Thursday, April 17, 2014

Appendix and Gallbladder Gone

What a crazy past 2 months, first I had a miscarriage and then I had 5 hours of vomiting and pain and found out my gallbladder wasn't functioning.  My surgery was scheduled for next week but then came a terrible pain in my lower right hip area.  The on-call doctor said to go to the ER, so I did and was crying, screaming and so embarrassed when they wheeled me in because I was a mess and couldn't stop crying and shaking.

They believed I was having appendicitis but after a CT scan, they said it looked ok and then called my surgeon in the middle of the night to see if it was ok for the ER emergency surgeons to remove my gallbladder.  My surgeon said he could possibly do it himself in a few hours, so they discharged and sent me home with drugs.  My surgeon told us to come in the morning and started the operation to take out the gallbladder but he saw that I was having appendicitis and so he removed both - appendix and gallbladder.

Then....I had a severe reaction to the anesthesia, it was the hardest part of it all for me.  I kept on vomiting and the pain was through the roof but all the meds they had wouldn't work.  So he admitted to the local hospital and I still couldn't stop vomiting even with all the meds they gave me to stop it and nothing was helping the pain until they came to this one medication that worked.  Everything I tried to eat came back up and I couldn't even drink water.

My pastor and his wife came to see me and prayed on me and from that point on I got a touch from God!!  I finally was able to eat and drink small portions and didn't throw up and I started feeling better!!!  I also was able to finally get out of bed and walk for a bit.  I'm still not out of the danger zone yet but it is going that way and hopefully by tomorrow I can be discharged and go home with the pain meds.

Good thing I got my gallbladder out because not only was it almost dead, it had a lot of scar tissue - meaning, the man that assaulted me at 18 did indeed injure it because from then on I had right upper quadrant pain for years.  So glad it is gone and also glad that they were able to stop my appendix before it ruptured, potentially killing me!  The surgeon said it was so full of stuff it was about burst.  He saved my life!  Thankful for God helping me through this and a close friend has been there for me by helping with my kids and my house!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scratch That - Gallbladder is Coming Out

Well, I deleted the last post in that I was going with my plan on eating very low fat and trying to hope that my gallbladder will get better.  Even though I've stayed under 15 grams of fat (most of the time less than that) a day - I've been in a lot pain the past 2 days and it keeps increasing.  We met with the surgeon today and he said it was a greater risk for me to leave my gallbladder in my body.  It isn't even doing its job and will lead to gangrene and possibly death if left in there. 

Also, because I'm losing weight so rapidly, that will harm not only my gallbladder but my liver and many other things.  I'm eating a lot of carbs and can't eat much protein or fat - this isn't good long-term for my body.  I also need fat, to go so low just to keep my gallbladder will only cause me to create other problems in my body from lack of proper fatty acids.  I also can't absorb vitamins A, D, E and K because of the bile not being released and also because I'm not eating enough fat with those vitamins.

It seems that the risk is far greater if I keep it, than if I don't.  Plus, my husband and I prayed and we feel God is leading us to do this.  For whatever reason, God knows.  This may not even end my pain but it is the first step in trying to get rid of an organ that is dying.

Thank you for the prayers and comments!!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chronic Acalculous Cholecystitis Gallbladder Disease

Yes that title is my official diagnosis that I got today.  I had a HIDA scan and they found that my gallbladder is actually not even working.  It won't release the bile and we watched it sit in there for almost 2 hours and not empty, though at the time I didn't know that was an issue.  My doctor called today to have me come in and I knew that meant it wasn't good news.

There are no gallstones, no sludge, no obstructions of any kind - just that my gallbladder decided to up and die.  Usually very sick people (cancer, HIV, terminally ill, etc.) get this or those who were injured in an accident or during a major surgery.  Me?  Well, they have no idea why I have it and there is nothing I can do to make it start working again - or at least science hasn't advanced enough to find a way.  The doctor said it has to go.

This type of gallbladder disease doesn't come from fatty food supposedly, if I had a problem eating too much of the bad foods, I would develop gallstones or other things.  That is good to know at least.  Now, I can't eat fat, or at least stay around 3 grams or less a meal and I've done this for a week and guess what?  I've lost 8 pounds!  See, there is my silver lining in all this!

I don't really have an appetite most of the time, I feel full before I even eat, which is strange.  I also can't eat much before I feel like I will explode, so all this is helping with the weight loss aspect.  If I was to eat a high-fat item, I will most likely be vomiting and end up in the ER again with pain and have to get it removed it right away. life sort of depends on not eating fat and when it comes down to that, you find your motivation to keep your diet!!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Organizing Papers Into One Filing Cabinet

I've been decluttering and simplifying a lot of things in my life lately - everything from deleting some blogs I had, to things around the home.  One of the things that bother me is our paper situation.  We have papers all over the house in different places and storage bins.  There is a small cabinet here and then a a file box there and then a pile here and on and on.  I decided that it was worth the money to buy a large filing cabinet to condense everything down into ONE location.

This will eliminate a lot of other filing areas and thus open up more space in those areas and add more things to our increasing yard sale pile we got going on for this summer.  I found the size, color and style of the filing cabinet I wanted at Office Max, it was the cheapest price as shipping was free (and it arrived fast) and it came with a FREE utility tote bag that I just love!  I also ordered 100 colorful hanging file folders because I love my color!

The picture got cut off, but this is a 4-drawer filing cabinet.

The file cabinet fits like it was made to go between the bookshelf and the kitchen counter and now I wonder how did I go this long without one of these?  I can't wait to organize it and do all my files, it is definitely a project that will take a while but it is another step toward simplifying my life a little bit more.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Update On Me

*Update here:

I had severe pain in my right side late Wednesday night and then woke up through the night feeling sick and what I thought was my old liver pain coming back.  I ended up with 5 hours of vomiting, fever and chills before I realized this was just not normal and not the flu - so a friend, that had come by to help me, called 911.  Thankfully, I got a room right away and tests done quickly, they also were able to stop my vomiting and gave me the strongest pain killer I've ever had but still didn't take the pain away completely.

It was my gallbladder.  However, I have NO gallstones - it is something called acalculous gallbladder, which is basically an inflamed gallbladder without gallstones usually found in very sick people. Well, I'm not a very sick person or at least I hope not!  I did have the miscarriage just a month ago almost to the day, so they did some tests about that too.  They sent me home with pain meds and anti-nausea meds and I've been in a lot of pain the past few days.  I will be seeing my doctor on Monday and seeing what tests he wants to do and the possibility of removing my gallbladder.

I've thought I've had gallstones for a few years actually, I would get a pain in my side after eating junk food, and would take apple cider vinegar and it would help and I would go on and be ok.  However, this time, it was pretty extreme and the vomiting was the worst in my life, I'm still sore in my ribs and it has almost been 3 days since!  I was surprised that I have no gallstones, it just doesn't make sense to me and all that I've read on this talks about trauma like a car accident injuring the gallbladder, seriously ill people or injury after a major surgery.

Has anyone ever had this without gallstones?  If so, please share your story in the comments or email me!

I honestly thought a lot of my health issues had ended because my last c-section showed the problems inside my body and they fixed it all.  I'm not sure what caused my miscarriage and then this gallbladder issue but praying my doctor is able to get to the bottom of it and hopefully spare my organ!

God knows and He is there.......He has brought me through so much and everything is going to be ok!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Money + Power + Control = Common Core

I think everyone in America needs to see this 39-minute documentary on Common Core, whether or not you have children.  Why?  Because it details what Common Core will eventually cause - a dumbing-down of America, more than we even have now.  Common Core will squash the passions, creativity and talents of every child to make them robots of the system, which is based on what someone else thinks that is best for YOUR child(ren).  Think communism.  Money can always seem to sneak things like this in and erase any dissenters.  Money + Power + Control = Common Core

Here is the trailer:

Here is the full documentary:

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Organization - Storage Containers

You may remember how I said in my pantry organization video that I wanted to get a container for my medicine.  It has been in a cardboard popcorn box for years and I always forget about it until I need medicine and realize that I still haven't replaced it.  The cardboard box was ok, but it was hideous to look at and the medicine got a coating of dust.  I found some storage containers that I liked and they met several of my wants - big enough, easy to open and close and visually attractive.  I love it!

I bought more of these to consolidate a lot of clutter that was left on the laundry room shelf.  One for batteries, one for the tools and miscellaneous bits and pieces (some people have a junk drawer but we have a junk box) and the other for cleaning odds and ends (swiffer refills, lint cleaners, etc.).  I like the black and white zigzag design and they were cheap!

See that empty shelf?  That is going to be the home of our mail system that I'm going to try out.  We have a horrible time with incoming mail but I'm going to try out a system with shelves for each category and hopefully I can blog on that when I get it.  My husband likes to keep his shoes here rather than in the bedroom, so I got rid of an old shelf that was falling apart and used the bottom 2 shelves of this bookcase for shoes.  (I threw out 2 bags of stuff by the way!!)  I keep my 2 pairs of flats and then flip flops that I use to go check the mail, take out trash, etc. along with my daughter's flip flops for that purpose as well.  The top shelf is our towels and bedding.

I also redid my pantry since the last time I did so was in September.  We did our bi-yearly order with Azure Standard and I had to reorganize things to get it all to fit.  I bought some plastic food-safe jugs to store - mini chocolate chips, cornmeal and Cheerios and then I had an older container that was empty, so I filled it with popcorn.  You can see my medicine box on the top shelf, it looks so much better than that old cardboard box I had for years, love it!!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Decluttering Begins

I'm doing a lot better about the miscarriage, I think a lot of it was hormonal and that seems to have leveled out now.  I'm decluttering the entire house, which could take weeks because I don't even remember the last time that I've been physically able to do a spring or fall cleaning in my home and well.....that and all the clutter has been driving me bonkers!  I'm not the type of person who can just let their house be messy, even if I try to tell myself it is ok because I hurt my back or I'm miscarrying or whatever.......I can't stand to look at it.  I mean I can't function with dirt and clutter - but my husband and daughter can, so I seem to be the only one in the house with this issue.

I'm starting in the most neglected room of the house which is my laundry room.  I've already thrown away 2 trash bags full of stuff, mostly shoes and feeling the cleansing that decluttering brings fires me up to keep going.  I hope to post some videos, pictures on this process as I can.

Anyone else got the decluttering/spring cleaning bug?

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Poll: Kitchen Aid Mixer Worth Having?

I've had a Bosch mixer for about 10 years now and love it for bread and other things, but I find it difficult sometimes getting things out of the bowl since it has a donut-shaped hole in the middle of the machine.  Mostly it is the things that are hard to scrape out of the bowl, like cookie batter.  It works great for my bread and other doughs.  I know that I can get the cookie dough paddles for my Bosch to help with the cookie dough, but I've heard good things about the Kitchen Aid mixer and was wondering if you all thought it was worth having?  Also, does anyone have both the Bosch and KA mixer and if so, do you think it is worth having them for different purposes?

Poll Results:

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

When Satan Lies To You

This post is referencing my miscarriage, which you can read about here:

I had cried some last night at the hospital and then on the way home but it wasn't until I was trying to fall asleep that Satan attacked my mind.  The words came to my mind so forceful, "Your cursed, look at all that God has let happen to you in your life" and then came a flood of other things and the pain of all my past traumas poured on me like heavy weights.  I started screaming and crying and tried to hold it in so I wouldn't wake my children but I couldn't.  The pain was so strong, the thoughts that God hates me filled me and I cried so hard.

My husband kept trying to comfort me as he was half asleep but as my crying and screaming got louder, he started waking up and holding me.  I couldn't even get the words out but just saying help me.  Finally, I was able to ask my husband if God loves me.  He began to talk about how so many said that I would be unable to bear children and how God opened my womb and gave me my daughter and then again after years of not being able to conceive and being told that I probably wouldn't be able to have more children - God did it again and gave me my son.

Hearing reminders of God's miracles squashed all of the lies of the devil in a moment.  I was able to calm down and just lay there thinking on my daughter and son - 2 miracles in the next rooms sent from God Himself and now serving as a reminder of His love.  Not only that but God brought me to the truth at 19 years old by taking me all the way to Alaska and then He gave me a Godly husband and a happy home.  He delivered me out of sin, cleansed me and washed me in His blood and gave me a new life.  He could have left me in the world in sin like I was with alcohol drowning out my past abuses but God didn't!  He loved me so much, he saved me and took the alcoholism away and healed my past.  Satan knows that we are blood-bought, we are redeemed, we have something that he can never have and he hates us - it isn't God that hates us, it is Satan that hates us!

When Satan lies to you - remember.  Remember all that God has done and let it drown out all the hurt, sorrow, pain and lies that Satan tries to tell you.  Then, you will have victory and peace!  Remember that this isn't the end, we will see loved ones again in heaven, there is a reunion awaiting us!

Thanks to Joyful Christian Homemaker for letting me know there was a song to the verse in Job 1:21, it was an encouragement to me today:

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4th Baby Awaiting Us in Heaven

I miscarried tonight.  I had pain Wednesday morning but it went away and I rested most of the day.  Then, as I was making dinner and dessert I started having more pain and it got so severe I wasn't sure I was going to live through it.  At the ER the doctor suspected ectopic pregnancy and had the IV started but thankfully I didn't have that, I was rather miscarrying.

This is our 4th pregnancy lost we believe and we didn't have answers as to why with the others but we now know that it was because of my organs and uterus were not in their correct places after my c-section.  That was fixed with my past c-section 15 months ago, so we weren't sure why I was miscarrying this baby.  There is a possibility that a cyst on my cervix, which was there 6 months ago but should have gone away, has grown in size and is still there.  The ER doctor said it could be why the pregnancy was unable to continue on and removing it is probably something we will be doing before trying to conceive again.

You know this was sad for me but as I was praying, "Oh God, please don't take my baby!"  I changed my prayer to, "Your will be done God, you know more than me of what is going on in there, I give it to you."  I felt a release when I prayed that prayer rather than begging God to let me keep the baby.  God knows what He is doing.

I'm doing ok, I'm realizing that we must praise God no matter what - I praised Him yesterday for the child He gave me and today I praised Him for His hand of protection.  This verse came to me during my last miscarriage in 2008 and it came to my mind again tonight:

Job 1:21

".....the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord."

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Something Is About To Happen

I'm not sure what it is exactly or how it will all work out but something is about to happen in our lives.  You may have noticed that I took some time off the blog recently.  I had things to work out in my life, some faith to restore, voices to not listen to and a relationship with God to build up.  I finally got what I was praying for and God is really moving in a mighty way.  It seems like clog has been removed in my life and the line between God and I has opened back up again.  I'm not quite sure why it felt like He wasn't there for so long but I believe He let me go through it so that He could show me that He COULD bring me through it, even when I felt that He was nowhere around.

Talk about some devil-stomping - my life has hit a new high in God.  Just the feeling that we are on the verge of something has me so excited.  I can feel it!  I feel that something is about to happen.  I feel that I'm on the edge of something great and that God is going to restore us for years that Satan has eaten up.

Joel 2:25
And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

There are so many avenues that I've thought but only God knows what is next for us.  He has led us through many dark valleys, made us get past what others thought of us so that we could stand for Him regardless; to stand without wavering - to be steadfast and unmovable.  God has and is preparing us for something - something is about to happen!

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Your Child(ren) Will Never Have Anything - Video

When I got pregnant with my daughter 10 years ago, someone that we looked up to in the Lord told me, "She'll never have anything."  They were referring to the fact that we couldn't "afford" to have a child.  At least on paper in the carnal mind - sure, we couldn't afford it.  However, God chose to open my womb after being sterile for 3 years and I think that when God does a miracle like that, He WILL take care of what He gave you!  Regardless, if God blesses you with offspring - no matter how many - He will provide for them all!  God CAN afford it!

So many people talk faithLESS when it comes to children.  It is as though they are to be a possession of ours like a car or a house but they are NOT!  They are not our possessions, they are God's heritage to us and they belong to Him; His reward.

Psalm 127:3
Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

When you treat children as a possession instead of human beings, you start talking about budgets and finances and being able to "afford" them.  You even talk of them as liabilities instead of what God made them to be - assets!

Psalm 127:4
As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.

Children are assets to those that believe the Word of God!  They will be your arrows, they are your helps and they are meant to be there in your old age to give back to you what you gave to them.  They are a source of joy, delight and happiness and they give you something to think about when you are met with temptation for they watch your life.  They make you a better person and God uses them to shape you to be that example that you should be.  They are the best investment that you can make here on earth because they can be taken to heaven with you, they are eternal.

Here is a video that I took today to showcase to you God's provisions for His children.  He WILL meet ALL your needs and pour out blessings that you can't even contain!  This is my testimony to others to show you how God keeps encouraging us that He isn't broke and He isn't dependent upon our finances!  Maybe your God is, but mine owns the cattle of a thousand hills - it's all HIS anyway!

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Video: Home Tour - Nursery

I put my son's toys from the living room back in his room and organized it to fit them all in there and also to fit in the new glider rocker.  There are still more things I would like to do to his room but the big toys get in the way and he loves them so much and plays with them all the time that I will just wait on the other things for now.  Most of the toys I got this past summer at yard sales, which I didn't intend on buying but they were so cheap and of good quality and I don't regret getting them now.  My daughter bought the Little People farm for my son for his birthday a few months ago.  My parents bought him a huge Smart wheels train set that has so many parts it takes up his entire floor - so that is why it is in a bin right now.

I saved a lot of my daughter's baby books but some of them are pretty beaten up but Zach still loves them.  He loves us reading to him, so we are slowly adding more books to his shelf from our main bookshelf as he learning to not eat the books!

The quilt, bedding and wall hangings are from a crib set I got when I was pregnant for $35 that was selling in other stores for $120, truly a blessing for us and it will be great for all future babies - boy or girl.  My sister made the wreath for his door by hand.

Here is the video room tour:

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Makes Me Happy At 34 vs. 24

I know that 34 is not old but I feel older with more wisdom than my 20's for sure!  I've been really happy lately and I was thinking on how I love the life that God has given me.  What makes me happy at 34 is different than what made me happy at 24.  When I was 24, I was a new mom of a 1 year old but I was self-centered.  I spent a lot of time and money on clothing with matching purses and shoes, exercise (2 hours a day!) and anything else that was about ME.  Looking back, I wish I would have been there more for my daughter instead of spending so much time on foolish things that don't really matter in the end.

Being a decade older now with a 1 year old, I feel I'm much better prepared for this as I've learned contentment and what is really important in life.  I cherish the moments with my son as I know how fast they go by and I cherish moments more with my 10 year old daughter as she grows into womanhood in coming years.  I'm completely happy with being a mother and a wife.  I honestly didn't know it would bring this much joy and with each child I have, it truly does multiply that love as the Duggars so often say.  I love my life!!

Being happy with human beings more than fabric is a big one for me.  I see so many who are caught up in that girl that I used to be with clothing, material goods and excessive time spent on SELF.  However, some seem to never come to that place of realization like I did about what is really valuable.  They continue on with this self-centered life and let those best years with their children (or no children) pass them by.  WAKE UP I say!!  Wake up to realize that the house, redecorating, new outfit, car or whatever it may be, is not the place to find your happiness.  Find it in your husband, children and God and you will be able to think on those wonderful days that you were present in their lives when you are old, with lots of time on your hands to THINK about what your life was full of. 

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