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It's All About ME

I've noticed an alarming trend in many circles of women lately - the seemingly increasing levels of selfishness.  No longer do women desire to be mothers or even wives for that matter but rather they want ME time and ME to-do lists and ME care and all the other ME's out there.  They start by throwing their children off on someone else for a night and then next thing you know they can't bothered with the nuisances and always going around screaming for their ME time. Next thing you know, they resent time with their husbands and homemaking.  They spend all day OUTside of the home and before long they are not any different than the women who works on a job.  Actually, sometimes, the women working on a job does a better job at mothering and being a wife than some homemakers do. The more you feed the selfishness, the bigger it grows.  The more you think you deserve time to yourself, your desires, your hobbies and so forth and push your children and husbands off of the priorit

Agents of Ideological Indoctrination

Another great article from Albert Mohler about professors at colleges and universities across our nation. They have an agenda and its one of ripping morals and Christianity from your children's minds.  The quotes from these professors are startling and what's even more alarming is that they openly admit their agendas. Here are some quotes from the article: “We need to encourage everyone to be in college for as many years as they possibly can,” this professor wrote, “in the hope that somewhere along the line they might get some exposure to the world outside their town, and to moral ideas not exclusively derived from their parents’ religion ." "... loyal dittoheads will continue to drop off their children a the dorms. After a teary-eyed hug, Mom and Dad will drive their SUV off toward the nearest gas station, leaving their beloved progeny behind.” Then what? He proudly claims: “ And then they are all mine .” And then they are all mine. That’s right, a signifi

Stop the InSTUFFity!

Our society is so bent on stuff that I say its high time that we stop the inSTUFFity!  ;-)  Even in my own life, over the past year, I reached the place of true contentment and found that it wasn't material goods that gave it.  I grew up in a family that bought stuff to feel good.  They showed love for you by buying you stuff and my dad's favorite phrase was "I bought it because I love you Bev".  Now, in part that was true - buying others things is a selfless act and according to the Bible we SHOULD want to give good things to our children, but at the same time - money can't buy love. I grew up just like my family, feeling that we need stuff to be happy.  Even after salvation, I thought we must have stuff.  My husband is totally opposite for he grew up in a very frugal family and could wear shoes out till they are literally falling apart lol!  So God putting the 2 of us together was pure genius!  However, over the years I only became a burden and millstone to m

Nothing is too Hard for the Lord!

God has performed a miracle for our family!!!!  My insurance has been fighting to pay our bills lately and denied a large one that was about $18,000.  I filed an appeal and then I sent in my appeal letter.  We all gathered around and put our hands on the letter and prayed and claimed it in the name of Jesus and mailed it off.  It's been about 3 months and I have to admit, at times I was worried but reassured myself that NOTHING is too hard for the Lord! I got home a little while ago and got the mail and I saw it.......the answer.  I opened it up outside and then saw that I had won my appeal!!!!!!!!  I shouted and jumped all around and my neighbors were outside and probably wondering what in the world was going on but I couldn't help it but to praise my Lord!!!! God is so good and we are so thankful to have this off of us!!!  NOTHING is too hard for the Lord!!!!!!

Homekeeping Schedule

When we get back to homeschooling, my homekeeping schedule gets a bit more rigid.  I feel very disorganized, chaotic and mentally stressed out if I don't have a conscious understanding of what needs to get done and what my priorities are.  So here is my homekeeping schedule and I have been following this up until my back injury but will return to it when we return to homeschooling. Monday - dishes, wipe counters Tuesday - 3 hour cleaning marathon; ALL laundry Wednesday - dishes, wipe counters Thursday - dishes, wipe counters Friday - dishes, wipe counters As you can see, every day but Tuesday is just washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen counters.  I've learned, if you clean the whole house one day a week, that is sufficient.  Unless of course, you are a slob lol!  Also, I set rules for my daughter that she can't bring any toys or papers, etc into the common areas unless she asks permission and then cleans up afterwards.  That way I don't have toys, papers and th

Homosexual Judge Rules Gender not Essential to Marriage

Yesterday, a homosexual federal judge declared that gender is no longer an essential part of marriage.  Marriage is between 2 people, not 2 genders. “Gender no longer forms an essential part of marriage; marriage under law is a union of equals.” He overturned the PEOPLE'S vote on Proposition 8 and it alarms many that a federal judge could overturn a vote of the people of a state.  He himself was not elected by the people but rather appointed by former President Bush.   This man had so much power that he could rule over the public vote in such a great matter. I recommend all to read Albert Mohler's commentary on this ruling .  Here are some alarming quotes from this homosexual federal judge's conclusions: “ Religious beliefs that gay and lesbian relationships are sinful or inferior to heterosexual relationships harm gays and lesbians.” “ Children do not need to be raised by a male parent and a female parent to be well-adjusted, and having both a male and a female

Would You Still Be Called a Christian?

Would You Still Be Called a Christian? by Barbara Cagle Ray Would you still be called a Christian, If others could hear every word you say? What if they read your inner thoughts, And saw the places you go every day? If others saw how you treat your parents, Would the word "honor" come to mind? And if they looked at the books you read, Would you be ashamed of what they'd find? How about the movies that you attend, Could you ask the preacher to go along? What about the kind of tunes you sing, Is your character echoed in the songs? Could the world see Christ in your life, When with misfortune it was overrun? If others could see inside your hearts, Would you still be called a Christian?

Physician's Prayer

My doctor, who is a DO, has this on his wall and had to share.  I'm not sure if this is the exact one but it was the closet I could find online - next time I'm there maybe I will write it down - it truly brings tears to my eyes of thankfulness that my doctor looks to God to help him! PHYSICIAN’S PRAYER O Lord, in Your wisdom and power and love, you heal the sick when all other help has failed and restore men to life after life itself is done. I pray that You will light my mind with thorough knowledge and remedies for my patients ills and touch my heart with deep compassion for their sufferings. When I stretch out my hand to minister to the sick, let me heal them with a portion of Your wisdom and Your power. And when they are not to be healed, let me help them to a deeper faith and resignation in Your love. Amen

What Will You Sacrifice?

I noticed this news story today and then continued to read more of the article on the dailymail from the UK.  Emma Thompson, a well-known actor, is declaring to women everywhere that you can't have it all - a career and family.  She was interviewed for an article in Good Housekeeping and she says of course you could hire someone to do things for you at home but she said she could never do that and trying to juggle it all - something has to give. Here are some quotes: "no woman can have the perfect career and be a faultless mother - at the same time" "Her intervention comes at a time when the idea of 'having it all' is under attack from working mothers who find themselves run into the ground as they chase an impossible dream. Even its most ardent cheerleaders such as novelist Fay Weldon are thinking again as they see the effects on family life." "You can't be a great mum and work the whole time necessarily; those two things aren't i