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What's Been Cooking

I made banana walnut cake with a 6 cup Bundt pan in my Instant Pot and it was so delicious!!  Definitely a keeper for us and I put a few semi-sweet chocolate chips in it as well. I'm still trying out recipes from my new cookbooks and needed a stand to hold open these books because the cheap one I had just wasn't able to hold the pages down.  I found this nice bamboo stand, it's very sturdy and holds well. I've been making oatmeal for a while now in our instant pot but a few months ago I tried  THIS recipe using steel cut oats and it has become our favorite.  I like to mix in banana, hemp seeds, flax meal and honey. I tried out making some egg bites for the first time and absolutely love them!  So easy to make too. I made the tuna noodle casserole but I used canned salmon instead and it was excellent! I made lemon ginger chicken thighs with coconut rice and veggies.  The coconut rice recipe was from the IP Bible cookbook and used a 7-inch round pan and it did not work -

Homekeepers Need to be Informed about the Stock Market!

We've had a 401K since we were 26 and didn't know really anything about it except that our money grew very well.  This past year we made an absolutely incredible amount and I didn't understand why my conscience always bothered me about the 401K.  I don't believe it is gambling, so why was I feeling so wrong? I started understanding more about it all and then realized these "mutual funds" we are invested in, are actually a basket of companies.  I wondered what kind of companies are we involved in?  That, to my horror, was when I realized why all these years I felt my conscience feel so sick towards our 401K.  We were invested in Fakebook (gag me already), Abortion, Pornography... you sick yet?  Even Caesar's Entertainment!  OH MY GOODNESS, forgive us God!  So, I'm thinking how ashamed I am and then I find out that some "Christians" say it's ok to do this and they enjoy the money made off all the evil.  SAY WHAT!? So, to check on the propos

More Fall Hiking

Hard to say it's fall because it has been in the 80's but the leaves don't lie - definitely falling!  

What's Been Cooking

I've really been enjoying these new cookbooks and so far, everything I've made from them has been excellent! I made their orange chicken, which came from the Next Generation book and it is a keeper for sure! I know this one doesn't look good necessarily but it was absolutely delicious and the whole family loved it!  It was Chickpea potato stew: They called for a lot of Instant Pot accessory pans and ramekins that I didn't have but thankfully I found them on Amazon: I made my first cake in the Instant Pot with the Coconut Bundt Cake recipe and it was good but I wish I had made the strawberry sauce to go on top of it instead of the icing. I made the World's Easiest Shepherd's Pie made with ground turkey and it was soooo good!  I actually made 2 Instant Pots of this so my husband had leftovers for work.  Everyone was scraping their dish to get every bite, so good! I made the Broccoli, Sausage and Cheese soup and it tasted good but didn't have enough in it for m

Trusting in What? - Podcast

Just what are you trusting in, in these last days?  Heed the warnings that God gives us and steer away from the love of self, love of money and love of pleasure.  Trust in God and have faith in His Word and His promises that will never fail.  It's time to find out just who you really are and what is really important to you.

Early Fall Hiking

I still can't get over enjoying the four seasons here in Ohio.  I love seeing the changes in each season that I missed out on for so many years living out West.  I guess as a child growing up in the south, I didn't pay much attention lol, because NOW it is a WOW every time I see changes in everything around me. What I love about fall is the crispness of the air at night and the crunch of the leaves as I walk.  I also love seeing the mosquitoes go bye-bye when it drops below 50!  Here are some pics from our recent hikes:

What's Been Cooking

I made oven baked flounder , which is my son's absolute favorite.  I take frozen wild caught flounder and rub them with olive oil, then I made a homemade fish seasoning and add that and some extra dill, lemon juice and salt and pepper and bake for 20 minutes.  I made some baking powder biscuits , tartar sauce ( I add more pickles and even pickle juice ) and prince medley with it: I made chicken enchiladas , cooking the chicken breast in homemade enchilada sauce all together in the instant pot, then shredding the chicken and filling each corn tortilla with chicken, sauce and cheese and baking. I don't normally cook on Sunday but I was craving soup and baguette bread , so I made some Pasta Fagioli with kale using a new recipe from The Instant Pot Bible - Next Generation and the soup is definitely a keeper!  Baguette bread is always good, can't go wrong and something we like to have with soup meals. *If you didn't notice, the bolded words above are links to the recipe.