Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 7

We left off in Part 6, where I had gotten my first perm in 2005. My hair was still full and lovely UNTIL we moved from Alaska to Washington. In WA, we lived in a place that had well water (nothing wrong with that) BUT the water had very high levels of iron, it was even orange and would stain our toilet, sink and tub within a day. My daughter's hair even got an orange tint. My hair became very, very thin and so did my daughter's. At first I had thought it was my health because I had some severe health issues with my heart and liver in Alaska and upon arriving in WA that caused my hair to fall out in the front a little, as you can see below in the photo the bare patch in the front. However, seeing what it did to my daughter's hair too and reading about how heavy iron levels in your water damages your hair and its irreversible.....made me scared! So I started to wash my hair with distilled water and that was a task! I ended up going back to the shower head to wash my hair and watched my hair just get worse and worse and break off dramatically.

Now, my hair was already porous (after having a perm) so maybe had it been unprocessed, it would not have been effected as bad as it was. Nevertheless, we moved to another location that did not have high iron levels in the water! It seems like my hair would not grow at all even, my perm was about 2 years old but my growth was barely a few inches!

However, the damage had been done and I had lost SO MUCH length. My hair went from near my knees up to my backside (that's a lot of inches lost!) So what did I do? Stupid me, figured all was lost, so might as well get another perm. <---STUPID!!! I got this perm in March 2007. The perm was great and I didn't have much breakage at all with the perming process, although my hair really didn't need the extra processing!

You can't see the length fully, but you can tell it isn't as full toward the ends as it used to be before I got a perm and had the "iron water" experience. I started to use Garnier Fructis Color treated/permed Shampoo and Conditioner around this time and also used the Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner every time!! In the beginning I was using some alcohol-free gels but eventually all I needed was leave-in conditioner and then I let my hair air-dry. NO HEAT!
I began to pray on my hair asking God to help me recover from the damage that I did to it and to make the hair grow in my "bare" spot in the front. And it did!!! I have more hair there now and my hair is getting better.

Here is a photo almost a year after my 2nd perm (I had red eyes in the photo, so I made them black with editing software......they aren't black in real life LOL, they are green lol). You can see that my hair had FINALLY started growing again! I had new growth and it grew in nice and black and lovely and silky just like old times lol.

I've Got My Mind Made Up

This is actually some snippets from a sermon I listened to on the internet, just took some highlights from what the minister had said:

My mind is made up, my face is set.
My gait is fast, my goal is Heaven.
The road is narrow, the way sometimes is rough.
My companions sometimes are few, but my guide is reliable and my mission is clear!

Then he went on to say as "your Pastor" and as a Christian:

I can not be bought
I will not be compromised
I will not detour
I will not be lured away
I will not be deluded
I will not be delayed
I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice because I'm too close to Heaven.

I can't hesitate in the face of adversity
I can't negotiate at the table of the enemy
I can't ponder at the pool of popularity
I can't meander in a maze of mediocrity

I'm not going to GIVE UP
I'm not going to SHUT UP
I'm not going to LET UP
I'm not going to SLOW UP

Until I'm preached up, payed up, prayed up, and stored up
I'm going to stay there until Jesus says COME UP!

I've got my mind made up, I'm going to be saved!

No matter how rough the road may get
No matter how often I may have to kneel and pray
I've got a made up mind and that's my conviction
I'm going to be saved!

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 7

We left off in Part 6, with my hair being at its longest (50 inches) and very healthy. Enter: Stupidity!! I was tired of straight hair, tired of curling it if I wanted curl and yada yada yada. (Wish I could go back in time but I can't!). So I got a perm (2005). I figured it was going to be great, I would have curly hair all the time and could straighten it if I wanted to. It was nice in the beginning and I loved it:

I had a lot of breakage with my perm, especially along the hairline. Although I didn't lose any length (yet), it was coming as I soon found out. Here is another photo a few months after I had gotten my perm and still loving it:

It was easy to fix, I would just wash and gel and let it air dry. I still did not use a blow dryer.

What the Great Commission is NOT

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15)

The Lord Jesus gave this commission to His disciples after His resurrection and prior to His ascension to the third heaven. The command is to "Preach the gospel." The verb "preach" means to herald the message. It is the same word found in 2 Timothy 4:2--"Preach the Word." In ancient times momentous messages were communicated by a herald. This was the King's personal messenger who would cry out the king's message as the people in the town would assemble together eager to hear the latest news. The herald would not give his own message and he would certainly not give his own views and opinions. He would simply give the King’s message word for word. He would not interpret the message. It made no difference whether the herald liked the message or did not like the message, he had to faithfully deliver it. He did not debate with people. He did not argue with people. He just presented the King's message. Paul once said, "necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel." Woe unto me if I fail to faithfully announce the King's message of good news!

Today it seems as if the church is doing everything except the very thing that our Lord told us to do. We substitute our program and programs for God's program. We present our gospel instead of His gospel. Let us briefly consider what God's great commission does not say:

Go ye into all the world and feed the hungry, clothe the naked, build homes for the poor and care for the sick

While we certainly should not be oblivious to the pain and poverty and suffering in the world, yet the social gospel is not what our Lord commanded. The solution is not for each believer to become like Mother Teresa. We may feed their stomachs but what have we done for their souls? We may cure them of a bodily illness, but what has been done about the deadly and incurable disease of sin (Jer. 17:9)? What good does it do if they become rich for a second (in this life) but poor forever (in eternity)? If we clothe their bodies with the finest of garments, how shall it help them if they die without being covered by the robes of Christ's righteousness? What shall it profit them if we build them a wonderful house, but no provision is made for their eternal home in heaven? What ultimate good have we done if we only help them this side of the grave?

The Salvation Army is today almost exclusively devoted to a social gospel, with little emphasis upon the salvation of souls. It is very interesting to hear what William Booth had to say years ago: I recall hearing William Booth, the first general of the Salvation Army, say, when explaining his "Darkest England" scheme, that its real objective was, not just the amelioration of social conditions, but first and foremost the bringing of men to repentance that their souls might be saved. I can recall the flash in his eye, and the noble bearing of his commanding figure as he exclaimed, "Take a man from the filth and squalor of the slums, exchange his rags for decent clothing, move him from the stifling stench of the city tenement to a neat little cottage in the pure air of the country, put him on his feet economically where he can make a decent living for himself and his family, and then let him die in his sins, unsaved, and be lost forever at last—really it is not worth while, and I, for one, would not attempt it." (Cited by Harry Ironside, Except Ye Repent, pages 181-182).

"If every person in the world had adequate food, housing, income; If all men were equal; If every possible social evil and injustice were done away with, Men would still need one thing—CHRIST! --J.W. Hyde

The Advantages of Pleasing God Rather than Men

1. If you seek first to please God and are satisfied therein, you have but one to please instead of multitudes; and a multitude of masters are hardlier pleased than one.

2. And it is one that putteth upon you nothing that is unreasonable, for quantity or quality.

3. And one that is perfectly wise and good, not liable to misunderstand your case and actions.

4. And one that is most holy, and is not pleased in iniquity or dishonesty.

5. And he is one that is impartial and most just, and is no respecter of persons, Acts x. 34.

6. And he is one that is a competent judge, that hath fitness and authority, and is acquainted with your hearts, and every circumstance and reason of your actions.

7. And he is one that perfectly agreeth with himself, and putteth you not upon contradictions or impossibilities.

8. And he is one that is constant and unchangeable; and is not pleased with one thing to-day, and another contrary to-morrow; nor with one person this year, whom he will be weary of the next.

9. And he is one that is merciful, and requireth you not to hurt yourselves to please him: nay, he is pleased with nothing of thine but that which tendeth to thy happiness, and displeased with nothing but that which hurts thyself or others, as a father that is displeased with his children when they defile or hurt themselves.

10. He is gentle, though just, in his censures of thee; judging truly, but not with unjust rigour, nor making your actions worse than they are.

11. He is one that is not subject to the passions of men, which blind their minds, and carry them to injustice.

12. He is one that will not be moved by tale-bearers, whisperers, or false accusers, nor can be perverted by any misinformation.

Richard Baxter 1615-1691

Be Thankful

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don't know something,
for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations,
because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for each new challenge,
because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes.
They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you're tired and weary,
because it means you've made a difference.

It's easy to be thankful for the good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who
are also thankful for the setbacks.
Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,
and they can become your blessings.

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 6

We left off in Part 5, at my hair being at my backside and in the year 2004. In mid 2005, my hair grew to my mid thighs. It was super healthy, shiny and so easy to style and manage! Time did a story on me (if you didn't know, don't worry bout it!), and they did a few photo shoots too. The first picture below is from one of those photo shoots. I have cut out my daughter because I don't want her face online to the public.

The next 2 photos are me in a dress that my husband absolutely loved on me. He called it my "Lord of the Rings" dress. I still have it, its just a bit too small (for now) but hopefully will fit one of these days lol. Anyway, we are not concerned about the dress....*ahem*.....just the hair! I had washed my hair and left it in a braid to dry. I then took it down and that is the wave that you see in my hair.

This was the longest my hair has gotten, it was at about 50 inches here. I was doing the same thing with my hair as I have described in previous posts. Same shampoo, etc.

Hair Care 101; Hair Care Part 1

Here are some things I forgot to mention! Some of your comments brought them back to my memory, so thank you! : ) This will start the "Hair Care" posts, but I will also be finishing the "My Hair Story" ones as well. Just wanted to insert this in, since I forgot to include them in the first 6 posts.

When I put conditioner in my hair in the shower, I bend over, flipping my hair over my face and put it all over (lots of it) on all the hair, except the scalp. Then, I take a wide tooth comb (I keep one in the shower) and comb through my hair starting at the ends. Then I put my hair gently in a sort of bun (not tight at all, just loosely) at the back of my head and put a shower cap over it. I then wash my body, shave, etc, usually leaving in the conditioner for about 3-5 minutes. Then rinse and you can do your last rinse for a minute with very cold water, its supposed to add extra shine by sealing the cuticle but I don't always do the cold rinse.

Never, ever, ever, never lol..........use a brush on wet hair! If you must comb your hair after getting out of the shower, use a wide tooth comb!

Then a VERY important step that I failed to mention (but will go back eventually and insert into the posts) is using a clarifying shampoo every 2 weeks to once a month. I have done this for YEARS and I believe everyone should do it. Shampoos, conditioners, products, etc build up on the hair over time. Have you ever noticed when you switch to a different shampoo that your hair will look better the first time you used that different shampoo? Well, its not because you need to switch brands of shampoos all the time, it is because that new shampoo is a different formulation and has been able to remove some of the buildup of your regular shampoo. But keep using that new shampoo and then change again, and you will notice the same thing.

So how do you remove the buildup and keep using the same shampoo/conditioner for years? Do what I have been doing! I used to use Neutrogena's Anti-Residue shampoo but now I have found a cheaper version that works the same: Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo, I LOVE THIS STUFF! Now, this stuff will remove buildup from your hair and you only need to do it every 2 weeks or once a month. Unless, you use a lot of product in your hair, you will need it more often but not too much. So every 2 weeks, I use it for one shampoo and then follow up with normal conditioner and then the next shampoo I go back to my normal shampoo.

If you never remove that buildup, your hair will look dull, lifeless and limp, not to mention it will clog your follicles and prevent faster hair growth! So keep your scalp and hair free from buildup by doing this step every 2 weeks or once a month!

In a later post (more towards the end), I will do a Product List, which will include all products and hopefully photos too that I use and/or recommend!

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 5

We left off with my hair after I had my daughter at the end of 2003 being at my backside. From here on, it didn't grow so quickly, and I believe it had to do with the fact that I grew 10 inches in a year, most of that during pregnancy! I guess it was taking a break lol.

So now we pick up towards the end of 2004, after I had lost all my baby weight (57 pounds!) and my hair was just a bit longer than my backside, I'm guessing it only great 4 inches the year after having my daughter. I was still doing the SAME thing with the Finesse shampoo/conditioner and NO hairspray and no blow drying (maybe occasionally but I don't remember) and those coconut treatments once a month, sometimes once every 2 months. I didn't need product in my hair still because it looked great after letting it air dry still and when I would hot roll my hair about twice a month, the curls would last days.

Now, I was posing in these photos at the time, to show off my 57 pound weight loss after having my baby, but this is what I found for that time period showing my hair:

This next one is funny because whether you can tell or not, my hair was actually thrown over the FRONT of my face lol. My husband had me do it, we were a bit crazy back then (still are lol). Nevertheless, it was a good shot of my hair at that time. I had shed the normal "after having baby" hair, so it wasn't as thick but then hair is very fine and thin, I just have a lot of follicles that sometimes make it look thick as I've said before in the Introduction post.

So now we have gone from Dec 1999 when my hair was at my chin to late 2004. That is roughly 5 years and my hair was past my backside, about 38 inches in 5 years.

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 4

I told you all it was going to be a lot of posts, we are just now reaching the halfway point (I think lol). If you are just now coming to my blog, you have a lot of catching up to do! I had the Introduction post, then Part 1, 2 and 3 already! So get to reading.......I plan on going through this quickly because I have more posts for other topics coming next week. ; )

Last post, I ended with my hair being at the middle of my back in mid 2002. Now we jump to Nov 2003, one year later and also right after I had my baby. My hair grew SO MUCH while I was pregnant! It grew in one year, a whopping 10 inches! It also grew in jet black again with some of my hair towards the ends being dark brown.

As you can see it was long (to my backside) and shiny and healthy. It was like silk and I was still only using Finesse shampoo and conditioner with NO other products on my hair and letting it air dry and the occasional curling with hot rollers and still doing the coconut oil treatments, although sometimes it was only once a month.

I long to get pregnant again so I can grow some hair LOL. It was also thicker, because as most people know, you stop shedding hair when you are pregnant and then it is released after the birth of the baby and most people describe it as their hair falling out in handfuls. But don't fret, that is the normal process for hair with pregnancy and birth of a baby. You can google that, not really going to get into a big discussion on that right now.

So from Dec 1999 to Nov 2003, my hair went from my chin to my backside, that is just about 4 years time to get it that long. That is roughly 26 inches in 4 years of new growth; It was about 34 inches above at the time.

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 3

I began to see the rewards of prayer for my hair and use of coconut oil treatments. This was taken in Dec. 2001:

I started using only Finesse Bodifying Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner and that's it! I didn't use products on my hair, not even hairspray! I would do the coconut oil treatment every 2 weeks, instead of every week because my hair was so healthy and shiny. It looked good when it air dried even! I didn't need a blow dryer and didn't want to use one either. I was still just washing my hair 3 times a week.

The next year, after losing 60 pounds, my hair had grown to the middle of my back. This was in 2002:

I loved my hair at this time, it looked good air dried straight, didn't need any products and then looked good when I curled it and the curl would last until I washed it, 2 days later! It was the easiest hair to manage that I have ever had and I couldn't even FIND split ends in my hair.

So now we have covered from Dec 1999 when my hair was at my chin till mid 2002, about 2 1/2 years time, my hair went from chin to the middle of my back, growing at a rate of about 6 inches a year.

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 2

So began the "letting my perm grow out" process. At the time, I was still learning about hair and didn't practice what I practice now. So I started curling my hair all the time with rollers. I used those Caruso steam rollers (ya'll remember those? I still have them lol). Within a year my hair had grown past my shoulders and was very light on the ends from the perm (perms lighten your hair in case you didn't know that):

You can see that parts of my perm wouldn't curl with the steam rollers above, so it was odd but got better, wait and see in future posts! I started to PRAY for my hair, seriously......pray for your hair!

I only washed my hair on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays! That is the schedule I followed back then. I started to NOT use hairspray at all around this time also after reading about its effects on hair. So all I used was shampoo and conditioner (at the time it was the Kirkland brand from Costco). I also didn't use a blowdryer, I let my hair dry naturally most of the time.

Here is a photo where it started to get a bit straighter and I started using regular hot rollers:

You can see that my ends were golden from the perm a year before and they were dry from the chemical processing but I dealt with it. This is around the time I started coating my hair (heavily) from root to ends with coconut oil! I had learned this from my Pastor's wife, she had long, beautiful thick hair and she shared with me that she puts it on her ends before she curls it. BUT.....I thought since most of my hair was processed, why not put it all over lol.

I did the coconut oil treatment every Monday and let it stay in there all day and washed it out the next. I did this for years (still practice it today) and it works! I think coconut oil is one of the best treatments for your hair and I didn't just dab a bit back then, I coated every strand on my head! But it worked and you will see in the next post how it helped my hair recover from the perm while it grew out!! That and prayer, my hair grew and became the best hair I ever had in my life!

I will be doing a product post towards the end with the products I recommend and use.

Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 1

I'm going to start the photos from when I became a Christian and started keeping my hair uncut and letting it be long. I started with chin-length red hair (that was dyed lol). This was in 1999:

I was 19 and in the USAF at the time. I had just met my (future) husband and started going to church. Right before I got saved, I got a perm in Hawaii (while on vacation there). The perm was a flop and only left a wave really. Here is a photo of the perm:

Back then, I didn't know anything really about hair care. I had always just shampooed and conditioned and sometimes just used a 2-n-1 when I was working in the Air Force. When I got the perm, I started using gel and letting it air dry. I hardly ever blow dried my hair anyway. It's funny now that I think about it, but I was notorious for wearing my hair wet till it dried to church and around town lol.

I started to ask around and read books to learn more on how to take care of my hair, since I knew God wanted me to leave it uncut and let it be long to honor my head (my husband), and it is my covering (and glory) and also for the angels as the Bible commands.

Hair Care 101; Introduction

Thank you all for voting in the hair poll! I see that we got 45 votes and here are the results:

What type of hair do you have?

16 (35%)

20 (44%)

5 (11%)

4 (8%)

The majority of my readers have wavy hair, followed by straight, curly and then 4 of us with permed hair. I have naturally stick straight hair but am growing out a perm that I had a year and a half ago.

In case you didn't know, after the hair has grown out of the follicle it is dead. There are different types of hair and also different amounts of follicles that vary from person to person. For instance, I have very fine, thin hair but I have a lot of follicles, so it can sometimes look like I have thick hair.

Here are some hair "facts":
  • Average number of hairs on the head: 100,000
  • With reddish hair: 90,000
  • With black hair: 110,000
  • With blond hair: 140,000
  • Maximal length of hair: 70 to 90 cm (27 to 35 inches - not so see below)
  • Annual growth: 12 cm (about 4.7 inches - not so see below)
  • It is normal to lose 100 hairs per day from the scalp.

Now, those numbers can't be facts because my hair currently is 39 inches long curly (not sure what it is straight) and it was longer than that a few years ago before I got a perm (reaching around 50 inches). Then I have grown 10 inches of new hair since I got my perm in March 07. So that was more than 4.7 inches a year. So those numbers don't apply to everyone and it can depend on your health, age and what you eat as well.

Knowing what type of hair you "naturally" have is key to hair care, unless you have processed hair, which needs lots of TLC! I will be sharing with you, my tips and what I have done over the years and the mistakes I've made also and how I'm learning from them. I hope you will glean something useful from this series on Hair Care for yourself!

Next post, starts my hair story......that is the best way I could see to discuss all that I have done over the years. So I will use each photo as a discussion point.

The Re-Decoration Story

I've been through more decor in the past 8 years than probably most of you have been through in your entire life!  I have always liked the modern look and that is what my Air Force dorm was decorated in.  My room back home even was always a bit on the 'crazy' side lol.  I had BRIGHT yellow walls and multi-colored accessories and I had designed it myself much to my mom's disliking.

Then when I got married, I figured I would have to decorate like my mom and sisters and so worked with what we had in our first apartment and I was a 'country bumpkin'!  Apples in my kitchen, etc.  Although it just wasn't me, I figured this was what I was 'supposed' to do.  Then I came to the place where I wasn't going to decorate my home with what other people's home looked like but rather something I liked myself!  So after being married for about 2 years, we redecorated in BLACK modern decor with leopard print thrown in.  I really liked it until......

I received comments and jokes about how "dark" it was and I was never sure if they were serious or just making fun of for no harm.  After I had my daughter, I had postpartum depression and figured it must be the dark furniture that everyone had joked about!!  So what did I do??

I went shabby chic!  LOL  I got a pink couch, all pastel colors throughout my house and lots of roses.  My husband actually didn't mind and liked it.

Then we moved and came to a new location, to get made fun of again for our decor!!!  Some said it looked like a little girl's room and others even mocked and said "they would never put their husband in a house filled with pink and roses".  I was sad because I had come to this new place and met with so much disdain on what others THOUGHT of my decor!

I let them get to me and put my shabby chic decor away and chose a brown slipcover and "acceptable" style that surely no one would laugh at. 

Then I had a talk with my new Pastor's wife. I told her how I wasn't sure how I should decorate and how others here in this new town I just moved to where making fun of my decor so I took it all down.  To sum up what she told me:  You shouldn't let OTHERS determine what YOUR home looks like!  I had let what others thought of my decor determine my decor!  It was too late though because I had already took the decor down and spent money on another.  But I learned a valuable lesson from my Pastor's wife and one that I practice today!  She is truly a wise woman!!

So fast forward....we finally had the means of getting new furniture and choosing our OWN style that we have always loved....MOD!  We like black and lots of it, with splashes of bold reds and black/white patterns thrown in the mix.  We didn't have much money but we bought what we could on the little budget that I had!  It isn't my "dream" furniture because I don't have $20,000 to spend on decorating lol....but I love it nevertheless and we only spent roughly $1800, and that furnished the living room and dining room!

Someone had asked for me to share pictures of our decor and that is what brought on this post and then I will also be posting the photos of what we have done so far!  Now, I still like a few other decor styles but haven't tried those yet...maybe one day but I will only redecorate because its what I want! ; )

If you are so concerned about what OTHERS think of you, then you need a reality check!  Listen to my podcast on "What God Thinks" and make sure your mind is in proper prospective! 

Since we are on the topic of Abortion........

A quote from Obama:

A woman shouldn't have to be "PUNISHED with a baby"

My Bible tells me what God thinks about children (see my post about that HERE) and I'm BLESSED to have them!!!!!! CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING!!

Psalm 127:3

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward

Not only are children a heritage of the Lord but they are esteemed highly by God:

Psalm 127:4-5

As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.

Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them.....

I can't wait to see my pregnancy test read positive for a baby! I long for this, God has designed women for this very PURPOSE and I gladly assume my role as to "bear children" and guide my house! You don't have to ask what God's will is for you as a woman, he has already told us what it is in His WORD:

1 Timothy 5:14

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.

Wonderful Weekend Services!

The past few services have been an absolute blessing! Tonight's wasn't an exception! The presence of God filled the House and people's lives got touched and changed! I was thinking about it all tonight, and how BLESSED we are (me and my husband...well the rest of you too hehe) to have a church that actually stands for the FULL Word of God! Not only that, but to have a Pastor (or 2 or 3 or 4....ok you get the idea), who loves us SOOOOO much that he dedicates his LIFE to helping others make it to Heaven!

Just to feel the awesome presence of God in the singing and feeling like you could just float into the air while you are singing "He Set Me Free!" You can't get that a lot of places and I KNOW! I've been to several and I for the life of me, can't understand why someone would go to a church that was dead and couldn't excited even if Jesus had walked in the room! No thanks!

Pastor was preaching on the Bands of Bondage and what "true" bondage really is. Speaking on how the commandments of God are not grievous! (1 John 5:3) It is sin......that is not only grievous but BONDAGE! When I got saved, God broke those "Bands of Bondage" of sin........and gave me liberty in Christ!

I remember the heavy weight of sin and the bondage it was that no matter how hard I tried, I could not quit sinning. But when Jesus took over and I was born again.........what happened?? This verse explains it well:

2 Corinthians 5:17-18
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. And all things are of God.....

WOW lookee there!! Its in the Bible even, yet some people; churches won't even preach it over the pulpit!! Preach what? That OLD things pass away........then ALL THINGS become new and guess what, all you drinkers and fornicators out there, sorry but ALL THINGS are of GOD!

1 John 5:3

For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

For some people, doing what is in the Bible to them IS grievous because they aren't truly saved! I honestly, did NOT find what I read in God's word to be grievous. God had said it.......I had read it and then I acted upon it. I didn't have to wait for some "feeling"! God said this was the way it was to be and I had no qualms about it!

What about those that "struggle" with God's commandments? There is a struggle (or battle) because they are fighting God's will against their own will! It wouldn't be a struggle if they would just let GO and do what God told them to do!

No one had to tell me about worldly music when I got saved. I remember when I got saved, going back to my room and throwing away all my worldly music! No one told me to throw it away, it wasn't preached about to me that caused it, I simply KNEW what had to go now that I gave my life to God! Other times, it did take the preaching of God's word to prick my heart and then God deal with me and then other changes took place - its called progressive sanctification. However, I didn't find them hard to do once I knew it was God's will!

So what a weekend! Thinking about when God saved me back in December 1999 and all he brought me out of! All fired up for the week ahead and I've got something to SHOUT about! Hallelujah!

4 Bag Laundry Sorter

I love my Laundry Sorter! I bought it a little while ago and it is one of my favorite things for homekeeping now. Not only are the bags super sturdy, but they are each their own bag that can be lifted by the handles and taken wherever you need them. Also, because each bag is separated on its own, it can hold more weight than some I have seen where all the bags are connected. I was amazed that each bag could fit just as much as one my normal laundry baskets! It is also chrome and not plastic, which makes it more durable and thus would last you a lot longer than some of those cheap plastic sorters.

It also has wheels and is easy to move around the house. However, I keep mine in the laundry room because I find it fits best there and is right across from my washer, so all I have to do is grab a load from a bag and wash. I've shown my husband what each bag is for and he has been using the system and no longer do I have to sort through piles of clothes on laundry day!

Here are the categories for my 4 bags:
  • Whites
  • Colors
  • Delicates
  • Hubby's Work Clothes
We keep our towels in the bathroom in their own laundry basket, because I don't want to put wet towels in my cloth laundry bags! Also for kitchen rags and cleaning rags, I have always kept those under the sink in a bucket and when its full, I wash them. I normally do laundry on Monday's, so once a week.

I highly recommend this Laundry Bag Sorter. It is made by Mainstays and sold at Wal-Mart. It was just a little over $30 but has already proven to be money well spent!

Why I Don't Allow Debate or Criticism

The following post contains the reason why I do not allow debate or criticism or any "such like" on my blog. I do this for others to know, understand, and hopefully see the danger in participation in such things as a "hobby" or excessive past time. All is said in love and humility, backed up by the Word of the Almighty God.

I decided it would helpful to define 2 words listed on my sidebar and also in my comments section:

Debate and Criticism

Debate: a contention by words or arguments; fight, contend; argue; opposition

Criticism: the act of criticizing; a critical observation or remark; to find fault or point out the faults of

I do not allow either on my blog. I can not for the life of me understand why someone would read a blog they don't agree with as a whole. That is like me reading an Atheist's blog, expecting never to get upset. Why would I want to go on an Atheist's blog and stir up trouble? (That would be so rude of me to go to someone else's blog to tell them my 2 cents) It's THEIR blog, they can say what they want. Same for mine! I use the Bible, scripture and principles from the Word of the Almighty God and it speaks for itself.

Also let's use some scripture on this account as well. For what it causes on BOTH sides in the commentor and me, is a contributing factor that determines my rules. Not only that but most importantly, I developed this from Biblical scripture and principles set to guide our life. Let's look earnestly at the Word of God.

In its context, debate here is defined as contention, strife and wrangling. It is preceded by murder and followed by deceit. What is the intent of someone who sets about to debate in this manner? Is it to "murder" the other person in their mind through hate and/or use deceit by means of debate? Some food for thought.

Romans 1:29-32

"Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."

It doesn't just stop with this verse, let's continue on. In 1 Timothy 6:3-4, Paul goes on to say that those who teach otherwise:

1 Timothy 6:4

"He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings,"

The Bible plainly tells us what comes from "doting" about questions and strifes of words - it brings envy, strife, railings and evil surmisings! Let's define some of these words:

Doting: (in its context) someone that loves to argue

This is what comes from "doting" or for better use of words, what is made from or arises from arguing over questions:

Envy: painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage; malice

Strife: conflict, discord, fight; debate/argument; contention, wrangling = to engage in argument; bicker; dispute; controversery

Railings: slander, detraction, speech injurious to another's good name

Evil Surmisings: evil/bad imaginations; to imagine evil

WOW! All those things stem from what? The doting about questions and strifes of words! Is it any wonder, WHY I don't allow such things to happen on this blog?

I'm not done yet lol. God has given me many things tonight to post about this and it is to help others and show them how DANGEROUS it is and why I don't want this going on here. Let's look at more scripture:

Titus 3:9-11

"But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.
A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;
Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself."

That is one of the most forewarning scriptures that you can get about this subject in my opinion! Not only should we avoid those things but he goes on to tell us they are UNPROFITABLE and VAIN! But it ain't over yet........the last verse (v.11) is where it gets dangerous! Self condemnation by your own words! Your words will be used against you one day. This isn't the only verse in the Bible that teaches us this truth:

Matthew 12:36-37

"But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.
For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."

Our words are not just floating feathers in the wind, never to be brought up again. They are being recorded and we will have to give account for them one day.

For the sake of others, I've deleted some of the comments that were contentious. I'm sure you can find a group of like-minded, disgruntled, arguing and striving over questions folks.......but this ain't the place to do it! I've used the Word of God to show the DANGERS of such things in hopes to help someone understand, for not only themselves, but for them to understand my reasons and my rules and where I got these principles; God's Word; The Bible.

Proverbs 31 Woman a "Career Gal"?

I was reading through Voddie Baucham's blog and came upon one of his post with the title listed above. I found it very insightful and truthful. I also am not against women working when they have to in such cases as he listed:

"....women who find themselves abandoned by sinful, self centered, immature, and/or irresponsible men (both the father of their children and their own fathers), and thus literally have no choice but to work and provide for their children. Nor do I fault women whose husbands have been disabled for one reason or another for having to become breadwinners."

He goes on to contest the thought of the "Career" woman and how our culture today wants to paint the Proverbs 31 Woman as such. You can read the full post here:

"The ‘career woman’ argument is an absolute stretch. Especially when we recognize the irrefutable hermeneutical principal that Scripture interprets Scripture. Thus, we cannot use Proverbs 31 to negate Titus 2. Whatever the Proverbs 31 woman teaches us, she cannot teach that which would contradict the direct command for women to be “keepers (or workers) at home.” (Tutus 2:5, 1 Timothy 5:14)"

*Also, I never stated I was not voting Republican. I would never vote Democrat because of what they support: Abortion, Homosexuality, More Government Control, etc. In Politics, you have to choose the "lesser" evil and that leaves McCain. I do not support his pick of a woman for the VP slot. Also, his health is in not so good condition, he is older and I would not like the idea of having a woman ruling our Nation, if McCain was to pass away during office. She also has several children and they need her but she has chosen other things as more important than her God-given role. She has a daughter under her roof who is pregnant out of wedlock. She has a child born not too long ago with Down Syndrome, who will need extra care, time and attention but Mommy will be doing more important things than take care of her son. She seems like a nice lady and I think she can speak very well, but that doesn't make her right, Biblically speaking. However Politics is matter who wins, God is STILL in CONTROL! I will not worry, fear or fret over who gets the office because I'm in God's hands and he will never forsake me and my family or any of His children!

2 Timothy 1:7

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

Will You Murmur?

Is not Christ your treasure?
Is not heaven your inheritance—
and will you murmur?

Have you not much in hand, and more in hope?
Have you not much in possession, but much
more reserved in heaven—
and will you murmur?

Has not God given you. . .
a changed heart,
a renewed nature, and
a sanctified soul—
and will you murmur?

Has He not given you. . .
Himself to satisfy you,
His Son to save you,
His Spirit to lead you,
His grace to adorn you,
His covenant to assure you,
His mercy to pardon you,
His righteousness to clothe you—
and will you murmur?

Has He not made you. . .
a friend,
a son,
a brother,
a bride,
an heir—
and will you murmur?

Has not God often turned. . .
your water into wine,
your brass into silver, and
your silver into gold—
and will you murmur?

When you were dead, did not He quicken you?
When you were lost, did not He seek you?
When you were wounded, did not He heal you?
When you were falling, did not He support you?
When you were down, did not He raise you?
When you were staggering, did not He establish you?
When you were erring, did not He correct you?
When you were tempted, did not He support you? and
When you went in dangers, did not He deliver you?—
and will you murmur?

What! you who are so highly advanced and
exalted above many thousands in the world?
Murmuring suits none so badly as saints.

Thomas Brooks 1608 - 1680

I was reading this tonight and WOW!  May we not murmur or complain but always be thankful for what we have and always know "it could be worse"!  Thank God for all that he has given us!

Meal Planning 101; Step #8

This is the easy step:

Go shopping!

Again, I do my grocery shopping at Walmart and Winco. I'm armed with my list telling me at which store to get what. Then I complete my shopping for the full month, except for things like bananas and other fresh produce that I will need to buy 2-3 times a month, I reserve about $10 for that.

We buy whatever meat is on sale or running cheap.  Take last month, we found a roast and then it was sliced and that one roast lasted us 5 meals because I wrapped 4 slices and put them in the freezer.  Each package was a meal along with potatoes or rice and veggies.  I also like getting thin boneless pork chops and a 5 pound package of ground turkey.  We eat meat 1-2 times a week but most of are diet is based around beans, fish, eggs and other sources of protein.

For cheese, I get slabs of it, which is the cheapest way to get it that I have seen.  I usually buy one slab of cheddar and one slab of mozzarella for pizzas for the month.  They last us the whole month!

Meal Planning 101; Step #7

Now that you have your Grocery List, you will want to shop at the store with the best prices for the items you need to buy. That brings us to the next step:

Make a price book

I shop at 2 stores for my monthly grocery shopping; Walmart and Winco. I might go to another, if there is an unbelievable deal or if I'm having a craving or have extra money for a treat.

I make a list of different foods and items and go through Walmart and then Winco and looking at the unit and/or ounce price, I write down the cheapest one. Then when I get home I compare and see which store has which item for the cheapest. Here is an example: I know that honey is cheaper at Walmart by comparing the price per ounce with Winco's cheapest honey. Then Winco has the cheapest peanut butter.

You should only have to do this once and then on each monthly visit to do your shopping, note any changes (if you have time) in the prices. Then every 3 months, you should do a complete price book check and see if there are changes. You would be surprised! I've seen Walmart change things from one month to the next, sometimes by a dollar or more.

A Rarity Today: Courtesy

I have had about ENOUGH of the disrespect and discourtesy of others! I was raised in the South, a part of the country that abounds with hospitality and courteous folk. It seems to me that as each year goes by, people are becoming more and more rude and ill-mannered toward each other.

Just what is courtesy? Let's define it using Webster's:
  • Courtesy/Courteous - marked by respect for and consideration of others
Now lets look at the words respect and consideration:
  • Respect - regard, consideration, attention to
  • Consideration - thoughtful, regard

Hebrews 10:24

"And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:"

Here is a list of things that are very rude, disrespectful and definitely not courteous:

  1. Talking to someone on the phone, and they abrubtly say hold on and click over to another line. This is called, not call waiting, but call RUDE! That is like saying "Oh, there is someone I would rather talk to on the other line than you." Sometimes people don't even click back over and you are waiting, waiting, waiting........then you realize they are not ever clicking back. This is very disrespectful. Is there an exception? Yes, sometimes you are expecting a very important call. It is well mannered to let the other person know this and please don't leave them hanging on the other line!
  2. Not keeping your word. Some people's "word" is about as good as a boat with a hole in it lol. It just isn't reliable, you can't count on them. You say you will be there at such and such a time but don't show and don't call to notify that you are not coming or that you are late, etc. If you call to say you can't make it or call that you are running late, that is having a courtesy towards the other person. However, if you don't call or even let that person know why you didn't show and NEVER apologize that is just plain RUDE! We all have things that come up in life and sometimes we have to cancel things, but make sure it is an honest reason.
  3. Not holding the door for the person behind you. That is the ultimate of rude, I mean come on! How hard is it, to hold the door till the person behind you gets it?
  4. Flaunting and exposing your body when families are nearby. Of course Christians don't have to worry about this! I'm talking about women that want everyone and anyone to see their "goods". Women that don't hold anything sacred and private anymore but just let it all out. It is so disrespectful to others when you see this at the mall or other family areas. My child doesn't need to see your breasts and your belly button! Actually my daughter, would say to me if she saw this: "Mommy, why does that lady not have all her clothes on?" She says that about Barbie dolls at Walmart and those despicable Bratz dolls! She KNOWS what is modest already at age 4!
  5. One-sided friendships, where a person is selfish and doesn't return the efforts: this is where you are the one who calls a friend, goes by their house to see them, make efforts to show your friendliness but receive nothing in return. Someone that will not return your efforts, is not worth it in my opinion. I learned early on that if you spend your time with these type of people where everything is all about them and they never make efforts to call you or see how you are, they are just full of them selves and you really don't matter lol. I worked in collections years ago and when I would leave messages on people's phones for the hundredth time it seemed, I would say "Please give us the common courtesy of a return call." Till this day, that has stuck with me! Like my 2nd Pastor taught us, if someone doesn't want to talk to you, even after your attempts, don't pursue them! They aren't worth your time! ; ) A phrase he used a lot was "you don't want to talk to me, I don't want to talk to you!" I still laugh when I think about that because I can hear him in my mind saying it lol.
  6. Cliques! I honestly can't believe that there are even cliques in the church but it happens even in God's house! Someone mentioned something about the same ole' people always grouped together at fellowship's and the same ole' ones making trouble, etc. Whenever I see someone new, I try and talk to them and be their friend. I remember what it was like to be new in WA and how for months, no one really would be-friend me and my husband until one couple finally invited us over. I still remember who it was and to this day we are still good friends with this Rev and his wife. We then started inviting people over in mass numbers lol. Seems like every week (sometimes twice a week) we had people over for fellowship. Show yourself friendly! If you find yourself never reaching out to new people at your church, where you live, etc then make sure you aren't being a respector of persons and staying in your "comfort" zone. Step out and be friendly and get to know people!! Become a people person and don't succumb to a clique! Heaven will not be divided into the black clique and the white clique, etc. So you might as well prepare here and show yourself friendly.
  7. When someone is in need or sick you offer no help. How would you feel if you were sick and in need, and no one cared? Whenever someone mentions a sickness or a need, I always ask "is there anything I can do?" Sometimes I just go ahead and do something if God lays it on my heart. But never putting out a hand to help is selfish. How many people are always grabbing hands of help but never themselves putting one out? There will come a day if you live long enough, that you will need someone. My Pastor's wife recently shared with me that what you do for others always comes back!
  8. Doing all the talking and never letting the other person get in a word edgewise. It is one thing to talk to start a conversation or even keep one going. But when one person keeps talking and talking and never pauses to let you say something.......that isn't very courteous is it? I mean how many times have you avoided someone just because you know they will go on and on and you won't get in a word? I try and pause when I talk and let the other person say something. If they don't, I then continue on. You can usually tell when someone wants to say something, it is then you should pause and let them talk! Or else you may find that no one wants to be around you. Let's face it, people like to talk about themselves and in dealing with people, if you find they are shy, just start asking them questions about themselves and you will get them talking! Courtesy is a two-way street, practice what my daughter does with her friends and say "its your turn now". =0
  9. You are trying to merge and no one will let you in. Doesn't it feel good when you let someone in that is merging or turning onto the street you are on? Most of the time they wave and mouth a "thank you" and you get a warm fuzzy feeling inside lol. Practice doing this and it will come back to you! When you need to get out in traffic, all of sudden you will find it easier. I can't tell you how many times this reaping and sowing law has come to life for me!
  10. Not bearing other people's burdens. The Bible instructs us in Galatians 6:2, "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ." Why are there so many Cain's today? Those that sarcastically say "Am I my Brother's Keeper?" Well guess are! We are commanded in God's word to edify one another; lift one another up; restore one another and on and on. We have a duty to others! You can't just sit in your own BUBBLE and have no care for others, that is selfishness. So bear your brother or sister's burdens! Rejoice when they rejoice, weap when they weap. What would Jesus do? Could you really see Jesus sitting on his couch in his own little bubble and never caring for others? NO! So don't say you are Christ-like, if you do the opposite he has taught us.

Let's all practice some common courtesy this week! Hold that door open, let that car get in front of you, smile at someone at the store and call up those you care about. Not only are others watching your life, God is too!

Meal Planning 101; Step #6

You have your meal list for 30 days, now you are going to do Step #6:

Make a grocery list

Since you have planned your meals around your inventories, it will be easy to make your grocery list.  You know what you don't have on hand and need to buy.  Take out a piece of paper and make your list.  I like to have sections on my list such as:

Freezer/cold items
Canned items like tomato sauce

You get the idea!  When you go to the grocery store you aren't running back and forth because you have an organized list.  Then once you come to a specific section of the grocery store, you don't have to scan your entire list to see what you need from that aisle, it is already grouped together!


  • Cookies
  • Pies
  • Coffee cakes
  • Brownies
  • Cakes
  • Jello

Dinner Meals

  • Split Pea Soup, bread or sandwiches
  • Pizza
  • Navy Bean Soup, bread or sandwiches
  • Spaghetti, cheese bread
  • Beans, rice and salsa
  • Taco Casserole
  • Chili and baked potatoes
  • Salmon chowder, corn on the cob and/or bread
  • Broccoli and rice casserole (tuna usually)
  • Meat, veggies, rice or potato

Snack Choices

  • Popcorn, cheese or almonds
  • Nachos or just chips and salsa
  • PB on bread, milk
  • Fruit, hard-boiled egg
  • Yogurt, almonds
  • Shakes
  • Grapes, cheese
  • Salad, almonds or cheese
  • Granola bars
  • Hummus, veggies

Liquid Hand Soap

If you are using the standard large size soap bar, then this recipe will work fine. However if you use smaller soaps or a specialty one, you may have to add more or less water depending on the consistency you get when it is cooled. One bar of soap makes us around 10 cups of liquid soap and that only costs 30 cents!
  • 1 bar soap
  • 10 cups water
  • Shredder
  • Pan
  • Stirring spoon
Pour your water into the pan on the stove and turn to heat to medium high. While the water is heating, shred your bar of soap (you should get a cup of shredded soap).  Then add your soap to the water and heat till all the soap is dissolved, stirring occasionally. (Don't allow it to boil)

Remove from heat and let cool. Pour into storage container or individual hand pumps. Once cool and set, it should be a thin gel, like the store-bought, if not you have used too much water and/or not enough soap. It will clean your hands nevertheless, even if you made it too runny......keep trying and you will get it right eventually.

** You can also make face soap using this recipe by using a facial soap bar (Dove, Olay, etc). You could also add essential oils for a scented version or even add some moisturizers if you want.

Lunch Choices

  • PB and Jelly or PB and banana sandwich
  • Tuna sandwich, carrots
  • Egg Salad sandwich
  • Tuna cakes, veggies
  • Leftovers
  • Bean burritos
  • PB on toast, milk
  • Bev's Healthier Nachos
  • Soup, crackers
  • Baked potato, toppings

Breakfast Choices

  • Homemade WW pancakes, syrup, eggs, berries
  • Homemade WW bagels, cream cheese, tomato
  • Scrambled eggs, veggies, toast
  • Scone, homemade jam, cheese or egg
  • Oatmeal or Oat Bran, almonds or flaxseed, berries
  • Shakes
  • French Toast, syrup, berries

Meal Planning 101; Step #5

You have prayed, with a stocked pantry, have all your inventories and you have created a calendar for your month of meals.  Now you will:

Make lists of meals

Take some paper and label with each meal of the day.  I use one side of the paper per each meal of the day: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Desserts.  Now that you have it labeled you will start with Breakfast.  It is here you will make a list of the choices you will have for Breakfast.  Continue on with each meal, listing choices for each.

I scour recipes online, in books and use ideas I have up in my noggin for things that would be "frugal" to make.  In the next few posts, I will be listing my meal choices for each section, so you can get a better idea of what we eat and have to choose from each day.

Meal Planning 101; Step #4

You prayed, have a stocked pantry and also did your pantry/fridge/freezer inventories and you know what you have in your house!  It's on paper!  So the next step is to start the actual meal planning.  You will:

Make a calendar for your meals

You can print out monthly calendars online for free but why waste printer ink when doing it with an ink pen is much cheaper! :)  I take paper and simply do a calendar that contains the 2nd Tuesday of the month till the next 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Usually it is about 30 days or around there. 

This will give you a layout (which you will in later steps put meals) and it will also help you know how many meals you need for the month.

This step is just making the calendar.......I told you all I was taking this very slow so everyone understands how I do this.

Meal Planning 101; Step #3

You've prayed, you have a pantry with basics stocked and now its time for Step #3:

Make Inventories

I make inventories of my pantry, freezer and refrigerator EVERY time I start my monthly meal planning.  This gives you a hard copy of what you have in your kitchen so you don't have to run to the cupboard or the freezer searching for an item.  It will also help you realize things that you need to use up within a week or within the month.  Which is the reason why I also make a separate list for things that "need to be used up" and keep it in my meal planning section of my homemaker's journal.

You can do what I do and just use a blank piece of notebook paper to write down your inventories.

Meal Planning 101; Step #2

Now that you have completed Step #1, we will continue on to the next step, which may or may not apply to you. This is for those starting out from nothing or never really made a pantry! This step is done once a year or once every 2 years, depending on usage. So Step #2 is:

Stock your pantry

This isn't completely a must, but I find that it helps me have more "luxury" items each month. Everyone has something in their pantry.......right? Well we didn't when we moved from Alaska to Washington in 2006, so we had to start all over and stock up a pantry. I had to buy spices and the basic dry ingredients that most people already have on hand. So if you already have these items, then skip this step.

Here is the list of things that I stocked up my pantry with:
  • Flour
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Spices/Seasonings
  • Oil
  • Dry Milk
  • Cornmeal
  • Cornstarch
  • Oats
  • Non-stick spray
  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Shortening

I'm assuming most of you are not starting from nothing, but have most of these above in your pantry anyway. Am I right? If so, you really don't need to do this step. I simply put it in here because we started from the "ground up" when we moved. We didn't really have anything and had to start over.

You will find that if you keep these items continually on hand, your meal planning will be much easier! Say one month, you get some beans, the next some flour. Or you can do it all at once, one time a year or every other year.

Meal Planning 101 Course; Step #1

Ok ya'll, we are going to go real sloooowwwww so everyone can get each step and all that I will be sharing.  If you have ANY questions about THE STEP, leave a comment on the post.

The very first thing I do and you should too, is:


I pray and ask God to help me plan the meals and to do it on as less money as I can and to where my family is eating healthy at the same time.  I want to be a good steward of what God has given me and provide healthy, wholesome meals for my family, all the while saving money for other things for them (and me).

So everyone take a moment to pray to God for wisdom and help to do a meal plan for your family!

Frozen Produce

I'm going to start giving some explanation before I get into the whole Meal Planning 101 Course. A lot of the vegetables and some fruit that we buy are frozen. However, I do buy certain items "fresh" for salads and snacking, such as spinach, cucumbers, celery and carrots. Then for fruit, I buy my bananas, kiwi, oranges and apples "fresh". The rest are mostly frozen and here is why:

Some of you know I was a personal trainer a few years ago and I also studied Nutrition for a full year. What I learned then and still practice today is eating a large portion of my vegetables (and fruit) in the frozen form. The reason for this is because as soon as the produce is ready to be picked, it is flash frozen and thus locks in the (more) nutrients. Fresh produce is still nutritious but the LONGER it sits out, the lower the nutrient content. As for canned produce, I only buy canned tomato products and canned pumpkin. (Growing your own vegetables would be the "optimal" healthy thing to do. I did that last year growing my own tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and peppers but didn't do it this year but I may still do some tomato plants)

Let's think about the process here for "fresh" produce: The produce is ready to be gathered/picked. It is then hauled to a truck and then transferred to the warehouse or processing plant. Then from there it goes to each individual company and then from there put on another truck to whatever state and then eventually makes it to the store! That is a lot of time, whereas the other process of freezing is immediate.

Seasonal Produce

For reference, here is a list from Wikipedia:

Although in the United States most produce is available year-round, produce is at its best and cheapest in the season it is harvested. Seasonality of produce depends on the region. Below is a general list of seasonality for United States produce.

Spring fruits are apricots, pineapple, strawberries, and mango. Spring vegetables for spring are peas (sugar snap and snow) and more delicate cabbages including mustard greens, baby lettuce, baby spinach and watercress. Also in season are artichoke, asparagus, avocado, new potatoes, rhubarb.

Summer fruits include some berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries) and stone fruit (nectarines, peaches, and plums) as well as melons. Summer vegetables include beets, corn, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini.

Autumn fruits includes apples, grapes, figs, pears, and pomegranates. Autumn vegetables include many cultivars of wild cabbage (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, collards, endives, and kale). Root vegetables (garlic, ginger, parsnips, turnips and yams) and winter squash (acorn squash, butternut squash and pumpkins) are also in season. Corn is in season and peas, seasonal in spring, are also seasonal in late autumn.

Winter fruits include citrus (clementines, grapefruit, oranges, and lemons) and pomegranates. Winter vegetables include hardier cabbages (kale, leeks, raddicchio, and Brussels sprout). Also seasonal in winter are some root vegetables (rutabaga, turnips, and radishes) as well as winter squash.

Some produce, such as onions, lettuce and spinach, are seasonal year-round.

Do We Love the Word Preached?

I've been reading a book by Thomas Watson called "The Godly Man's Picture" and it has been a good read thus far! Here is an excerpt from a section "Do we love the Word preached?":

" we love the holiness of the Word (Psa. 119:140)? The Word is preached to beat down sin and advance holiness. Do we love it for its spirituality and purity? Many love the Word preached only for its eloquence and notion. They come to a sermon as to a performance (Ezek. 33:31,32) or as to a garden to pick flowers, but not to have their lusts subdued or their hearts bettered. These are like a foolish woman who paints her face but neglects her health.

Again, do we love the convictions of the Word? Do we love the Word when it comes home to our conscience and shoots its arrows of reproof at our sins? It is the minister's duty sometimes to reprove. He who can speak smooth words in the pulpit, but does not know how to reprove, is like a sword with a fine hilt but without an edge. "Rebuke them sharply" (Titus 2:15). Dip the nail in oil, reprove in love, but strike the nail home. Now Christian, when the Word touches on your sin and says, "You are the man", do you love the reproof? Can you bless God that "the sword of the Spirit" has divided between you and your lusts? This is indeed a sign of grace and shows that you are a lover of the Word.

A corrupt heart loves the comforts of the Word, but not the reproofs: "They hate him that rebuketh in the gate." (Amos 5:10). "Their eyes flash with fire!" Like venomous creatures that at the least touch spit poison, "When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth." (Acts 7:54). When Stephen touched them to the quick, they were mad and could not endure it.

Question: How shall we know that we love the reproofs of the Word?

Answer 1: When we desire to sit under a heart-searching ministry. Who cares for medicines that will not work? A godly man does not choose to sit under a ministry that will not work upon his conscience.

Answer 2: When we pray that the Word may meet with our sins. If there is any traitorous lust in our heart, we would have it found out and executed. We do not want sin covered, but cured. We can open our breast to the bullet of the Word and say, "Lord, smite this sin."

Answer 3: When we are thankful for a reproof: "Let the righteous smite me; it shall be a kindness: and let him reprove me; it shall be an excellent oil, which shall not break my head: for yet my prayer also shall be in their calamities." (Psa. 141:5). David was glad of a reproof. Suppose a man were in the mouth of a lion, and another should shoot the lion and save the man, would he not be thankful? So, when we are in the mouth of sin, as of a lion, and the minister by a reproof shoots this sin to death, shall we not be thankful? A gracious soul rejoices when the sharp lance of the Word has pierced his abscess. He wears a reproof like a jewel on his ear: "As an earring of gold, and an ornament of fine gold, so is a wise reprover upon an obedient ear." (Prov. 25:12). To conclude, it is convincing preaching which must do the soul good. A nipping reproof prepares for comfort, as a nipping frost prepares for the sweet flowers of spring."

Clearing Things Up

You would think people would read my sidebar where it states I don't post for debates and I don't approve comments as such. Yet, you always have those who want to stir up whatever they can.....sigh. CLEAR up what others may have took to mean something else let me make myself clear on the bearing children issue. Since I have received many comments from both sides and accusations, of which were grounded on them not reading the ENTIRE post or other posts about the same topic......let's set my stance straight here:

I do not take birth control pills.

I personally, don't take birth control and believe its wrong especially when taken with the motive of "I don't care what God wants, I'm not having kids" attitude. Take that up with him, but as for us, we don't take the actual pills because of research that shows it can kill an actual pregnancy and you won't even know it. I don't want to risk killing a fertilized egg and I don't care how you think they are safe.......I don't even want to get near the gray area!

Next, I also do not stand with those who let the babies come whenever. God has a plan, and wants us to use wisdom and do things according to HIS will. You should seek God in all things.

Also if the mother would die or is medically unable to bear a pregnancy, then HELLO should not try for one. There are methods that do not have chances of killing already fertilized eggs that you can use to prevent pregnancy in these situations and when it isn't God's timing. Those methods, I agree with.....I don't think we really need to go into detail about that.

I have prayed over the years to have children when it is God's will and ONLY when it is his will. Our first child was purely at a time when God opened my womb! I was sterile and unable to have children but after praying, God blessed and my miracle baby was born! HALLELUJAH!

Of course when I say God's will, I'm talking about the is his will for women to bear children but I also want to do it in HIS timing, when it is right.

So there you have it.....and no I didn't publish the comments and most of the time I don't even finish reading them if the first few words are debate-style. Just stating where I stand, so there is no confusion.

The "Diva" Mentality

From MySpace profiles to show the world how "sexy" you are to malls filled with exposed flesh.......the "diva" mentality has taken the world by storm. Satan has done a wonderful job on getting young people to focus on their bodies and sex rather than modesty, purity and Godliness.

Let me commend you, Mother, for the great job you are doing! Not only do you let your child put her suggestive photos online but you join her! What a role model! Kudos to you for raising a diva. For teaching her what's really important in life.

Oh Christian woman, aren't you Miss Thang! Look at are so sexy and must let the world know just how HOT you are. Profiles full of ill clad women and men are your friends and you cry "I am a Christian!"

--> Please stop insulting God by calling yourself a Christian! It's high time Christians today start sounding off against such FILTH and perversion and cry out for HOLINESS! A Christian woman will not want to be "showy" and try and tell (and prove) to others just how sexy and hot she is. That isn't a Godly mentality that is a diva mentality and worldly; carnal!

The world is full of diva's.......full of women who want to be lascivious and show off their goods. Do you want to send your children to hell? Let them have a myspace and I'm sure satan will get a foot in your house! What's so bad about it is the cry........have you seen the news lately??? Even the media cries out against it's wickedness! My own Pastor has preached against the junk 3 times that I know of!

Satan is out for KEEPS!!!! He will snare you and you think you are too big for him to touch you, then he probably already has you. You can't even be MOVED by the awfulness of SIN anymore! You think it nothing to see movies filled with lewdness and others having sex. You don't feel the urgency of eternity anymore. WAKE UP NOW!!!!!!

The world is at enmity with is God's enemy! You want to be in it? Quit looking and eating at the tree that God says LEAVE ALONE!!!!

James 4:4

Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

There is a day when God says I've had enough! Run home before its too late......don't let compromise come into your home! Be steadfast and kick the devil out! Kick the diva mentality to the curb and show some shamefacedness and chaste behavior! I wonder how many diva's in hell would tell you if they could just where it got them!?

I felt compelled to post this and warn others! It seems like clothes keep getting tighter and lesser, even in the church house......what a SHAME! It's in your need to get it out!  I won't stand for it and as long as my daughter is under my watch, she will NOT be a part of that filth nor dress like the world! After she leaves my watch, its up to her but I pray and hope that she sees her parents steadfastness in God and his standards and not wavering and accepts God early on.

Do you think you can take that fire in your bosom and not get burned?? Where are you? What road are you REALLY traveling on? Have you let compromise come into your heart?

2 Cor. 13:5

Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

A man went to an acid factory and asked the man in charge "Sir, where do your most casualties take place at?" He continued and said "Is it in the hands of them new ones; newcomers coming in? Is it in their hands because they don't know how to handle it?" The man said "No Sir. I'll tell you where the casualties are. It's among the elder ones that's been here for years. It's because they thought because they been around it so long, they can handle it however they want."

Oh Cain....Am I my brother's keeper?? YES I AM!!!!!

-->I felt so compelled today to post this and the last post. It was like a burning on the inside and I have no idea why but GOD KNOWS! For whatever reason, I had to put all my chores down and post won't wake up in hell and say "How did I get here?!" You will KNOW.....your mind will race back and you really do know. We know when we let sin in, a little ungodly movie here and little fleshly lust there, those images and worldly ways stick in the recesses of your mind whether you realize it or not. They breed those seeds that could destroy you or your family one day. I've been there!!!!! I've let it in! I'm not without fault people! That is why I'm so adamant about certain things. You will live with lifelong consequences of the choices you make! I'm living with my mistakes and bridges that I burned and it's hard sometimes. God brought me out of Egypt and I don't want to go back! The glitter and luster of this world doesn't shine so bright to me anymore......I don't want it!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!