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A Look Back on the Past Year

Looking back upon the year 2010, I see a life-changing year.  For starters, it was the year I turned the big 3-0 and I was able to stop my myriad of illnesses and pain by understanding the mind/body connection and you can read about that life-changing event here .  It truly was the year that I got healing for my past abuse.  Since then, God has helped me understand and deal with why I do certain things, think the way I do about some things and how to stop dwelling upon my failures. This was also the year of getting on a better routine and more organized.  I look back and see how far I've come and it just keeps getting better each year.  Homeschool was less stressed and more fun as I learned to not carry over my perfectionistic tendencies to rest upon on my daughter.  I'm a work in progress on letting it go a bit too! This was also the year I came back to blogging in April after getting over (once again lol) what others thought about me.  I came to the realization that the

Striving for the Mastery

My Pastor gave the theme of our church's spring conference - "Striving for the Mastery" and each year I like to have a theme for that year and chose the conference theme as it fits my personal goals as well.  Surely we all have things to work on and this past year my life took a turn for the better as I matured a bit more. God helped me heal from my past, showed me tools to use to do so and I've been able to not let my past failures derail my future. Sunday morning's message was so timely as Pastor talked about "Precious Memories" - referring to what we SHOULD be thinking on - the times God forgave us and picked us up again, NOT the failures, mistakes and sins.  God has really shown me this past year that most of my problems are because of what I think upon - I create my own misery!  I want to rather, think upon those precious memories, not only of God's grace and mercy, but also the good memories of my past. I wanted to outline some of my goals

Our Christmas Meal

I'm cooking our Christmas dinner and desserts this year and planned it all today.  We have the same thing just about every Christmas and its our favorites combined into one meal.  I'm starting my baking tomorrow and plan to have all of the desserts and eggnog finished by Thursday night.  Then Friday is all day cooking for the meal that evening.  It's my favorite meal of the year to cook! :-) Dinner Honey Glazed Spiral Ham Crescent Rolls Almond Parmesan Green Beans Cajun Fried Okra Sweet Potato Casserole Sour & Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes Macaroni and Cheese Desserts Eggnog Christmas cookies Banana pudding Pumpkin Pie Pecan Pie Peanut butter fudge 

Part 3 - Whose Bread Are You Chewing On?

In Part 1 we explained the characteristics of a busybody, places they do their work and things they don't possess.  Then in Part 2 , we discussed the title and 2 Thess 3.  In this part of the series, we are going to look at some more scripture that discusses the busybody. 1 Thessalonians 4 11 And that ye study to be quiet , and to do your own business , and to work with your own hands , as we commanded you; 12 That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing . Verse 11 continues after Paul was speaking about brotherly love in the previous verses.  Love respects its neighbor and provides for it own so as not to burden another.  Verse 11 tells us what to do and verse 12 he tells us why.  Let's break down verse 11: Study to be quiet - let's face it, the busybody is loud and busy talking!  Her spirit, disposition and demeanor are anything but quiet.  If we find ourselves succumbing to getting our nose into other's busines

Part 2 - Whose Bread Are You Chewing On?

In Part 1 , we discussed those that chew on another's bread concerning their characteristics, places they chew and what they do not possess. This part of the series is concerning what the Bible has to say about the subject. The text that I got the title "Whose Bread Are You Chewing On?" is from 2 Thessalonians but there are numerous verses in this series that correlate with the behavior of being a busybody. This post is concentrating on 2 Thess. 3: 6 Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly , and not after the tradition which he received of us. 7 For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you; 8 Neither did we eat any man's bread for nought; but wrought with labour and travail night and day, that we might not be chargeable to any of you: 9 Not because we have not power, but to make ourselves an ensample unto you t

Part 1 - Whose Bread Are You Chewing On?

This is the first in a series of what was laid on my heart during my 11 day trip to TN.  I spent some time doing studies while there and felt impressioned to share this. 2Th 3:12 Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread .  There have been a lot of times when I think I did some people disservice.  I simply didn't say anything when it should have been said and then said things when the time just wasn't right or it wasn't any of my business to be saying it in the first place.  What I'm going to discuss in this post however, is the times I should have told some people "Whose Bread Are You Chewing On!?" I've lost count of how many times others have asked us why we are not in Bible College anymore, how much our rent is, how much does my husband make, how much house money I get and so on.  Things that someone has no business in knowing about another but is simply being a bu

Strong Crying and Tears

God knew exactly what I needed last night at Bible study!  It was a joy to hear Pastor share what he did and I know it was right on time for me.  I've read the New Testament many times since I've been a Christian and somehow I either missed this verse or forgot about it but he brought it out last night and it really helped me through what I was going through: Who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death, and was heard in that he feared; Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;  ~Hebrews 5:7-8 Jesus himself had strong crying and tears and learned obedience by the things he suffered.  It wasn't just weeping either - "strong crying" in the above verse was a boisterous, mighty, powerful OUTCRY !  WOW!  Is it just me or isn't that just amazing? To think that our Lord cried like that and I'm comforted because

Things I'm Thankful For

Did you ever just stop and think about all that God has done throughout your life and all that you have to be thankful for?  There are so many that we couldn't possibly list them all throughout our lives but here is my summary. Here are Things I'm Thankful For: God saving me in December of 1999, this Christmas will make 11 years since my precious Savior delivered me out of the miry pit of sin!! Holy Spirit Baptism - I'm thankful for the POWER of the Holy Spirit and how praying in tongues daily builds up my faith and helps me to not sin! Godly, faithful, loving, handsome, smart, funny husband!  God has blessed me with the best man on earth and I not only love him dearly - his life won me to the Lord when I was 19. Loving, generous, enthusiastic, sweet, darling daughter!  I love Katie so much and so thankful that God chose to bless my womb with this wonderful child! New Testament Christian Church - I'm thankful for my church!  It still stands as a beacon of holines

Hair Update - November 2010

It has been a long time since I did a hair update.  For new readers of my blog, I lost 20 inches of hair with 2 perms a few years ago and spent the past 2 years or so growing out my perm.  I don't cut my hair and haven't since 1999, not even trimming, per God's word stating that it's my glory and sign of submission to my husband.  Anyway......I had to go through the "growing-out" phase for a while and it was hard!  So many times, I wanted to cave in and just get another perm but I didn't and I PRAYED and God helped me.  It didn't make sense to me to get yet another perm when they had already destroyed 20 inches of my glory. So I went through a year or so of half straight/half permed hair and tried to work the best I could.  Then finally in July, I was able to stop trying to make the bottom match the new growth and did a video on that here . Now, my hair is silky, shiny and I don't blow-dry anymore, I just let it air dry and comb and go.  I was

Quotes on Mind-Body Illness

Here are some quotes that we posted over at "Motivated Mentality" a while ago and since my last post here was talking about this subject, I thought I would share these here as well: A bodily disease, which we look upon as whole and entire within itself, may, after all, be but a symptom of some ailment in the spiritual part. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter The mind has great influence over the body, and maladies often have their origin there. ~Moliere There is something in sickness that breaks down the pride of manhood. ~Charles Dickens When the head aches, all the body is the worse. ~English Proverb The part can never be well unless the whole is well. ~Plato I see rejection in my skin, worry in my cancers, bitterness and hate in my aching joints. I failed to take care of my mind, and so my body now goes to hospital. ~Astrid Alauda Know, then, whatever cheerful and serene.....Supports the mind supports the body too. ~John Armstrong Hear your

Mind-Body Connection - Deliverance is Yours for the Taking!

I was suffering with incredible back pain for about 10 weeks and couldn't even load the dishwasher without pain.  My doctor had reached the point of basically saying, I could get shots every month or surgery, or live off of ibuprofen.  I came home so depressed and desperate and called out to God for healing or to direct me in some way of why these things always happen to me.  It was then that I came across a 20/20 video done on Dr. Sarno. After watching that video, I got Sarno's book "Healing Back Pain" within hours.  Within 30 minutes of reading the book, I was in tears because it was explaining my entire life since childhood.   My brain was trying to "do me a favor" and direct my emotional pain from past abuse to different parts of my body - which medical records, hospitalizations from the past 23 years prove .  I missed a lot of school growing up and even had rare illness' in my early 20's and went from doctor to doctor. As I was reading his b

Freeing up Time

If you have been following along the past few weeks, you read that I did freezer meals for Oct-Feb!  I'm telling you all, I didn't realize the great impact this would have on my time.  I knew it would free up some but didn't realize how much easier and less stressful it has made my life! I plan my life ( not every single minute ), with my Google calendar.  Normally, the week I get my house money, I have to take off homeschool to grocery shop, bake and do the freezer meal cooking - oh, don't forget the planning.  Looking at my schedule for next week - it just has shopping and then I've been baking while my daughter does her math meeting or writing so its fit in nicely that way.  It is so wonderful to me to know that from now till mid-January, I won't have that one week a month that throws me off anymore!  Rather, I can just calm down a bit lol, realize I'm not a rush anymore to homeschool to "catch up" after one of those weeks and delve into other

Past Mementos - Name Key-chain

My mom sent us a package and it arrived today.  She has been gradually sending things she has kept from my childhood.  We have been getting one box a month usually and its like I'm opening tiny bits of my past and memories are rushing in.  Lots of tears have been shed and gasps of joy as well when I recall the item and then say "I forgot about this" or "I remember this!"  My daughter has been wanting me to tell the story behind each item and its really been awesome. I wonder why my mom kept certain things and I realized they were things that were special to her as well that she wanted me to remember and keep.  Some of the things I never really cared about it, but she did, and it meant something to her and then now they mean something to me.  What I'm blogging about today is one of those things. My mom got me this key-chain and she thought it was something special, though as a teenager I thought it was stupid.  She held onto it all these years and I could

Biblical Love

The message last night was talking about eternal love and this quote I came across today really fit within the theme of the messages lately: Biblical love says, “I choose to love you, and I’m not going anywhere.”  Biblical love knows nothing of backing out when things get tough. Biblical love gives without expecting, goes the extra mile, sacrifices for others, and views divorce as a tragic and unnecessary plague visited upon a culture that has settled for a lie. Biblical love is not constantly seeking the emotional high that often characterizes immature relationships but instead is content with the depth and breadth that only the love of a maturing, godly relationship can provide. ~ Voddie Baucham

It's a Mini Me!

Hubby said Katie is a Mini Me!  She came into the living room tonight to announce she has organized her Polly Pockets and proceeded to show us what each bag was - one for the snow mobile Polly, the next for the mermaid Polly, etc.  Too cute and then she rushed back into her room to organize more!  Had to snap a pic and show you guys: Then, she has been drawing and shocked us with her creativity lately.  I haven't taught her to draw this stuff, she just comes up with it on her own and I thought they were too cute!  The last one was her self portrait.

Laundry Room - Simplifying With a Shelf

I love bookshelves for many purposes if you couldn't tell already.  I had a wire rack shelf and another shelf in the laundry room and it took up a lot of space and we had to cram my floor cleaner and small vacuum and buckets in there and it was a hassle to get through the back door.  I wanted something simpler - and as I was getting black shelves, I figured why not another shelf for the laundry room?  It definitely simplified it and I love it! The top shelf is towels, washcloths and linens.   2nd shelf is toilet paper, paper towels and some extra cleaning items.   Third shelf is the "tool" box or junk box and bucket with scrub brushes.  However, I've since put the tool box on the very top and the bucket in the shelf above the washer/dryer.  So now, that shelf is our mail center.  I plan on buying a plastic container for the tool/junk box eventually. The last two shelves are for hubbies shoes.  I lined them with paper towels to catch the dirt and he knows to l

Mailbag: Plastic Surgery

Q.  Hi Bev~ I've got another question for you that I'd love to have your insight about!  I was wondering what you believe when it comes to Christians (mainly women) having plastic surgery done?  I know so many who have had something "done" or would like to.  Personally, I think it is fine when correcting an abnormality that someone may have been born with or after an accident of some kind, but that is not really what I'm talking about.  The women I know seem to have given in to the world's perception of beauty and are becoming fake!  Many times I wonder what this is teaching our young girls and I am concerned about the influence this has on their self image and perhaps they may grow up believing God did not make them "good enough."  I expect things like this from those who do not know the Lord, but like I said, these are Christians. Thanks for your time A.  This would be entirely my opinion of course but we can also take into account the

Nothing Shall Offend Them

Pastor preached a message recently that really touched my heart. He was talking about how nothing can offend those that love the Lord. He dwelt on NOTHING for a while and well - that silence really let God move in hearts, including mine! I can't say that I have never had offenses - I have and its hurt. Psalm 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them . He talks about great peace being the property of those who love God's law and then ends it with nothing shall offend them.  We could say that others will know that we love God's law because of our peace and because we are not easily offended.  When we really study out the word offend, we can see more on why we should let NOTHING offend us: Hebrew definition : offend - a stumblingblock, literally or figuratively (obstacle, enticement (specifically an idol), scruple): - caused to fall, offence, X [no-] thing offered, ruin, stumbling-block. Webster's definition : offend - a

Storing Freezer Meals - Utilizing Space in a Small Freezer

I wanted to give you all an idea of how you can utilize a small chest freezer and easily fit in freezer meals along with other items.  First, I will show you the freezer space above our fridge - where we store ice cream, berries, ice, ice packs and whatever else.  I also keep my sauces here and you can see that you can get the ones that stack and then I use freezer bags for my pizza sauce: When packaging up your meals, you will find that most easily go into freezer bags - only casseroles need a larger container usually.  Here is an example of how little space these meals take up, this is 4 meals of sloppy joes flattened and stacked : For my casserole dishes, I stack those on the side ledge and put a piece of strong cardboard between them so they don't smoosh together.  I didn't have enough room for the 4th one, so I stack it on top of the other items.  Here are some photos I took of my small chest freezer to give you an idea of how little space freezer meals take up:

Mailbag: Christians & Halloween

Q.  Bev, I would just like to ask you a question on your viewpoint regarding Halloween. It is not an activity that we participate in, as it is not acceptable here at all in this country. I don't live in the USA. We have chosen not to mark this day, and I am just a wee bit confused when I read of so many believers' blogs saying it is quite acceptable to join in the festivities. I value your opinions on many controversial issues, and as you know, I really benefit from subscribing to your blog. A.  I don't celebrate Halloween and I don't let my daughter either.  I think a lot of Christians that actually do participate in Halloween activities are not doing it out of a heart to celebrate wickedness but just because they think its "fun".  There was a great article from my church's publication a few years ago about the Origin of Halloween (click to enlarge) : Not only has Hallows Eve become Halloween and full of satanic icons, it also carries with

New Homekeeping Schedule

We had a few changes this past week, so I'm changing my previous Homekeeping Schedule .  I'm so excited that my Mondays are now freed up!  Not only does it help with time for homeschool but it allows me to move my cleaning day back to Mondays and not have Tuesday so full. Monday -  3 hour cleaning marathon; ALL laundry Tuesday -  dishes, wipe counters Wednesday - dishes, wipe counters Thursday - dishes, wipe counters Friday - dishes, wipe counters Doing my cleaning on one day for a few months now has been so rewarding!  I have so much time to do extra crafts/projects for homeschool and just for life in general.   I'm planning on doing my fall deep cleaning the week of Thanksgiving, since we are taking school off that week.  I really need to clean behind the stove/fridge before the bugs come in from the cold.  I'm going to make a plan for those 3 days before Thanksgiving (Mon-Wed) so I make sure I don't forget anything because from Thanksgiving till Christmas

Get Real!

So many people today are fakes, phonies, pretenders and show offs.  There has to come a time in your life, where you GET REAL with yourself and put all the charades aside.  Enough pretending - simply be YOU!  So many times, I've seen people act a certain way to please others, all the while they are pushing their own individualities to the curb. They lose their sense of self and what God has made them to be.  They get lost in this persona that they feel will get accepted by their peers, those in authority over them or whoever it may be they are trying to please. It's time to get real with yourself and push aside your fear of rejection and allow the person God made you to be to shine.  I've come to the place in my own life, where I honestly could care less what others think of me and its taken me a long time to get there mentally.  Sure, I could say with my mouth that I didn't care what others thought but deep down there it was and would soon arise again.  However, thro

Blog Assignment

I'm giving my readers an assignment - don't worry, you won't get graded! ;-)  Just follow the directions....... 1st assignment: Get a piece of paper and pencil Write down what you would like to accomplish - from reading a certain book, taking on a study of a certain topic in the Bible or history, learning a new art/craft, traveling, spending more time playing with your children, going on dates with your husband, etc.  Just write down your "I want to accomplish these things" list 2nd assignment: Get a piece of paper and pencil Write down what is or would prevent you from accomplishing those things you seek to accomplish.  What is distracting you from getting them done or from living your life? Now sit back and look at both lists and realize what you are giving your time, energy and attention to from what you really want to do.  Then find ways to change it and eliminate distractions! Don't worry, I did the assignment as well and I just went and made m

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 7

Question #8 What books, besides your Bible, of course!, have left a lasting impression on your life as a Christian?  As a wife?  Mother? Answer This was a hard one because I can't really think of any particular books that I recommend to others.  Most books are not completely Biblically sound.  Meaning, though they have some wonderful gems of truth in them - they also contain error.  I'm always hesitant to share with others books that I read because you never know how far progressed someone is in their salvation and Biblical beliefs and I don't want to lead them astray if they can't tell when something in a book is right or wrong.  Know what I mean? Take for instance, there is a certain author, whose books I really glean a lot of things from.  However, she is not doctrinally sound in her beliefs and sometimes she has error in her books.  I throw things out and pull out the good.  A new Christian may not be able to do that. Question #9 I've recently come acro

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 6

Question #7 What is the best parenting advice you ever received? What is your favorite Scripture? Why did you start blogging? What a fun idea! :) Looking forward to your answers. Answer The best parenting advice I ever received was to give your child enthusiasm!  I started at a young age with Katie and she truly possesses enthusiasm in her life now.  I'm thankful to the lady that told me about training my child to be enthusiastic.  I took it even further and became enthusiastic, even about the mundane things in our lives.  It has shown its rewards with a child who has a passion for learning, life and Jesus!! My favorite scripture has always been Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. I started blogging because I felt it was needed in the internet world.  I got tired of googling topics and there was no real, Biblical, honest answer out there for a lot of things.  Also, seeing others lack so many homekeeping skills, not knowing ho

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 5

Question #6 Hi Bev. Okay here are my questions for you to answer: 1. What is a typical day like for you and your family? 2. Who is the disciplinarian in your family? 3. Where is your familys' favorite vacation spot getaway? Answer Other than the basics of wake up, eat breakfast, etc - we do homeschool and then I do my house responsibilities.  We have a lot of church activities during the week.  I did a longer description below. My husband ultimately, but we both have that responsibility Other than visiting our home states, currently, we really enjoy going to Leavenworth, Washington - a small, Bavarian town nestled in the mountains!  My dream spot would be Italy! Daily Schedule - my daily schedule is changing since we are starting up homeschooling again, so I will give you that schedule, since it is the one I follow the most for the year.   Wake up, drag myself to the coffee pot hehe.  Fire up the computer and drink 1 cup of coffee over about 30 minutes reading google

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 4 - Alcoholic Beverages

Question #5 Hi Bev! I enjoy reading your blog, thanks for taking the time to answer questions! How fun! Well, my question I guess would be under the "beliefs" category....What do you think about Christians drinking alcohol? I'm talking ANY amount of alcohol. The Bible talks about not becoming drunk on wine but I have had many conversations where this is a grey area for some. I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Sorry if it's a "deep" question, but it's one I would love your imput on. Answer Here is the simple answer - Christians should not drink alcoholic beverages.  I believe we shouldn't drink wine, liquor, beer or any other alcoholic beverage.  A lot of people will use Jesus turning the water into (un-alcoholic grape juice)  wine as an excuse to drink alcohol but God never changes His Word and we all know what drunks end up doing! Ephesians 5:18 And be not drunk with wine , wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Notice, there is

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 3

Question #4 My questions is this:  How did you learn how to become so incredibly organized with planning and organizing meals, family time, homeschool, church, Bible study, cleaning, etc.? You seem so on the ball! Answer Pay attention to the word you used in your question - "LEARN how".  That is exactly how, I learned it.  I spent years getting sick and tired of things not being how I wanted them, not having a schedule to my day, being disorganized and I just resolved to change it.  No fancy program - definitely not Fly Lady! She drove me nuts LOL.  Just pen and paper, the good ole' fashioned way. I do use Google calendar now some but my main tools are still pen and paper and that is how I've done most of my planning. I have weeks were I don't clean and things get hectic and it is because of those weeks that I strive all the other weeks to keep that from happening! I can't even think straight if things aren't where they should be, etc. How can you th

Mailbag: Question & Answer Part 2

Question #3 What do you think about unmarried women working? Like, a teenager that wants to work, or a single woman, or a woman working to help save money in order to get married.  Answer My opinion on this has changed over the years and my husband and I view the family in a different way than most in society today.  This is a personal conviction , meaning - I don't hold others to this but its purely what God has convicted our family of following. With girls, who eventually become women, God never intended for her to be what I call "headless".  Headless meaning without a head.  She begins under her Father and then should not leave his headship until she is married and is under her husband's headship.  If she follows this, she would never need to work on a job.  With boys, its quite different - they are destined to work on a job, so therefore when we have a boy, it will be a different for him. Note - just wanted to insert this here because someone had even tol