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A Taste of Homeschooling

The Great Divide - Error vs. Truth in Our Churches

After having to live through story after story of unbiblical Pastors leading their congregations to defy the government orders and have gatherings at their churches - the President has now deemed it ok to congregate once again.  President Trump got the CDC to list churches as essential, so the closing of them can never happen again and so that all churches can now reopen without fear of violating Romans 13. I honestly have been alarmed that a large number of Pastors and leaders of Christian churches in America thought it was ok and their "right" to defy the government and their leaders by congregating.  Romans 13 explicitly tells us that God is not OK for the defiance of rules, regulations, orders, etc from our governing bodies.  Yet, you have so-called leaders of God's people leading them to violate the Word of God in disobedience and thereby sin!  The blind leading the blind...  They have truly shamed the church as as whole by their behavior and brought a reproach upo