro-Choice" or "Pro-Life". What she should really say is am I Pro-Life or Pro-Death! Come on! Either you let the baby live or you kill's really that simple! My husband saw a bumper sticker a few months ago and even to this day we haven't forgot it. Here is what it said: If it isn't a baby, then you aren't pregnant! What a truth that is! The whole stance on pro-abortionists is that it isn't a living thing yet, that just don't jive with God. Abortion is still MURDER , no matter how pretty you want to paint the picture. If you didn't want a baby, if it's going to mess up your life then you know what!? KEEP YOUR PANTIES ON GIRLFRIEND!

Various thoughts on a Woman's role

The Bible commands us as women to be Keepers at Home: Titus 2:5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home , good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Would you say that a woman who is never home, always about and that lets her home go would be a Keeper at home? Probably not! As women, much of time is to be spent AT HOME! God didn't call us to be out and about all day every day and let our home look like a pig pen and our children be strung from place to place either! A woman's life calling is at her HOME!! Let's took a look at the priorities here: God Family (husband and children) Keeping the Home Everything else is AFTER you have taken care of the very best. If you let others swallow up the time for the "very best" then you have let the good become the enemy of the very best as the quote goes! In doing other "good" things, you have forsook the VERY BEST......God, your family and your home. Have