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Organization - Storage Containers

You may remember how I said in my pantry organization video that I wanted to get a container for my medicine .  It has been in a cardboard popcorn box for years and I always forget about it until I need medicine and realize that I still haven't replaced it.  The cardboard box was ok, but it was hideous to look at and the medicine got a coating of dust.  I found some storage containers that I liked and they met several of my wants - big enough, easy to open and close and visually attractive.  I love it! I bought more of these to consolidate a lot of clutter that was left on the laundry room shelf .  One for batteries, one for the tools and miscellaneous bits and pieces (some people have a junk drawer but we have a junk box) and the other for cleaning odds and ends (swiffer refills, lint cleaners, etc.) .  I like the black and white zigzag design and they were cheap! See that empty shelf?  That is going to be the home of our mail system that I'm going to try out.  We

When Satan Lies To You

This post is referencing my miscarriage, which you can read about here: I had cried some last night at the hospital and then on the way home but it wasn't until I was trying to fall asleep that Satan attacked my mind.  The words came to my mind so forceful, "Your cursed, look at all that God has let happen to you in your life" and then came a flood of other things and the pain of all my past traumas poured on me like heavy weights.  I started screaming and crying and tried to hold it in so I wouldn't wake my children but I couldn't.  The pain was so strong, the thoughts that God hates me filled me and I cried so hard. My husband kept trying to comfort me as he was half asleep but as my crying and screaming got louder, he started waking up and holding me.  I couldn't even get the words out but just saying help me.  Finally, I was able to ask my husband if God loves me.  He be