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Blog Assignment

I'm giving my readers an assignment - don't worry, you won't get graded! ;-)  Just follow the directions....... 1st assignment: Get a piece of paper and pencil Write down what you would like to accomplish - from reading a certain book, taking on a study of a certain topic in the Bible or history, learning a new art/craft, traveling, spending more time playing with your children, going on dates with your husband, etc.  Just write down your "I want to accomplish these things" list 2nd assignment: Get a piece of paper and pencil Write down what is or would prevent you from accomplishing those things you seek to accomplish.  What is distracting you from getting them done or from living your life? Now sit back and look at both lists and realize what you are giving your time, energy and attention to from what you really want to do.  Then find ways to change it and eliminate distractions! Don't worry, I did the assignment as well and I just went and made m

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 7

Question #8 What books, besides your Bible, of course!, have left a lasting impression on your life as a Christian?  As a wife?  Mother? Answer This was a hard one because I can't really think of any particular books that I recommend to others.  Most books are not completely Biblically sound.  Meaning, though they have some wonderful gems of truth in them - they also contain error.  I'm always hesitant to share with others books that I read because you never know how far progressed someone is in their salvation and Biblical beliefs and I don't want to lead them astray if they can't tell when something in a book is right or wrong.  Know what I mean? Take for instance, there is a certain author, whose books I really glean a lot of things from.  However, she is not doctrinally sound in her beliefs and sometimes she has error in her books.  I throw things out and pull out the good.  A new Christian may not be able to do that. Question #9 I've recently come acro

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 6

Question #7 What is the best parenting advice you ever received? What is your favorite Scripture? Why did you start blogging? What a fun idea! :) Looking forward to your answers. Answer The best parenting advice I ever received was to give your child enthusiasm!  I started at a young age with Katie and she truly possesses enthusiasm in her life now.  I'm thankful to the lady that told me about training my child to be enthusiastic.  I took it even further and became enthusiastic, even about the mundane things in our lives.  It has shown its rewards with a child who has a passion for learning, life and Jesus!! My favorite scripture has always been Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. I started blogging because I felt it was needed in the internet world.  I got tired of googling topics and there was no real, Biblical, honest answer out there for a lot of things.  Also, seeing others lack so many homekeeping skills, not knowing ho

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 5

Question #6 Hi Bev. Okay here are my questions for you to answer: 1. What is a typical day like for you and your family? 2. Who is the disciplinarian in your family? 3. Where is your familys' favorite vacation spot getaway? Answer Other than the basics of wake up, eat breakfast, etc - we do homeschool and then I do my house responsibilities.  We have a lot of church activities during the week.  I did a longer description below. My husband ultimately, but we both have that responsibility Other than visiting our home states, currently, we really enjoy going to Leavenworth, Washington - a small, Bavarian town nestled in the mountains!  My dream spot would be Italy! Daily Schedule - my daily schedule is changing since we are starting up homeschooling again, so I will give you that schedule, since it is the one I follow the most for the year.   Wake up, drag myself to the coffee pot hehe.  Fire up the computer and drink 1 cup of coffee over about 30 minutes reading google

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 4 - Alcoholic Beverages

Question #5 Hi Bev! I enjoy reading your blog, thanks for taking the time to answer questions! How fun! Well, my question I guess would be under the "beliefs" category....What do you think about Christians drinking alcohol? I'm talking ANY amount of alcohol. The Bible talks about not becoming drunk on wine but I have had many conversations where this is a grey area for some. I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Sorry if it's a "deep" question, but it's one I would love your imput on. Answer Here is the simple answer - Christians should not drink alcoholic beverages.  I believe we shouldn't drink wine, liquor, beer or any other alcoholic beverage.  A lot of people will use Jesus turning the water into (un-alcoholic grape juice)  wine as an excuse to drink alcohol but God never changes His Word and we all know what drunks end up doing! Ephesians 5:18 And be not drunk with wine , wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Notice, there is

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 3

Question #4 My questions is this:  How did you learn how to become so incredibly organized with planning and organizing meals, family time, homeschool, church, Bible study, cleaning, etc.? You seem so on the ball! Answer Pay attention to the word you used in your question - "LEARN how".  That is exactly how, I learned it.  I spent years getting sick and tired of things not being how I wanted them, not having a schedule to my day, being disorganized and I just resolved to change it.  No fancy program - definitely not Fly Lady! She drove me nuts LOL.  Just pen and paper, the good ole' fashioned way. I do use Google calendar now some but my main tools are still pen and paper and that is how I've done most of my planning. I have weeks were I don't clean and things get hectic and it is because of those weeks that I strive all the other weeks to keep that from happening! I can't even think straight if things aren't where they should be, etc. How can you th

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 2

Question #3 What do you think about unmarried women working? Like, a teenager that wants to work, or a single woman, or a woman working to help save money in order to get married.  Answer My opinion on this has changed over the years and my husband and I view the family in a different way than most in society today.  This is a personal conviction , meaning - I don't hold others to this but its purely what God has convicted our family of following. With girls, who eventually become women, God never intended for her to be what I call "headless".  Headless meaning without a head.  She begins under her Father and then should not leave his headship until she is married and is under her husband's headship.  If she follows this, she would never need to work on a job.  With boys, its quite different - they are destined to work on a job, so therefore when we have a boy, it will be a different for him. Note - just wanted to insert this here because someone had even tol

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 1

Thank you for all those that submitted questions via email, comments or the comment box!  This is the first post in a series to try my best to fully answer your questions.  You can always ask me any questions at anytime but this got a lot of responses and was fun! Question #1 Hi Bev, Do you ever share pictures/video of your home and how you decorate/organize? Thanks...Janel in NJ Answer Yes, I have shared several over the past few years and you can find them under the decorating label .  I also have some organizing posts .  I just posted on our homeschool blog, pictures of our bookshelf organization here and here .   Here is a link to some decor photos, its changed some since those photos and maybe I can do a house tour video sometime in the future.  Or you can open an IKEA catalog and that pretty much sums up my style LOL. Question #2 What audio books do you use for Katie? Answer I choose various ones that look decent from the library when browsing, use the suggestion